100 Homograph Example in Sentences

100 Homograph Example in Sentences! A homograph is a word that is spelled the same but has different meanings and pronunciations. They can be tricky to use in sentences, but when used correctly they can add a touch of humor or elegance. Here are some examples of how homographs can be used in sentences.

The following sentence uses the homograph ‘bass‘ which means both a type of fish and a low musical pitch:

  • I caught a bass yesterday morning.
  • The bass player was really sick so they had to get someone else to play for them.

There are many homographs in English that have the same spellings but different meanings.

Let’s explore all homographs in English.

homograph examples

Homograph Examples in Sentences

With A:-

1- Absent:

I was absent from school yesterday.

The absentminded professor forgot his briefcase.

2- Accent:

He has a strong French accent.

The lamp was bought to accent the room’s decor.

3- Add:

Can you add these numbers for me?

My mom always used to say, “A dog is man’s best friend.”

4- Address:

What is your home address?

She gave a moving address at her graduation.

With B:-

5- Band:

The marching band played at the pep rally.

A stack of cash was tightly bound together with a band.

6- Bark:

The dog barked at the deliveryman.

The bark is the outermost layer of a tree.

7- Bat:

He hit the ball with a bat.

Bats are nocturnal animals that use echolocation to navigate.

8- Bed:

I’m going to bed.

The baby was asleep in her bed.

9- Blond:

She’s a natural blond.

He thought all blondes were stupid.

10- Bow:

They took a bow after their performance.

She tied a bow in her hair.

11- Break:

Can we take a break?

He broke the world record for the mile.

With C:-

12- Colony:

The ants have a colony in my backyard.

The Pilgrims founded the first American colony at Plymouth Rock.

13- Compatibility:

Are you compatible with your roommate?

This software is not compatible with Windows 10.

14- Continuous:

The machine makes a continuous noise.

She received continuous support from her family throughout her illness.

15- Contract:

We need to sign the contract.

A muscle contracts when it is used.

16- Copy:

Can I make a copy of this document?

That painting is a copy of the Mona Lisa.

17- Cream:

He likes his coffee with cream and sugar.

This cream will help heal your sunburn.

With D:-


That’s a damn shame.

I damn near missed my train this morning!

19- Date:

What’s the date today?

He asked her out on a date.

20- Desert:

The Sahara is a desert.

After being lost in the desert for days, they were finally found by the search party.

21- Dime:

Can I borrow a dime?

She found a dime on the ground.

22- Discreet:

Please be discreet when discussing this matter.

She was very discreet about her affair with the married man.

23- Dozen:

I bought two dozen eggs at the store.

A baker’s dozen is thirteen.

With E:-

24- Embarrass:

His constant jokes embarrassed his date.

The athlete was embarrassed by his poor performance.

25- Entrance:

This is the entrance to the building.

He made a grand entrance at his party.

26- Equal:

We are all equal in the eyes of the law.

The twins are equal in height.

With F:-

27- Fair:

She has a fair complexion.

The game was not fair because one team had twice as many players as the other.

28- Fever:

He’s running a fever so he can’t go to school today.

The feverish patient was delirious and couldn’t answer any questions coherently.

29- Fiber:

Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet.

This fabric is made of synthetic fibers.

30- Forbear:

We must forbear from judging others too harshly.

He could barely forbear from laughing at her silly outfit.

31- Forego:

I’m going to forego dessert tonight.

In order to save money, they have chosen to forego their annual vacation this year.

32- Forth:

He came forth from the room.

She set forth her proposal at the meeting.

33- Forward:

Please move forward so we can close the door.

She’s always looking forward to the weekend.

With G:-

34- Gazette:

The newspaper is called the Gazette.

An announcement was made in the gazette of the king’s marriage.

35- Grief:

The loss of her cat caused her much grief.

He was overcome with grief at his grandfather’s funeral.

36- Guarantee:

This product comes with a guarantee.

Can you guarantee that the project will be completed on time?

37- Guard:

A guard is posted at the entrance to the museum.

She put on sunscreen to guard against sunburn.

38- Guess:

I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.

Can you guess how much money I found on the ground?

39- Guidance:

His guidance counselor suggested he take more math classes.

She is seeking guidance from her elders about what to do.

With H:-

40- Habit:

It’s a bad habit to bite your nails.

