10 Examples of Compound Words and their Meaning

Compound words are two or more words that are joined together to form a new word. The meaning of the new word is often different from the individual words that make it up.

There are many compound words in English, and they can be tricky to understand.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 10 examples of compound words and their meaning. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of how these words work and how to use them correctly.

Examples of Compound Words and their Meaning

10 Examples of Compound Words and their Meaning

1) Milky + Way = Milkyway

Milkyway means the galaxy that contains our solar system.

2) Back + Pack = Backpack

Backpack means a bag with shoulder straps for carrying items on your back.

3) Rain + Bow = Rainbow

Rainbow means an arch of seven colors in the sky, usually seen after rain.

4) Bed + Room = Bedroom

Bedroom means a room in which people sleep.

5) Sun + Shine = Sunshine

Sunshine means the light and warmth from the sun’s rays.

6) Foot + Ball = Football

Football is a ball used in the game of the same name.

7) Dead + Line = Deadline

Deadline means a time limit to complete something.

8) Up + Date = Update

Update is an act of making changes or adding new information to something.

9) Grand + Father= Grandfather

Grandfather means the father of one’s parent.

10) Day + Time = Daylight

Daylight is the light from the sun during the day.

10 Examples of Compound Words

  Compound Words
1) Milky + Way  Milkyway
2) Back + Pack  Backpack
3) Rain + Bow  Rainbow
4) Bed + Room  Bedroom
5) Sun + Shine  Sunshine
6) Foot + Ball  Football
7) Dead + Line  Deadline
8) Up + Date  Update
9) Grand + Father  Grandfather
10) Day + Time  Daylight


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