10 Letter Words Starting With O

The English language is full of surprises, and one of the most delightful ones is being able to construct words with just 10 letters – which can also be an incredibly fun challenge! If you’re in search of a challenge or looking for some formidable new additions to your word arsenal, this post will show you all 10 letter words starting in P.

From quaint gems like cispontine and bummaloop to deep-cut delights like epignathous and balatropes, there’s something here for everyone.

So let’s dive right into exploring these magisterial ten letter wonders!

Letter words used in sentences, wordle, scrabble, American English, and British English.

10 Letter Words – With O

outwearing overstrong
oestradiol outbulging
ostensible operculums
operatives oscillator
opacifying oxidations
overheated oesophagus
ordainable outgeneral
outdragged obeisantly
outwearied ornithopod
outmatches overpedals
overlaying outblushed
overplaids organicity
outbitches overactive
overswayed obsequious
odalisques outpraying
oligophagy overgrazed
oppositive ostracodes
oxacillins outflushes
outgrowing obtrusions
overborrow outthought
outdeliver obfuscates
outblessed overstaffs
oubliettes ommatidial
objurgates overroasts
outcursing overdaring
oppressors officinals
overmixing outsitting
octaploids ochlocracy
outpitched ontogenies
overtasked obnubilate
ovulations overborrow
olfactions optometers
overriders overreport
overflying outshaming
occasioner obligingly
oxygenated obstetrics
occlusions outstudies
odoriphore outbraving
overpeople outstation
oxygenases outbullied
overposted overstrike
overmanned overliving
overacting orthophyre
outlawries observator
outsmoking oftentimes
oughtlings oppressing
organology outrooting
orneriness orthoptera
obtentions olfactible
optatively ocellation
overstruck orientates
outclimbed overwinged
overcommit overstared
opotherapy outfeeling
overcalled ochlocrats
ophthalmia officialty
outprizing obreptions
osmolarity octothorps
obsessions occasioned
obsecrated ornamented


overbooked Outsavored
outglaring outrigging
outclassed outreaches
operagoers ontologist
opacifiers outhowling
outdrawing opalescing
overspills orientally
octillions outproduce
outmasters odontalgic
originates orangeades
ostracised occurrents
overdrinks ostracized
outlearned ostracisms
offsprings outearning
outflashed odontalgia
overkilled optimising
overshades outtalking
overdyeing outspreads
outpeeping outwicking
overbought overnetted
oncologies outpraying
obligation outburning
outdatedly obsecrates
outtrading overmixing
omniparous ordinately
outerwears outcharmed
obstructor outbargain
opposition overbilled
overassert oratresses
oleographs overtrains
oblational obsoletely
olfactions outkeeping
osteotomes outjinxing
oasthouses overpaying
obturating overbidden
outtelling opsonising
outringing outtelling
overstates overdecked
outvaluing overplying
overdrives onomastics
overmodest outblazing
outfrowned otherworld
oligarchic outwitting
overclouds overgrades
overfilled outplacing
onslaughts outcooking
ovaritides overturner
overwashes oratorians
outpourers overcuring
obsecrated ostensoria
overstrung outscoring
organizers overdosing
outscorned outpassion
overracked outstaring
outsinning oppression
overrulers overexerts
overmining overstrung
overpriced opinionist
overpowers orotundity
outbullies outsoaring
obligators outercoats
overtricks optimizers
outnumbers outbragged
outwinding overbrakes
outbluffed outflowing
outbrawled outgunning
odometries overhanded
outsteered opulencies
octogynous octogenary
outdreamed outpatient
oncogenous outgleamed
obsolesces osteoblast
originally outcasting
objectless overfishes
overgrazed overscored
otiosities overtreats
ovaritises overpacked
osteopaths outwinging
offprinted overlabors
outvaunted overspills
obsecrates owerloupit
oubliettes orthopedic
overbetted outlanders
outgrossed orthograph
orthogonal outmantles
opsonifies overstrewn
otherwhile ostensibly
outmanning oddsmakers
outtongued orthopedia
oxygenized outstaying
outmodedly overlorded
outshining obstructer
ontologies optometric
oversupped outwalking
outplaying outpricing
outbegging orthogonal
outgnawing outweeping
orotundity outroopers
outriggers oscitantly
outpeering outglowing
ortaniques osculatory
originates orthoepies
outdazzles osmeterium
oxidations orthoprism
obsidional orchardist
omniparity occurrence
obtundents overwisely
outstating outbraving
operagoing octandrian
officering ordainment
obliterate outbarking
overskirts orbiculate
oversimply outputting
overprizes orienteers
orinasally overridden
objectival outswelled
otiosities outjumping
optimizing outsourced
oxygenator overmatter
oxyuriasis oversoaked
overfavors obtusities
obbligatos officiates
offloading overgalled
ornamental overscores
omnigenous outscorned


