100 Examples of Collective Nouns

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100 Examples of Collective Nouns! A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of people or things. The word ‘group’ can be used as a collective noun, but it is not very specific. There are many other words that can be used as collective nouns, depending on the type of group being described.

100 Examples of Collective Nouns

List of 100 Collective Nouns

Here are 100 examples of collective nouns:

Class Family Team
Government Audience Committee
Company Council Department
Faculty Flock Mob
Herd Parliament Public
Party School Staff
Congregation Crowd Group
Jury Pack Squad
Troop Choir Club
Corporation Ensemble Generation
Institute Orchestra Panel
Platoon Quartet Society
Studio Suite Symphony
Tribe Troupe Union
Administration Agency Armed
Forces Cabinet Ministry
Police force Army
Battalion Fleet Garrison
Regiment Squadron Navy
Brigade Corps Division
Flotilla Air Armada
Band Contingent Crew
Gang Outfit Patrol
Posse Train Battery
Bevy Bodyguard Bundle
Caravan Chain Colony
Clutch Cluster Covey
Packet Swarm Throng
Wake Multitude Host
Gaggle Cloud Conglomeration
Conspiracy Convoy Coterie
Exaltation Firm Horde
Network Pile Set

Examples of Collective Nouns With Sentences

1- They were sitting in the class.

2- Our family is getting bigger.

3- The team worked together to achieve their goal.

4- The government has proposed a new law.

5- There was an enthusiastic audience at the show.

6- The committee met to discuss their plans.

7- The company is looking for new employees.

8- The council passed the motion unanimously.

9- They were assigned to different departments.

10- The faculty discussed the changes in policy.

11- A flock of birds flew overhead.

12- The mob was getting out of control.

13- A herd of cows grazed in the field.

14- Parliament had a heated debate.

15- The public was invited to attend the event.

16- The party was full of fun and laughter.

17- Students filled the school’s hallways.

18- The staff worked hard to finish the project.

19- A congregation of worshippers gathered in the church.

20- There was a large crowd at the concert.

21- The group went on the trip together.

22- The jury gave their verdict after careful deliberation.

23- A pack of wild dogs ran through the streets.

24- The squad successfully completed the mission.

25- A troop of scouts camped in the woods.

26- The choir sang beautifully.

27- Several clubs met at the same time.

28- The corporation held its annual meeting.

29- An ensemble of musicians performed on stage.

30- A new generation is taking over.

31- The institute was founded in 2004.

32- The orchestra played a classical piece.

33- A panel of experts shared their opinions.

34- The platoon was ready for battle.

35- The quartet performed with precision and grace.

36- Society is changing rapidly.

37- The studio was bustling with activity.

38- A suite of tests was administered to the students.

39- The symphony lasted for two hours.

40- The tribe celebrated its annual festival.

41- A troupe of dancers took the stage.

42- The union voted to go on strike.

43- The administration handled the situation efficiently.

44- The agency was tasked with the job.

45- The armed forces defended their country.

46- Forces of nature are powerful and unpredictable.

47- The cabinet discussed the policy changes.

48- The ministry approved the new plan.

49- The police were called to the scene.

50- The force of gravity is a constant on Earth.

51- An army of volunteers showed up to help out.

52- A battalion of soldiers marched in formation.

53- The fleet sailed off into the sunset.

54- The garrison protected the castle.

55- The regiment was on the march.

56- A squadron of jets flew overhead.

57- The navy prepared for battle.

58- The brigade was ready to move out.

59- A corps of engineers constructed the bridge.

60- The division won the tournament.

61- A flotilla of boats sailed down the river.

62- An air of mystery surrounded the house.

63- An armada of ships sailed into the harbor.

64- A band of musicians played in the park.

65- The contingent arrived at the conference.

66- The crew worked hard to finish the project.

67- A gang of kids ran down the street.

68- An outfit of cowboys rode into town.

69- A patrol of police searched the area.

70- A posse of lawmen pursued the robber.

71- The train left the station on time.

72- A battery of cannons defended the fort.

73- A bevy of beauties walked down the runway.

74- The bodyguard escorted the celebrity.

75- A bundle of joy arrived at the hospital.

76- A caravan of camels traveled across the desert.

77- A chain of islands dotted the horizon.

78- A colony of ants gathered food for winter.

79- A clutch of eggs lay in the nest.

80- A cluster of stars filled the night sky.

81- A covey of quail rustled through the grass.

82- A packet of letters arrived from abroad.

83- A swarm of bees buzzed around the hive.

84- A throng of people gathered in the square.

85- The wake of the boat left a foamy trail behind.

86- A multitude of tourists filled the streets.

87- A host of angels sang in heaven.

88- A gaggle of geese flew overhead.

89- A cloud of dust enveloped the area.

90- A conglomeration of rocks lay on the beach.

91- The conspiracy kept its secrets hidden.

92- A convoy of trucks drove down the highway.

93- A coterie of friends laughed together.

94- An exaltation of larks soared in the sky.

95- A firm of lawyers offered their services.

96- A horde of shoppers crowded into the mall.

97- The network was down for repairs.

98- A pile of rubble remained after the explosion.

99- The set was ready for filming to begin.

100- The group discussed their plans.

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