Wild Animals: 10 Popular Wild Animals Name

Most people think of wild animals as dangerous, but there are many that are gentle and even tame. Some, like the kangaroo, can be trained to perform tricks and obey commands. Others, such as the elephant, have been known to help humans in times of need.

Whether they are big or small, wild animals are a part of our natural world and should be respected. We should learn more about them and their habitats so that we can coexist peacefully with these amazing creatures.

10 Wild Animals Name

10 Wild Animals Names With Pictures

1. Kangaroo

2. Elephant

3. Giraffe

4. Cheetah

5. Puma

6. Wolf

7. Tiger

8. Lion

9. Bear

10. Crocodile

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What are Wild Animals?

Wild animals are any living creature that has not been domesticated. They live in their natural habitats and rely on instinct to survive. Wild animals can include mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and even insects.

Different Types of Wild Animals

There are many different types of wild animals, popular types are:

1. Ocean Animals

2. Mammals

3. Birds

4. Reptiles

5. Amphibians

6. Fish

7. Insects

1- Wild Ocean Animals:

There are many different types of wild ocean animals, such as:

i. Whale

ii. Dolphin

iii. Shark

iv. Ray

v. Sea turtle

vi. Octopus

vii. Sea lion

2- Wild Mammals:

Popular types of wild mammals include:

i. Elephant

ii. Gorilla

iii. Wolf

iv. Tiger

v. Lion

vi. Bear

vii. Zebra

3- Wild Birds:

Wild birds include:

i. Eagle

ii. Ostrich

iii. Hawk

iv. Flamingo

v. Pigeon

vi. Parrot

vii. Peacock

4- Wild Reptiles:

Common types of wild reptiles are:

i. Snake

ii. Iguana

iii. Chameleon

iv. Turtle

v. Gecko

vi. Crocodile

vii. Alligator

5- Wild Amphibians:

Popular types of wild amphibians include:

i. Frog

ii. Toad

iii. Salamander

iv. Newts

v. Axolotl

vi. Caecilians

vii. Mole salamanders

6- Wild Fish:

Familiar types of wild fish include:

i. Salmon

ii. Trout

iii. Catfish

iv. Carp

v. Tilapia

vi. Mackerel

vii. Barracuda

7- Wild Insects:

Common types of wild insects are:

i. Bee

ii. Butterfly

iii. Cricket

iv. Grasshopper

v. Moth

vi. Ant

vii. Wasp

10 Wild Animals Names

1. Lion: Lion Wild Animals Name
Lions are one of the wildest animals and are known for their majestic appearance and powerful roar.
Example: This lion is eating its prey in the savanna.
2. Tiger: Tiger Wild Animals Name
Tigers are one of the largest and strongest wild cats. They are known for their distinct orange and black stripes, which help them camouflage in the forest.
Example: This tiger is resting in its lair at the edge of the jungle.
3. Elephant: Elephant Wild Animals Name
Elephants are majestic, intelligent animals that can grow to be up to 13 feet tall. They’re known for their large ears and their trunk, which they use to grab food and lift objects.
Example: This elephant is using its trunk to reach a branch full of leaves.
4. Giraffe: Giraffe Wild Animals Name
Giraffes are one of the tallest animals in the world and they’re recognizable by their long necks and spotted coats.
Example: The giraffe is stretching its neck to reach the top of a tree.
5. Gorilla: Gorilla Wild Animals Name
Gorillas are large, powerful primates that live in the forests of Central Africa. They are known for their strength and intelligence.
Example: This gorilla is pounding its chest to intimidate a rival group of gorillas.
6. Bear: Bear Wild Animals Name
Bears are large mammals with thick fur and sharp claws that live in different parts of the world, including North America and Europe.
Example: This bear is catching a fish in the river with its sharp claws.
7. Wolf: Wolf Wild Animals Name
Wolves are wild canines that live in packs and communicate using howls. They are known to be intelligent, cunning predators.
Example: This wolf is leading its pack through the forest in search of food.
8. Cheetah: Cheetah Wild Animals Name
Cheetahs are one of the fastest animals on the planet, capable of reaching speeds of up to 74.5 mph. They are also one of the most endangered animals in the world.
Example: This cheetah is running across the savanna in pursuit of its prey.
9. Crocodile: Crocodile Wild Animals Name
Crocodiles are large reptiles that can live both on land and in the water. They have powerful jaws and sharp teeth which they use to catch their prey.
Example: This crocodile is lurking in the murky waters, waiting for its next meal.
10. Hippopotamus: Hippopotamus Wild Animals Name
Hippopotamuses are large, semi-aquatic animals that live in the rivers and lakes of Africa. They are known for their giant size and for their tendency to be rather aggressive.
Example: This hippopotamus is cooling off in the river before heading back onto land.

Wild Animals Name for Class 1 Kids

1. Elephant: Today we will color in an elephant.

2. Lion: This picture of a lion looks so majestic.

3. Tiger: Tigers are always the most majestic animals.

4. Gorilla: Let’s draw an amazing gorilla picture!

5. Zebra: Look at the stripes of this zebra.

6. Giraffe: Can you draw a giraffe with a long neck?

7. Rhino: Let’s try to draw a rhino with its horn.

8. Cheetah: A cheetah is the fastest of all land animals.

9. Wolf: Draw a big and scary wolf that howls in the night.

10. Hippopotamus: Hippos are funny-looking animals that love to swim.

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