100 Irregular Plural Nouns List and Definition

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100 Irregular Plural Nouns List and Definition! When you are learning a new language, one of the first things you need to learn is how to form plurals. There are many rules that govern plural formation in English, but there are also a number of irregular nouns that don’t follow the normal patterns. This list includes 100 of the most common irregular nouns, their plural forms, and definitions. Knowing these words will help you form plurals correctly and accurately use these nouns in your writing.

English nouns are inflected for grammatical numbers, meaning that if they are of the countable type, they generally have different forms for singular and plural. This article discusses the plural forms of irregular nouns.

100 Irregular Plural Nouns List

100 Irregular Plural Nouns List

10 Popular Plural Nouns

1- Mice: plural form of mouse

2- Cacti: plural form of cactus

3- Geese: plural form of goose

4- Children: plural form of child

5- Teeth: plural form of tooth

6- Feet: plural form of foot

7- Men: plural form of man

8- Women: plural form of woman

9- Ponies: plural form of pony

10- Fish: plural form of fish

List of Irregular Plural Nouns

Nouns Plural Forms
antenna antennae/antennas
formula formulae/formulas
quiz quizzes
curriculum curricula/curriculums
minutia minutiae
tooth teeth
château châteaux/châteaus
loaf loaves
swine swine
beau beaux/beaus
hypothesis hypotheses
shrimp shrimp/shrimps
dwarf dwarves/dwarfs
oasis oases
vita vitae
apex apices/apexes
genus genera/genuses
referendum referenda/referendums
codex codices
louse lice
symposium symposia/symposiums
aircraft aircraft
fez fezzes/fezes
ox oxen/ox
wolf wolves
corpus corpora
matrix matrices/matrixes
tableau tableaux/tableaus
bacillus bacilli
grouse grouse/grouses
self selves
erratum errata
opus opera/opuses
wharf wharves/wharfs
concerto concerti/concertos
man men
synopsis synopses
die dice/dies
nucleus nuclei/nucleuses
vertex vertices/vertexes
ellipsis ellipses
offspring offspring/offsprings
vortex vortices/vortexes
appendix appendices/appendixes
goose geese
salmon salmon/salmons
bison bison
index indices/indexes
species species
bacterium bacteria
half halves
series series
criterion criteria/criterions
memorandum memoranda/memorandums
thief thieves
alumnus alumni
focus foci/focuses
phenomenon phenomena/phenomenons
basis bases
hoof hooves/hoofs
sheep sheep
crisis crises
medium media/mediums
thesis theses
deer deer/deers
mouse mice
tuna tuna/tunas
antithesis antitheses
fungus fungi/funguses
radius radii/radiuses
axis axes
graffito graffiti
scarf scarves/scarfs
bureau bureaux/bureaus
larva larvae/larvas
stimulus stimuli
addendum addenda/addendums
faux pas faux pas
ovum ova
wife wives
analysis analyses
foot feet/foot
phylum phyla
cactus cacti/cactus/cactuses
libretto libretti/librettos
stratum strata
diagnosis diagnoses
nebula nebulae/nebulas
vertebra vertebrae/vertebras
datum data
moose moose
trout trout/trouts
alumna alumnae
fish fish/fishes
parenthesis parentheses
woman women
child children
locus loci
syllabus syllabi/syllabuses

Irregular Plural Nouns – Infographics

irregular noun pluralirregular plural noun

List of Irregular Plural Nouns in english List of Irregular Plural Nouns in english 2 List of Irregular Plural Nouns in english 3 List of Irregular Plural Nouns in english 4 List of Irregular Plural Nouns in english 5

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