10 Examples of Present Tense

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10 Examples of Present Tense

10 Examples of Present Tense

10 examples of present tense! Are you curious about when to use the present tense? Do you find yourself constantly mixing up tenses and unsure of which one to use? If you’re struggling with using the correct tense, read on for a quick guide on when to use the present tense.

The present tense is used to describe actions that are happening right now or in the future. For example, “I am eating lunch” or “I will be eating lunch at noon.” The present tense can also be used to describe habitual actions, like “I always eat lunch at noon.”


If you’re ever unsure of which tense to use, think about whether or not the action is happening right now. If it is, then you should use the present tense. If not, then you might want to consider using a different tense.

10 examples of present tense

  1. I am eating lunch.
  2. You are watching TV.
  3. He is playing soccer.
  4. She is writing a letter.
  5. It is raining outside.
  6. We are having a party on Saturday.
  7. You are going to the movies tonight.
  8. They are visiting their grandparents this weekend.
  9. I am going to bed early tonight.
  10. The sun is setting in the west.


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