100+ English Conversation Daily Use Sentences

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English Conversation Daily use sentences! In our daily lives, we use countless sentences to communicate with others. Whether we’re catching up with a friend or colleague, running errands, or simply asking for directions, we’re constantly using language to interact with the world around us. But how often do we stop to think about the sentences we use on a daily basis?

The next time you find yourself in a conversation, take a step back and listen to the words being spoken. Chances are, you’ll hear some of the following sentences being used:

100 English Conversation Daily use sentences

100+ English Conversation Daily use sentences 

1- Come quickly.

2- Talk to you later.

3- I don’t know.

4- I have to go.

5- What’s your name?

6- Where are you from?

7- What’s your number?

8- How old are you?

9- Do you speak English?

10- I love you.

11- I’m hungry.

12- I’m thirsty.

13- I’m tired.

14- I need to use the restroom.

15- May I have a glass of water, please?

16- Can you help me?

17- Do you have a minute?

18- Would you like to go for coffee?

19- Let’s go out tonight.

20- What time shall we meet?

21- I’ll be there in five minutes.

22- I’m sorry, I’m late.

23- Thank you for waiting.

24- You’re welcome.

25- Excuse me.

26- Can I borrow your pen?

27- Sorry, I didn’t hear you.

28- Would you mind repeating that?

29- Could you speak up, please?

30- Can you slow down, please?

31- I don’t understand.

32- Can you explain it to me?

33- What does that mean?

34- I’m not sure.

35- Can you spell that, please?

36- Can I have your email address?

37- What’s your website?

38- Nice to meet you.

39- It was nice meeting you.

40- Have a good day.

41- Have a good weekend.

42- See you later.

43- Goodbye.

44- Cheers.

45- Bless you.

46- Get well soon.

47- Congratulations!

48- Happy birthday!

49- Merry Christmas!

50- Happy New Year!

51- I’m home.

52- I’m leaving.

53- I’m back.

54- I’m here.

55- I’m missing.

56- What’s the matter?

57- What’s wrong?

58- Is everything okay?

59- Are you all right?

60- Do you need help?

61- Can I help you?

62- Hold on.

63- Wait a second.

64- Just a minute.

65- Coming.

66- Hold the line.

67- Can I call you back?

68- When is the best time to reach you?

69- I’ll call you later.

70- This is my cell phone number.

71- My office number is…

72- I’m not available right now.

73- I’m in a meeting.

74- I’m in the middle of something.

75- Can I take a message?

76- Who’s calling, please?

77- May I ask who’s speaking?

78- This is…

79- Speaking.

80- Can I ask what this is regarding?

81- I’m sorry, he’s not in.

82- She’s out of the office today.

83- They’re on vacation until next week.

84- Can I help you with something else?

85- Hold on one second, please.

86- Let me transfer you to…

87- I’ll connect you now.

88- One moment, please.

89- Please hold while I try to connect you.

90- Your call is very important to us.

91- We are currently experiencing high call volume.

92- Your call will be answered in the order it was received.

93- Please stay on the line.

94- We appreciate your patience.

95- Thank you for holding.

96- I’m sorry, we’re all out of that.

97- We don’t carry that item in stock.

98- I’m sorry, that’s not on sale.

99- I’m sorry, that coupon expired yesterday.

100- Let me check to see if we have that in stock.

English Conversation Daily Use Sentences English Conversation Daily Use Sentences 2

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