20 Examples of Verbs in Sentences

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20 Examples of Verbs in Sentences

Verbs are an important part of language, and they play a major role in grammar. A verb is a word that shows an action or occurrence, and it can be used to describe what someone or something does. In this blog post, we will take a look at 20 examples of verbs in sentences.

A verb is a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence. The English language has always had a high degree of verbal flexibility, so that new words can be created by stringing together existing words (“to baby-sit”) or by adding verbal suffixes to nouns (“computers-ize”). As a result, the number of verbs in English is extremely large.

In addition to simple present and past tense verbs, there are also present participle verbs (ending in “-ing”), past participle verbs (ending in “-ed” or “-en”), and compound tenses (“I have played” or “I am going to play”).

There are also hundreds of irregular verbs which have special rules for spelling and pronunciation. It’s no wonder that students often find verbs to be one of the most difficult aspects of English grammar!

20 Verb Sentences in English

1- She is doing a great job.

2- They are playing soccer.

3- We were watching a movie.

4- I am going to the store.

5- Are you listening to me?

6- He is writing a letter.

7- She was sad yesterday.

8- We are having fun.

9- I am not working today.

10- Do you want to come with us?

11- They are not going to the park.

12- I am not eating lunch right now.

13- Are you drinking water?

14- He is not studying for the test.

15- We are not playing games.

16- Do you want to go out tonight?

17- She is not cooking dinner.

18- I am not doing laundry tonight.

19- Are you taking the trash out?

20- He is not sleeping right now.

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