She has the habit of humming to herself when she works.

41- Hardly:

I can hardly wait for summer vacation!

Hardly anyone came to the party.

42- Haste:

You should always check your work before you submit it, rather than doing it in haste.

The fire was put out quickly due to the haste of the firefighters.

43- Helmet:

All motorcycle riders are required by law to wear a helmet.

The knight wore a helmet to protect his head in battle.

44- Heritage:

What is your cultural heritage?

The city’s heritage is very important to its residents.

45- Hinder:

The snowstorm hindered the police from catching the thief.

Please don’t let anything hinder you from achieving your dreams.

With I:-

46- Identity:

Can you please confirm your identity?

He was trying to steal her identity.

47- Ignore:

She chose to ignore his rude comments.

Don’t ignore me when I’m talking to you!

48- Immediate:

We need an immediate response to this situation.

Her death was caused by an immediate allergic reaction to the bee sting.

49- Impel:

What impels you to do this?

His actions were impelled by his desire for revenge.

50- Inhibit:

The drug inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

His fear of failure inhibited him from even trying.

With J:-

51- Jealous:

He was jealous of her success.

She was green with jealousy when she saw them together.

52- Joint:

This is a joint account.

I need to see a doctor about my sore joint.

53- Journey:

We’re going on a journey to the moon!

The journey will take about two hours by car.

54- Jumble:

The jumble of wires made it difficult to find the one we were looking for.

Can you please stop jumbling your words? I can’t understand what you’re saying.

55- Just:

I just wanted to say thank you.

Are you sure this is the just amount? It seems a bit low to me.

With K:-

56- Keen:

She’s keen on going to the party.

He has a keen eye for detail.

57- Kidnap:

The child was kidnapped by her father.

Don’t let anyone kidnap you!

58- Kindle:

The fire was kindled by a spark from the campfire.

His passion for music was kindled by his first guitar lesson.

59- Knight:

He was knighted by the queen.

The king and queen were attended by their knights.

60- Knit:

She likes to knit in her spare time.

The sweater is made of wool that has been knitted by hand.

With L:-

61- Labor:

She went into labor at 3:00 a.m.

The workers went on strike to demand better working conditions and higher wages for their labor.

62- Lacquer:

The table is coated with lacquer.

He used lacquer to fix the cracks in the vase.

63- Lame:

He was lame in his right leg.

I’m sorry, but that excuse is quite lame.

64- Landscape:

The landscape was covered in snow.

She studied landscape architecture in college.

65- Last:

This is my last warning.

What was the last thing you ate?

With M:-

66- Machinery:

The machinery in the factory is very loud.

The broken machinery needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

67- Magnify: Please magnify the image so I can see it better.

His problems were magnified by his lack of sleep.

68- Maintenance:

The maintenance crew is fixing the broken window.

You need to sign a contract for regular maintenance visits.

69- Manner:

Please mind your manners.

What manner of creature are you?

70- Maximize:

We need to maximize our profits.

Please maximize the window so I can see better.

With N:-

71- Native:

He’s a native speaker of English.

She’s interested in learning about her native culture.

72- Neglect:

The plant was neglected and died.

Don’t neglect your duties!

73- Notice:

Did you notice anything strange about her behavior?

Please give me two weeks’ notice.

74- Nutrient:

The soil is lacking in nutrients.

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of nutrients.

75- Oblige:

I would be obliged if you could help me with this.

He was obliged to help her carry her bags.

With O:-

76- Occupy:

The soldiers occupied the city.

What do you do to occupy your time?

77- Odyssey:

It was a long and difficult odyssey, but they finally made it home.

Homer’s Odyssey is one of my favorite books.

78- Offend:

She was offended by his comments.

I’m sorry if I offended you.

79- Option:

We have the option of going by plane or by train.

What is your preferred option?

80- Outcome:

The outcome of the meeting was positive.

The outcome of the experiment was unexpected.

With P:-

81- Pallid:

His face was pallid and his eyes were red.

She didn’t want to wear a pallid dress to her friend’s wedding.

82- Paramount:

The safety of our customers is paramount.

The paramount concern of the government should be the welfare of its citizens.

83- Particular:

I have a particular interest in ancient history.

Can you be more particular about what you want?

