20 Compound Words Examples

Compound Words Examples! A compound word is a word that is made up of two or more smaller words. Compound words can be made up of two nouns, two adjectives, or an adjective and a noun.

The most common type of compound word is a noun + noun, such as “bedtime” or “playground.”

Compound words are a great way to make new words out of existing ones. They can also make it easier to remember certain information.

For example, the word “compound” is itself a compound word! When you break it down, it’s made up of the words “com” (together) and “pound” (weight). If you’re interested in learning more about compound words, keep reading!

20 Compound Words Examples

20 Compound Words Examples

1. Bed + time = Bedtime
2. Play + ground = Playground
3. Sun + shine = Sunshine
4. Moon + light = Moonlight
5. Star + light = Starlight
6. Eye + glasses = Eyeglasses
7. Note + book = Notebook
8. Tooth + brush = Toothbrush
9. Ear + rings = Earrings
10. Toe + nail = Toenail
11. Arm + chair = Armchair
12. Door + knob = Doorknob
13. Motor + cycle = Motorcycle
14. Spoon + ful = Spoonful
15. Cup + ful = Cupful
16. Plate + ful = Plateful
17. Bag + ful = Bagful
18. Truck + ful = Truckful
19. Mouth + ful = Mouthful
20. Hand + ful = Handful

20 Compound Words

Compound Words and Definition

1- Bedtime: The time when you go to bed at night.

2- Playground: A place where children can play.

3- Sunshine: The light and heat that comes from the sun.

4- Moonlight: The light that comes from the moon.

5- Starlight: The light that comes from stars.

6- Eyeglasses: A type of lens that helps you see better.

7- Notebook: A book with blank pages where you can write notes.

8- Toothbrush: A brush that you use to clean your teeth.

9- Earrings: Jewelry that you wear on your ears.

10- Toenail: The nail on your toe.

11- Armchair: A chair that you can sit in with your arms resting on the sides.

12- Doorknob: The knob on a door that you turn to open it.

13- Motorcycle: A vehicle that has two wheels and is powered by a motor.

14- Spoonful: The amount of liquid that can fit in a spoon.

15- Cupful: The amount of liquid that can fit in a cup.

16- Plateful: The amount of food that can fit on a plate.

17- Bagful: The number of things that can fit in a bag.

18- Truckful: The number of things that can fit in a truck.

19- Mouthful: The amount of food or drink that can fit in your mouth.

20- Handful: The number of things that can fit in your hand.

Compound Words and definitions

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