+1000 Vocabulary Words for IELTS | Download PDF

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+1000 Vocabulary Words for IELTS | Download PDF

1000 vocabulary words for ielts

Are you studying for the IELTS? The International English Language Testing System is a test of English language proficiency, and it can be tough to get a high score. One of the most important things you can do to improve your score is to build your vocabulary. This list of +1000 vocabulary words will help you do just that!

What is the IELTS?

The IELTS, or International English Language Testing System, is a test of English proficiency. It is required for university admission in many English-speaking countries, and is also used for professional certification and immigration purposes. The IELTS has two versions: the Academic version, which is intended for university applicants, and the General Training version, which is intended for those who need English for work or immigration purposes.

What is a high score on the IELTS?

A high score on the IELTS is a score of 7.0 or higher. This is considered a “Band 7” score. A Band 7 score means that you are able to use English effectively for academic, professional, or immigration purposes.

How can I improve my IELTS score?

There are many things you can do to improve your IELTS score. One of the most important is to build your vocabulary. A large vocabulary will help you understand the reading passages and answer the questions correctly. It will also help you write coherently and fluently.

Why should I learn vocabulary for the IELTS?

Learning vocabulary for the IELTS is important because the test is designed to assess your ability to use English in an academic setting. A large vocabulary will help you understand university-level texts and answer questions correctly. It will also help you write effectively for university assignments.

How can I learn vocabulary for the IELTS?

There are many ways to learn vocabulary for the IELTS. One way is to use a vocabulary book, such as this one. Another way is to use an online resource, such as the IELTS Word of the Day. You can also try flashcards or apps like Quizlet.

List of IELTS vocabulary words

Vocabulary Words for IELTS:

Abundant Ample
Care Concern
Empty Drain
Able Capable
Break Fracture
Dubious Doubtful
Beneficial Helpful
Decontrol Deregulate
Abandon Desert
Brave Courageous
Dry Arid
Beautiful Attractive
Damage Impair
Bloodless Cold
Different Distinct
Approve Accept
Competent Capable
Exquisite Delightful
Apparent Evident
Competent Capable
Explicit Exact
Birth Beginning
Delicate Fragile
Blameless Innocent
Demolish Destroy
Aid Assist
Colossal Enormous
Evident Apparent
Arrogant Haughty
Complete Conclude
Extravagant Extreme
Best Finest
Defective Faulty
Adamant Firm
Chilly Cool
Essential Fundamental
Active Energetic
Charming Delightful
Equity Fairness
After Following
Coarse Bumpy
Everlasting Eternal
Awful Dreadful
Condense Concentrate
Barren Infertile
Damage Hurt
Accurate Correct
Careful Cautious
Enlarge Expand
Atrocious Dreadful
Concur Agree
Fair Honest
Blend Combine
Denounce Blame
Bendy Flexible
Daybreak Dawn
Ambitious Driven
Backside Bottom
Comical Amusing
Confine Contain
Excite Arouse
A narrative A story
Bottom Base
Difficult Hard
Beginning Initiate
Daring Bold
Authentic Genuine
Condemn Censure
Fake Imitation
Achieve Accomplish
Always Forever
Cease Discontinue
Combine Blend
Enormous Huge
Evil Bad, wrong, wicked
Awkward Clumsy
Confess Admit
Beneficiant Generous
Dedicated Committed
Artificial Fake
Complex Complicated
Face Confront
Afraid Frightened
Clarify Explain
Eternal Always

Fatal Deadly
Hostile Antagonistic
Keep Hold
Fat Chubby
Hold Grasp
Keen Eager
Gratis Free of charge
Jitney Autobus
Fantastic Incredible
High Elevated
Juggernaut Idol
Grant Accord,
Jaded Fed up
Hermetic Airtight
Joy Delight
Gala Festal
Impute Attribute
Knob Grip
Gain Acquire
Impugn Censure
Knit Fasten
Hector Bully
Joist Beam
Help Aid
Journeyman Artisan
Foe Enemy
Impending Imminent
Kitchen Cookhouse
Gallant Audacious
Incentive Inducement
Knock Censure
Hard Firm
Jocund Gay
Flaw Defect
Ichor Fluid
Kid Child
Fiction Fantasy
Hypertension High blood pressure
Kick Give up
Flippant Impudent
Immobilize Halt
Kind Helpful
Genius Brilliance
Inordinate Excessive
Give Donate
Inter Bury
Ferocious Fierce
Humane Gentle
Ketchup Gravy
Gather Collect
Inertia Inactivity
Knowledge Awareness
Herculean Formidable
Joust Dispute
Grateful Appreciative
Jig Dance
Frenzy Fury
Gigantic Immense
Impinge Intrude
Inscrutable Enigmatic
Knife Cutter
Fancy Elaborate
Hiatus Gap
Jubilee Anniversary
Grasping Greedy
Jealous Envious
Generous Giving
Infallible Foolproof
Kopje Hill
Fertile Fruitful
Frank Candid
Humiliate Embarrass
Impetuous Impulsive
Key Cue
Kneel Bow down
Gigantic Immense
Inquisition Inquiry
Gravestone Headstone
Jocular Funny
Gallant Chivalrous
Inculcate Instill
Knotty Complex
Flimsy Frail
Illicit Illegal
Kidnap Capture