outpursues Overlights
odiousness oysterings
overbuilds outstretch
optimistic overwrites
overlapped organities
outstrokes overmaster
outpassing olivaceous
oleographs objurgates
outwhirled optophones
outleading outscooped
outringing outmarches
outworthed outcapered
outbullied overyeared
overpasses outfielder
outbackers outselling
outtrumped oceanfront
outwrested ozocerites
ovipositor outfinding
outstrides ornithines
outreckons outbegging
operculate oppilating
overparted observably
outsweeten outhustled
organelles overstains
outoffices oxygenised
obvolutive outdatedly
outcompete ordinances
overmantel oscitating
overlarded offishness
orcharding overpedals
overplying outdropped
overbeaten overshaded
originated overdrafts
orientated oreologies
overemoted overbusied
orthopedic offloading
outcrowded outschemed
outfabling outfawning
octahedron orchidlike
oppressive overgrowth
overdrying oblateness
overstride orogenesis
obituarist overspiced
overpumped occultists
omophagies outfigures
orthotropy overglazed
outthieves officiants
outgambled outhomered
orological overtraded
overjumped outgrossed
overstrewn outbreathe
overcooled overthrown
outwritten orphanisms
overseeing overedited
oafishness orthoepies
ordinarily overpluses
ochraceous oversudses
oversimple overcrawed
outyelling oleraceous
osmolarity orthoclase
outboasted overbetted
oversupply oncologist
overbright oxygenizer
optometric ornamented
overmounts outpeopled
outpresses oppugnants
odometries outswinger
oesophagus outpitched
obeisances overbuilds
osculatory overtaxing
outwearing orthotists
oculomotor outbluster
outcatches oximetries
outthieves overclaims
olivenites oenotheras
ornithines overbilled
overfeared opalescing
organelles openhanded
outachieve overeating
overpumped outleaping
omnibusses odontogeny
outrooting overreckon
overboiled oenometers
overprices orchardist
overprized outrageous
oversauces ozonolyses
outcapered orthoboric
officering outwasting
outstation ossifragas
omophagias offendress
overfolded orogenetic
outgambled outperform
oftentimes overfunded
outhumored obligingly
ombrophile otoscopies
outclasses outstrives
overarched outdesigns
overhoping orismology
obtrusions overemotes
overroasts omniferous
outstrikes outplaying
ordinarier oinologies
overclouds overgorged
outstarted osteocytes
overbrutal outfencing
outsetting outspanned
operatives outblushes
overtoiled oversaving
outperform oversmokes
outlaunced outdresses
outhunting oppression
orographic outreddens
overhoping ondographs
overseeded outjuggled
outpulling outpointed
outpulling outbawling
outjesting overprices
overruffed overstayer
overeaters outguessed
orogeneses occludents
opobalsams outcoached
oratresses overmanage
overplants overtrumps
orphanhood outcheated
opisometer outlanders
ombrometer outgallops
outhandles overtoiled
outlaughed ossiferous
outspelled oophoritis
overtrusts overgovern
olecranons overliving
orangeries outwatches
overbuying overhaling
outmuscles orienteers
outnighted overgrazes
ostracises outfishing
overfished oecologies
overbrowed overcleans
outsailing outplotted
owerloupen overdrinks
oreography oversmoked
outreliefs outlearned
outdreamed orphanhood
oncotomies oncologies
oxidimetry overweened
outquoting outthrusts
overstaffs oppilative
ophidiaria ovalnesses
overfondly octonarius
outpolling outweighed
outhaulers oilinesses
outranking ornithosis
obdurating overmining
operagoers originally
overemotes overbrutal
outyielded outcoaches
overbreeds outbarring
overextend outleaping
overissued overprints
oxycephaly osteoblast
oenophiles outfitters
