20 Examples of Past Tense

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The past tense is a verb tense that expresses actions or states in the past. The most common uses of the past tense are to describe events that have already happened, or to talk about someone’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences from the past. The past tense can also be used to describe habits and situations that existed in the past but don’t exist now.

20 Examples of Past Tense

1- I walked to the store.

2-I talked on the phone.

3-I played outside.

4-I ate dinner.

5-I went to bed.

6-I got up.

7-I took a shower.

8-I got dressed.

9-I brushed my teeth.

10-I put on my shoes.

11-I went to school.

12-I did my homework.

13-I had a snack.

14-I played with my friends.

15-I went home.

16-I watched TV.

17-I had dinner.

18-I went to bed.

19-I woke up.

20-I got ready for school.

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