Difficult IELTS vocabulary words

Lament Grieve
Neutral Impartial
Pretty Attractive
Kudos Applause
Neologism Coinage
Premeditated Calculated
Menial Boring
Peculiar Bizarre
Kowtow Genuflect
Necessary Essential
Premature Hasty
Matriculation Admission
Outside External
Naked Bare
Poor Destitute
Lodestar Guiding
Observe Examine
Querulous Difficult
Livid Furious
Oblique Indirect
Queries Interrogation
Microcosm Example
Persuade Influence
Mote Blot
Plentiful Abundant
Lineage Ancestry
Nuance Fine distinction
Qualified Capable
Loopy Crazy
Obsolete Extinct
Question  Ask
Mesmerize Captivate
Perpetual Incessant
Least Fewest
Non-stop Continuous
Quadrant Fourth
Last Final
Nip and tuck Close, near
Proud Arrogant
Ligature Binder
Notwithstanding However,
Quainter Charming
Luxurious Extravagant
Opponent Enemy
Mansard Hip roof
Ornament Decoration
Large Big
Nibelung Evil family having hoard of gold
Prevent Hinder
Lulu Beauty
Omnipotent All-powerful
Quite Fairly/ pretty
Muse Consider
Pliable Compliant
Melange  Blew
Painstaking Fastidious
Liturgy Holy sacrament
Manicured Cut fingernail
Obligatory Compulsory
Organic Biological
Quarter District
Kotow Grovel
Nameless Anonymous
Prejudiced Influenced
Mausoleum Catacomb
Outstanding Distinguished
Lure Attract
Onslaught Ambush
Quorum  Assemblage
Last Final
Lion’s share A big share
Nightfall Dusk
Obey Comply
Profit Benefit
Quantum Amount
Mandala Figure
Optimistic Hopeful
Mesa Flat tableland
Perfect  Accurate
Lucidity Fluency
Offend Disgust
Quick  Fast
Lethal Deadly
Noted Famous
Quagmire Bog

Common IELTS vocabulary words

Reciprocal Inverse
Tipping point Change
Want Desire
Reactionary Back looking
Tessellate Form mosaic pattern
Vortex Current
Sensibility Awareness
Veneer Finish
Reactionary Back looking
Tenacious Firm
Voraciousness Hunger
Seder Ceremonial dinner
Valedictory Farewell speech
Taxidermy Artistry
Voguism Acceptance
Sampan Boat
Undying Deathless
Xenodochy Hospitality
Ruddy Glowing
Unduly Excessively
Xenial Friendly
Talk turkey Get to point
Vertex Apogee
Tank Container
Vintage Classic
Resound Boom
Trifle Drop
Wunderkind Genius
Sanatorium Clinic
Unease Disquiet
Xenophobic Disease
Serendipity Chance
Veracity Authenticity
Relegate Consign
Transcend Exceed
Wheedle Charm
Regnant Authority
Traction Footing
Wealth Assets
Remedial Curative
Trifle Drop
Woof Filling
Scot work Chores
Upcoming Approaching
Sedate Cool
Vacant Empty
Reclusive Ascetic
Total Complete
Warranty Guarantee
Score Get
Untiring Energetic
Xerothermic Desertic
Tariff Excise
Viticulture Grape growing
Seminary Institution
Venality  Corruption
Roil Agitate
Sear Flame
Uncanny Creepy
Urgent Imperative
Xebecs Clippers
Rapacious Grasping
Temperance Control
Voracious Hungry
Sediment Dregs
Vascular Conduction
Scorn Disrespect
Untold Boundless
Red herring Deviation
Retrench Cut back
Totem Experiment
Unbiased Impartial
Weak Feeble
Xavier Francisco
Scrutinize Examine
Urban Citified
Septic Diseased
Ventricle Chamber
Sciatica Backache
Untimely Inopportune
Xeric Dry
Relief Assistance
Trepidation Apprehension
Wonderful  Amazing

Yacht Boat
Zephyr Breeze
Xylene Dissolver
Zelkova Caucasian elm
Yo-yo Alternate
Xmas Christmas
Zealously Eagerly
Youthful Active
Zealotry Fanatism
Yeasty Frothy
Yearlong Annual
Zany Humourless
Zazaki Dimli
Yardstick Average
Yelp Bawl
Zany Goofball
Yank Drag
Zigadene Death camas
Yak Blab
Zesty Hot
Yard sale Garage sale
Zincous Hurry
Yip Cry
Young bird Fledgling
Yackety-yak Chatter
Zerogon Apeirogon
Yet After all
Zeal Fire
Yowling Caterwauling
Yawn Bore
Young Blooming
Xeroxing Duplicator
Zealous Greedy
Yowl Bellow
Y-fronts Briefs
Yahoo Bumpkin
Yaw Curve
Zest Flavor
Yokel Bucolic
Zamboni Ice resurfacer
Yenta Gossiper
Yap Barking
Zinc oxide Chinese white


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