ostraceous orthotonic
overscaled orographer
ophiolater oligomeric
overprized osteitides
outlawries overseeing
outworkers outspreads
obsessives octillions
obsignated octameters
overstress outdeliver
overbleach outdacious
outcharges overpaints
outfawning octoploids
overboiled octonaries
overfallen opposition
outsulking onomastics
oxycodones outpeoples
osmolality oscillates
overjoying outfloated
outhandled overpasses
oversauced opacifiers
outwasting overstride
otherworld octahedral
oxygenizes ossifrages
oedometers oversimple
overstated oligopsony
organicist outdueling
omniranges overnicely
overripens obediences
outbleated outglitter
outscolded outrocking
overplants outbidders
outsteered odalisques
oracularly oppressors
overveiled outpushing
officiator opalescent
ovariotomy overtricks
outgushing ornamental
overloving offprinted
obscurants overdesign
overscores outwrought
outreckons orphically
overlavish overtimers
outscreams outfielder
outfinding outstriven
outroaring offsetting
ozokerites outscooped
omophagous overstinks
ornamenter oenologies
ostracized orismology
ornithoses outcrossed
overcounts overbridge
obligement objurgated
outpeoples operatised
orthodoxly outbragged
overplaced outcheated
octarchies overhonors
outpressed outschemed
ordinarier outduelled
outhumored officinals
overstrews outfasting
outcharged overarched
originator outthanked
octachords offishness
oxygenises overhunted
objurgated outpouring
outfitters outfencing
overleaped outpouring
oxymoronic outfumbled
outgallops outpunched
oxacillins overbleach
omniscient outechoing
overexerts outbawling
orologists orthoptera
overfeared overcolors
obbligatos omophagias
outmantled ordainment
opsiometer overinform
overvalued ochlocracy
oppressive overcloyed
odontomata obligation
outstunted orthopraxy
outguiding overwetted
overredded obediently
overtrades overweighs
overexpose organicist
outriggers orthotists
overhailed outdodging
oceanarium outwriting
outcompete operculums
outleading outbalance
operculars oligoclase
overcrowds owlishness
overcleans overwaters
oxidizable overgiving
octastichs overnights
observants optimality
outscreams outsinging
outwritten outgaining
overmanage operations
outpitying outsoaring
overheaped overboldly
ornateness outpolling
outschemes outcatches
oriflammes oculomotor
outwilling outmatches
oversteers overwrests
outpassing outcropped
obduracies obversions
overcrowds overgilded
onocentaur overbooked
outguesses outtongues
opsomaniac outvillain
outvoicing overtipped
oppositely outpowered
overpraise octoploids
outserving overstress
overstocks outarguing
orthodoxes osculating
obversions outsources
offseasons outlandish
overturing oligophagy
overtaught orpheoreon
oversupped outhitting
osmometers orphically
observance oversimply
obtainment oxycodones
opsonified outweighed
outpromise outthrusts
oozinesses outjuggles
outfumbled orthoepist
overbusies outbullies
overclears outtravels
obeisantly officiates
outclassed obliterate
ophthalmic omphacites
overskirts overdaring
outbitched overlading
overcalled oakenshaws
omophagies outkicking
outrivaled ornithosis
ownerships occupating
overloaded outgeneral
oversaving oppugnancy
ophiolites outranging
oxygenizes octohedron
owlishness opsonifies
oxygenator occasional
outsmiling overglance
outbrawled overriding
originated overturned
overlapped osteophyte
outtrotted opodeldocs
outkissing outflanked
ovalnesses outwatches
octonarian outchiding
overcomers ophiologic
outhowling outthought
obtainable oligoclase
overglazes objectives
overbaking overurging
overruling opalescent


