10 Examples of Abstract Noun Sentences PDF

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10 Examples of Abstract Noun Sentences PDF

10 examples of abstract noun

Abstract nouns are the names for states such as happiness, love, peace etc. They cannot be seen or touched but we can feel them. In this blog post we will look at 10 examples of sentences with abstract nouns in them.

10 Examples of Abstract Noun With Sentences




Example Sentences

1 Peace  I finally have peace in my heart.
2 Feelings  I need some time to figure out my feelings.
3 Happiness  I was overwhelmed with happiness when I heard the news.
4 Relief  I felt a great sense of relief when it was all over.
5 Love  There is so much love in this room.
6 Gratitude  I’m filled with gratitude for everything you’ve done for me.
7 Faith  I have a lot of faith in you.
8 Pain  I’m sorry for the pain I caused you.
9 Patience  Thank you for your patience.
10 Hope  I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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10 Examples of Abstract Nouns With Sentences