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100 Basic English Sentences PDF! Whether you’re a beginner in the English language or are looking for an easy way to brush up on your basics, having a PDF of essential sentences can be incredibly useful. Constructing 100 basic phrases from various parts of speech is no small feat, but we’ve gone ahead and done it anyway! Our goal is that you will make quick progress in learning English with this complete document of sentences as well as finding comfort while reading possible sentence structures displayed together. Read on to discover how our unbeatable collection is specifically designed with confidence-building strategies so you can learn easily and efficiently how to speak English like a pro!

100 Basic English Sentences

1- I am going to the store.

2- She is singing a song.

3- He has a nice car.

4- We are playing soccer.

5- They are eating dinner.

6- It is raining outside.

7- I have been to Paris.

8- She will go to school tomorrow.

9- He can speak three languages.

10- We must do our homework.

11- They should obey their parents.

12- It was a beautiful day.

13- I would like to buy a new phone.

14- She could read the book in one day.

15- He might go to the movies tonight.

16- We ought to help others in need.

17- They would rather stay home than go out.

18- She used to be a teacher.

19- He had been studying for hours.

20- We were eating dinner when you called.

21- They will be here soon.

22- It has been a long journey.

23- I am going to work early tomorrow.

24- She is taking a nap right now.

25- He is running late for his appointment.

26- We have been planning the trip for weeks.

27- They are waiting for their friends at the café.

28- It is getting dark outside.

29- I have never seen this before.

30- She should not worry about it too much.

31- He will be able to finish the project on time.

32- We must be careful when crossing the street.

33- They might be able to help you with that.

34- It would be better if we had more time.

35- I could not believe what I saw.

36- She would love to go shopping today.

37- He had better not forget his wallet.

38- We ought to be more considerate of others.

39- They used to live in a different city.

40- It has been raining all morning.

41- I am going to the beach tomorrow.

42- She is excited about the party tonight.

43- He has been looking for a job for months.

44- We have to be at the airport by 6 PM.

45- They should arrive around noon.

46- It was not easy to find the right path.

47- I would like to learn how to play guitar.

48- She could not answer the question.

49- He might be able to help us with that.

50- We ought to finish this by the end of the week.

51- They would rather stay home than go out.

52- It used to be much quieter around here.

53- I had been looking for the lost cat all day.

54- She will have to wait until tomorrow.

55- He can speak three languages fluently.

56- We must remember to bring our passports.

57- They should respect their teachers at all times.

58- It would be a good idea to take an umbrella.

59- I could not find my way back home.

60- She would love to go on vacation this summer.

61- He had better be prepared for the exam.

62- We ought to clean up our room before bed.

63- They used to live in a different country.

64- It has been snowing since early morning.

65- I am going to the supermarket later.

66- She is watching her favorite show right now.

67- He has been having trouble with his computer.

68- We have to be at school by 8 AM.

69- They should not lie to each other.

70- It would be better if we had more money.

71- I could not figure out the math problem.

72- She would love to visit New York City one day.

73- He had better get enough sleep tonight.

74- We ought to eat healthier food.

75- They used to be much closer than before.

76- It has been a long day at work.

77- I had been waiting for you since morning.

78- She will have to find another solution.

79- He can speak English very well.

80- We must practice more if we want to get better.

81- They should pay attention in class.

82- It would be a good idea to call them first.

83- I could not open the door.

84- She would love to go on a road trip this summer.

85- He had better not be late again.

86- We ought to spend more time outdoors.

87- They used to live in the same neighborhood.

88- It has been really hot lately.

89- I am going to finish this report tonight.

90- She is working on her project right now.

91- He has been looking for a new job recently.

92- We have to leave early tomorrow morning.

93- They should not be making so much noise.

94- It would be better if we had more time together.

95- I could not believe the news I heard.

96- She would love to take a nap right now.

97- He had better not forget his homework again.

98- We ought to be more kind to each other.

99- They used to do this every day.

100- It has been a long journey but we’re almost there.

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