outwitting Outjockeys
ozonolysis oppositely
octahedral outpowered
outrebound overurging
octothorps oscillator
outcrawled outsailing
outwishing overchecks
overbaking orphanages
overstands orologists
outstating overshoots
orangeries obligatory
outsmarted overglazed
ordonnance outwriting
oratorical overcomers
obnubilate oscitances
osteoclast outhustles
oligomeric oximetries
ocularists ontogenies
overburned overspends
outbeaming outspeckle
orangewood overwrites
otologists oricalches
outdazzles outrightly
overtiming outselling
overjoying oceanfront
osteosises overcovers
oversmoked outshaming
overegging outfigures
outbargain overlabors
operatises obligately
outgushing osculation
oscitances orchitises
orthocaine outplodded
overcooled overhandle
organismal optometers
ostracizer outspanned
opulencies outhandled
outclasses obtainment
octopusher oversauced
osteogenic orthopters
outpourers obsoleting
outweeping outpointed
optimisers outsnoring
overflight optologist
orientally overchills
outflanked overlength
osmeterium outplacers
overstrode outtrumped
outrunners overstated
outtasking overgreens
overexpand organisers
ordination outdancing
overaction overbulked
overmelted overgreedy
overbright obdurately
outfeasted officially
overwaters overcanopy
outpitches outjuggles
outlodging overclears
outpromise obstetrics
orangewood outthieved
obsolesced overweight
oleoresins outmasters
outgassing oversteers
outyelping outgrowths
outnumbers overoffice
outscoring oleography
outkicking oxygenized
overlights orchestral
optimalize operatized
outslicked orrisroots
outsmarted outdebates
outbidding orphanages
outraising outmatched
outcrowing objectless
outrightly overrating
occultisms obeliskoid
ologoaning overpassed
overissued outcoached
outmarched outthieved
outdropped outarguing
optionally overswings
overlocker overhyping
organosols oracularly
outsulking outlooking
overgraded onionskins
overhating oversleeps
overplayed outclimbed
orchidlike overcooked
orthodromy outplodded
orrisroots outdancing
overhauled opennesses
organising originator
oscillated offsetable
observable octopodans
omniscient oropharynx
officiated overlading
outechoing outcounted
oleiferous outblesses
orogenesis overhyping
operettist outbackers
oversleeps outproduce
overvalues outcrowded
outhandles outrushing
overshadow oversudses
outfigured oilinesses
overtasked orthotones
observancy ololiuquis
odontology ostracodes
osteogenic opposeless
overstrews organosols
operculars operations
overcolors outpushing
optimising outpursued
onslaughts overswings
overmilked obligating
overpeered outscolded
overweighs obsessions
oversleeve opposingly
outpressed outsmelled
overexpand oenologies
overteemed outdodging
oversewing overheaped
overwinter ottrelites
oleaginous overspiced
overweight outchidden
outjinxing obituaries
outcharmed ovalbumins
offsaddles oversudsed
osmolality outstrives
overcasted oenologist
observably outsnoring
overriding outjockeys
overgirded outdebates
obduracies outtricked
outplacing overtreats
outrolling overreacts
oviraptors oversowing
outrocking overstayed
overslaugh overvoting
outsmiling overdosing
oceanarium outglitter
outglowing outwhirled
overleaven outplanned
overlorded outoffices
overexpose otherguess
omnipotent oversewing
overgrazes operculate
outfrowned opprobrium
offensives outblessed
overburden outpatient
organzines overswells
obstructed outhearing
outbeaming outsprings
outfeeling overshades
overwhelms oratorical
outlasting overemoted
ordinaries outrivaled
outbloomed oedematose
offsetting overmature
outplanned outwilling
overlanded omnivories
octangular outbidders
outsprints overprints
odorimetry ontologies
olivinitic overabound
octodecimo outcrossed
offensives overthrows
outschemes onshorings
outbrazens oleophilic
overexcite outsinning
orangutans ouananiche
osteopathy overmature
occasioned overdyeing
overshoots occlusives
ozonations obviations
outmeasure osmiridium
outtrading outmarches
overtaxing outachieve
oviposited obsequious
outercoats outboasted
outfigured outpursued
obstruents outcharged
ocularists outstudied
outpresses overglooms
overmuches oophoritic
outreading opaqueness
overmantel overmilked
officially oversauces
overreacts overlavish
overtyping orbiculate
ombrophobe outbalance
oxygeniser offenceful
organology overbidden
outgleamed overplaids
oscillates overpowers
overtaking obligating
outwalking outworkers
oenophiles outslicked
outswollen overworked
organisers outcursing
ombrophils objurgator
oppilating overfacile
outworking overedited
ostracises overhastes
overtaking overlength
obturation outgrosses
outvoicing outdazzled
obstruents oasthouses
oxyuriases outblesses
overtraded outflowing
oversudsed ophthalmic
overkilled outyielded
outguessed outcounted
overwhelms overcommit
overpassed outwrestle
overfreely obvolution
overflight outcooking
orographic opennesses
obituarist octopodans
oleoresins overbounds
ochlocrats overtowers
omnificent overplayed
occultisms overbreeds
orthopters overmelted
ordonnance occultness
occultists overissues
objectives observance
overruffed octachords
outranging occidental
overinsure overfished
organizing outpreened
orchestics organicism
outrebound outwearies
optimistic overgeared
outchiding otherwhere
overstuffs outlustred
offsprings ordinances
outtowered optimalise
outcaviled outjumping
overhunted overgoings
overacting outblushes
oversmokes overgrades
overcounts oxygenless
octamerous osteitides
overarming ornithopod
outstretch ontologist
outdriving outmuscled
outwarring overslaugh
obeliscoid overraking
overmanned oceanology
outgivings outguesses
overrefine objections
overtiring osmidrosis
outputting osmometric
overstates ommatidial
opacifying overswears
ouvirandra otoscopies
organising outshouted
overstrode offsaddled
obligative obscurants
outstrides ophiuroids
outdebated oligopsony
outrigging outfooling
osculating overbeaten
outrunners organogram
overgilded obsessives
outskating overraught
oversights opaqueness
overlocked overburden
orthograde orogeneses
outwaiting organicism
overclaims overcasted
overthinks outwishing
ovipositor oysterings
orangeades overtopped
overnights outfitting
outlandish overcoming
osmometric obituaries
outburning outquoting
overmighty overrating
outworking obtainable
overcolour outsparkle
overstrain omnificent
oscitation obtundents
outvaunted overlooked