84- Passive:

He was too passive to stand up for himself.

The government’s passive attitude towards environmental issues is alarming.

85- Pathological:

His behavior was pathological.

She was diagnosed with a pathological fear of snakes.

With Q:-

86- Quality:

The quality of the work is important, not the quantity.

What are the qualities that make a good leader?

87- Query:

I have a query about your statement.

Can I query your decision? I don’t think it’s fair.

88- Queue:

There was a long queue for the bus.

Please queue up in an orderly fashion.

89- Quiet:

Can you be quiet for a minute? I need to concentrate.

The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

90- Quotation:

He quoted Shakespeare in his speech.

Can I get a quotation for that book?

With R:-


The river was flowing rapidly.

Her rapid breathing indicated her fear.

92- Relevant:

That information is relevant to the discussion.

Please only provide relevant information.

93- Reprimand:

He was reprimanded by his boss.

She reprimanded her son for his bad behavior.

94- Require:

This job requires a lot of patience.

What do you require in order to do your job?

95- Resemblance:

There is a strong resemblance between them.

The painting bears a striking resemblance to the photograph.

With S:-

96- Satellite:

The satellite is orbiting the earth.

He was working on a satellite project.

97- Scarce:

Water is becoming scarce in this region.

Fuel is scarce, so we need to ration it.

98- Schedule:

Can we schedule a meeting for next week?

Please stick to the schedule.

99- Severe:

The storm was so severe that it killed many people.

She has a severe allergy to peanuts.

100- Sincere:

I’m sincere when I say that I’m sorry.

Please be sincere in your answer.

With T:-

101- Talent:

He has a talent for playing the piano.

They are looking for talented young singers to join their choir.

102- Temperament:

His temperament is not suited to this job.

She has a very fiery temperament.

103- Temporary:

This is only a temporary solution.

The position is temporary, but it may lead to a permanent one.

104- Thorough:

Please be thorough in your explanation.

She was very thorough in her research.

105- Through:

We went through the tunnel.

I’m sorry, you cannot go through this door.

With U:-

106- Ultimate:

What is the ultimate goal of the company?

He wanted to win the ultimate prize.

107- Unprecedented:

The floods were unprecedented in their scope.

This is an unprecedented situation and we need to act quickly.

108- Urban:

She’s from an urban area.

He’s not used to the urban environment.

109- Usual:

This is the usual time for our meeting.

Please do the usual thing.

110- Utmost:

We will do our utmost to help you.

Please show your utmost respect for the rules.

With V:-

111- Valid:

Is your passport still valid?

I don’t think your argument is valid.

112- Variable:

The weather is very variable at this time of year.

There are too many variables to predict the outcome.

113- Variety:

There is a great variety of food in this restaurant.

She enjoys the variety of her work.

114- Verify:

Can you verify that information before you print it?

I need to verify your identity before I can give you the information.

115- Vicious:

The dog was so vicious that it had to be put down.

They were caught in a vicious cycle of poverty and crime.

With W:-

116- Wealth:

He inherited his wealth from his father.

The company is looking for ways to increase its wealth.

117- Welfare:

The welfare of the children is our main concern.

We need to improve the welfare system.

118- Wellbeing:

Her well-being is our main concern.

We need to promote the well-being of our employees.

119- Wireless:

Do you have a wireless router?

I need to connect my laptop to the wireless network.

120- Worthy:

He is a worthy opponent.

This is a worthy cause.

With Y:-

121- Yearn:

She yearned for her homeland.

He yearned for a better life.

122- Youthful:

She looks much younger than her age.

His youthful good looks helped him to get the job.

123- Yield:

The yield on the investment was very low.

We need to increase our yield in order to be profitable.

With Z:-

124- Zenith:

The company has reached its zenith.

He is at the zenith of his career.

125- Zone:

The city is divided into zones.

I live in zone three.

126- Zeal:

She has a great zeal for life.

He has a zeal for work.

127- Zen:

I need to find my zen.

She follows the zen path.

128- Zero:

The temperature was zero degrees.

We need to get to zero emissions as soon as possible.

129- Zodiac:

I’m a Scorpio, what’s your zodiac sign?

The zodiac signs are divided into four elements: fire, earth, air, and water.

130- Zurich:

I’m going to Zurich next week.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland.