10 Examples of Conditional Sentences Type 2

10 Examples of Conditional Sentences Type 2

10 Examples of Conditional Sentences Type 2! A conditional sentence is a sentence containing a conditional clause and usually an independent clause. There are three different types of conditional sentences.

The type 2 conditional is used to talk about unreal past situations and their consequences in the present. If the condition in the past was not fulfilled, the present situation would be different. For example: “If I had studied more, I would have passed the test.” In this case, the speaker did not study enough and failed the test.

If you want to talk about something that could happen in the future, you need to use the type 3 conditional. For example: “If he rains tomorrow, we will go to the park.” In this sentence, the speaker is talking about a future event that is dependent on another event.

10 Examples of Conditional Sentences Type 2

Here are 10 examples of conditional sentence type 2:

  1. If I won the lottery, I would quit my job.
  2. Unless it rains tomorrow, we will go to the park.
  3. If you study hard, you will get good grades.
  4. Unless you pay your rent, you will be evicted from your apartment.
  5. If you eat healthily, you will feel better.
  6. Unless you brush your teeth, you will get cavities.
  7. If you exercise regularly, you will lose weight.
  8. Unless you pass your driving test, you can’t get a license.
  9. If it snows tomorrow, schools will be closed.
  10. If I win the lottery, I will quit my job.

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Conditional Sentences Type 2 Exercises

Type 2 Conditional Sentences Worksheet

Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1- If he ______ (work) harder, he would have passed his exams.

2- If we ______ (not/go) out for dinner last night, we would have saved some money.

3- If she ______ (listen) to her parents’ advice, she wouldn’t be in so much trouble now.

4- If I ______ (know) the truth, I would have told you.

5- If they ______ (arrive) earlier, we wouldn’t have missed our train.

6- If he ______ (not/drink) so much alcohol, he wouldn’t have been so sick.

7- If I ______ (have) more time, I would have studied for the exam.

8- If she ______ (study) longer, she could have got a better grade.

9- If it ______ (not/rain), we would have gone on a picnic last weekend.

10- If you ______ (ask) me, I would have helped you.


1- worked

2- had not gone

3- had listened

4- had known

5- had arrived

6- had not drunk

7- had had

8- had studied

9- had not rained

10- had asked