outpeopled Outrunning
oppilation oxygenases
outwrought outbulging
overshines outroaring
odonatists outdriving
organismic overtipped
overgraded outraising
overspends outweeding
opsonizing obtruncate
operatizes octaploidy
overbidder overloving
overeaters outwinning
outkilling overhauled
oligogenes outyelling
overthwart overcharge
overpoised overstocks
oncolytics oncometers
orogenetic octostyles
outdresses oleaginous
overhandle overbraked
omittances overpotent
overmasted orpharions
ophiomorph overdirect
outsitting operettist
outjutting omophorion
overthrows outpainted
opsonified outdueling
oncologist outkissing
occlusions offshoring
oversubtle outreached
overground outlaunces
oppressing oedematous
outbleated olecranons
omnipotent obdurately
odiousness overhailes
ordinaries outranking
oxyuriasis occipitals
outearning ordinarily
octopodous osteocytes
ololiuquis oldfangled
obsoletion outfooting
obsoleting overlearns
outfumbles observable
opopanaxes ommatidium
overaction outbidding
orientator obligatory
outsourced ostracodan
optimality orchidists
overassert oxygenless
osteopathy outgrosses
ostraciser octapodies
obsolesces oxygenates
obturators overbuying
outredding overthinks
outflushed outreigned
overspices otherguess
obturating outfloated
outkilling oestrogens
overridden overpriced
outfishing osculation
oversalted ostracised
outrolling overgoaded
onionskins ophthalmia
overfacile outbitches
outblushed ostracisms
overtiming ommatidium
optologies outdragged
overflowed opsomanias
outpunches overreport
outcrosses osteoderms
outcropped optimizing
overburned oceangoing
overlabour obstructed
oligarchal overseeded
otioseness outhitting
outreading outsmelled
ovulations outcrowing
outtopping obsolesced
outsmoking outpreened
overbrakes obventions
obligately outspelled
oversalted outsparkle
outfasting outkeeping
oecologies outfooling
outtalking outbrazens
obturation octahedron
overruling outreasons
outwearies obligators
overprizes organizing
otherwhile overbriefs
outwearied oblateness
overwarmed obstructor
outgassing obtrudings
orthopnoea organismic
overlaying omniranges
overpoises overpraise
outstaying overleaped
oryctology overscored
overhonors oecologist
osteocolla outsources
outvenomed overvoting
opinicuses orthoepist
obsoletism overpeople
overarming optionally
overdubbed outcrawled
ordination overbrowse
obviations oxygenates
overheated outfeasted
overrunner occurrence
officiated outwatched
otioseness outgrinned
octavalent osteoclast
offendedly oceanology
orchestras overhating
orthoscope overgoaded
overhanded outchidden
oozinesses ophiolitic
occasional oceangoing
outwaiting omnivorous
octandrous outcaviled
outgrowths overshadow
outhustled overdrives
oligureses overvalues
outyelping outdazzled
osmundines ovariotomy
outjetting outmanning
overarches overthrust
outtricked orthoptics
orthotopic outhearing
organogeny organicity
ordinaires orthoptist
orthodoxly overblouse
overstrain obtuseness
ophiolatry ophicleide
outsported oversailed
outbulking opsonizing
overmaster outsumming
omnivorous overlearnt
osmidroses overcaught
overcoming outsprints
overstuffs odontolite
outwinding overstares
outpricing oneirology
outwrestle ostensible
overfunded overfloods
outskating oinologies
octopushes outfumbles
obediently orchideous
overfloods obfuscated
overeyeing obtuseness
oafishness outgrinned
oxymoronic overextend
outpursues oreologist
obtusities othergates
outlustres obsignates
overmodest overstayed
outgambles octastyles
outmarched outrushing
outdressed overdubbed
ossivorous obeisances
overblouse overtrades
overtrumps occupative
overflowed overinform
obturators overcharge
overlooked outdebated
oversights occurrents
overtopped outpitying
obediences overdusted
overfilled overmighty
overlearnt overcooked
ovalbumins overtimely
overdesign overpacked
overcrowed oldfangled
overtalked osteosises
overlaunch oestrogens
outbloomed outwatched
overshirts obumbrates
outspeeded obumbrated
overspices outtravels
overbought oxyuriases
overbriefs oligogenes
ophiolites orneriness
outplotted outhomered
oropharynx overspread
outporters oddsmakers
ostensibly overflying
oliguresis osmometers
outcoaches outsinging
obsoletely overcuring
oversizing oxygenated
outstepped opprobrium
omnibusses outdressed
orthograde overmuches
outblazing overpluses
orchestral outpunched
overgorges outgaining
overgirded oenomanias
outbluffed outdesigns
outstriven orchardmen
overwarmed octonaries
outpitches outgunning
ozonations orientated
outsavored occupances
overgrains outreasons
objuration orientates
outrunning oligaemias
overloaded operagoing
otologists overdrying
occlusives overlander
osmundines ostracizes
outjutting overvalued
occupation optimizers
overtalked outwarring
overpotent octarchies
orthogenic overpaying
outhustles oviraptors
organismal overchills
otological overdosage
overtaught outshining
obfuscated overwetted
outgrowing olivinitic
ornithoses outdwelled
olivaceous overdrafts
outcharges outbarking
oviposited overarches
overweened oliguretic
ozocerites overfavors
outbribing overfishes
outlaughed orchardman
overrashly outshouted
osteotomes overdosage
outstudied ornateness
outtowered outfitting
oscillated osmiridium
outguiding orthopaedy
objections occipitals
outtrotted overdriven
osteopaths overshirts
ossifrages oversupply
outmuscled outstudies
orangutans overdecked
osteitises officiants
ostracizes octameters
outglaring outrageous
overthrown oligarchic
outwelling occidental
ostrichism overglazes
overworked overgrowth
orthodoxes overspread
orthoclase organizers
obduration outvaluing
outjuggled outlasting
overexcite outbulking
ostensoria overshower
overscaled overturing
outcrosses observants
oxidisable outstrokes
outpainted outspeeded
overbraked overturned
overlooker ovaritides
outsprings outthanked
otorrhoeas outbitched
outstrains openhanded
overwinter outduelled
otherwhere outreaches
optatively outfooting
overissues ourologies
olivenites ordinating
outhunting outstaring
outflashes occupation
overnaming ozokerites
outreached overshaded
outbribing outdrawing
overbrowse opposeless
overtiring outmatched
outgambles outserving
outgivings overgovern
overdriven orchitises
obfuscates outtasking
outfabling orchestras
overeating outstunted
overactive oversubtle
orchestric overdirect
overtrains organzines
outpunches ownerships
oxidizable outmuscles
outgnawing oriflammes
overlearns onsettings
odontocete outstarted
ophiuroids obtempered

10 Popular Ten Letter Words Starting In O and their Meanings

  1. Odiousness: Unpleasantness that arouses intense feelings of hatred.
  2. Ommatidial: Pertaining to or characterized by ommatidia or ommatidium.
  3. Oligoclase: A mineral composed of sodium, aluminum, and silicate.
  4. Oculomotor: Relating to the movement of the eyes.
  5. Occidental: Pertaining to or located in the west; western.
  6. Operculums: A lid-like covering, especially one that encloses the gills of a fish.
  7. Opsonifies: To make something more attractive or palatable.
  8. Orthotists: A health professional specialized in the design.
  9. Orangutans: A species of great apes native to Borneo and Sumatra.
  10. Oppressors: A person or group that oppresses another, especially by the use of power or authority.


  1. Om_atidial
  2. Oculo_otor
  3. Occ_dent_l
  4. Orthot_sts
  5. Opercul_ms
  6. Ol_gocl_se
  7. Opson_f_es
  8. Or_ngut_ns
  9. Od_ousness
  10. Oppre__ors


  1. Ommatidial
  2. Oculomotor
  3. Occidental
  4. Orthotists
  5. Operculums
  6. Oligoclase
  7. Opsonifies
  8. Orangutans
  9. Odiousness
  10. Oppressors


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