20 Farm Animals Names and Example Sentences

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Farm animals are a common sight in rural communities. They provide food, transportation, entertainment, and companionship for the people who work with them every day. But often enough these animals can become overlooked as symbols for learning language; even though they have unique names that can provide insight on a culture or region’s dialect.

Here we will learn 20 of these animals, along with their names and example sentences for use in context. There’s no doubt you’ll be able to work some of these terms into your writing!

Farm Animals Names

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20 Farm Animals Names

1- Sheep

Example: She has 100 sheep on his farm.

Definition: A sheep is a mammal with fluffy wool. Sheep are the animals that are most often used to produce wool.


2- Goat

Example: The farmer’s goat ate my flowers.

Definition: A goat is a mammal with horns on its head. Goats are known for eating just about anything.


3- Pig

Example: I’m going to vote for the pig because he’s honest.

Definition: A pig is a mammal with hooves. Pigs are traditionally considered to be dirty animals.


4- Cow

Example: The cow is pregnant and will give birth soon.

Definition: A cow is a mammal that produces milk. Cows are often used for their meat as well.


5- Horse

Example: I went for a horse ride yesterday.

Definition: A horse is a mammal with four legs and an impressive mane of hair. Horses are used for transportation and pleasure.

Horse 1

6- Duck

Example: We went to the park to feed the ducks.

Definition: A duck is a bird with webbed feet. Ducks are often found near water sources such as ponds or lakes.


7- Chicken

Example: I ate chicken for dinner.

Definition: A chicken is a bird that is typically used for its meat. Chickens are known for laying eggs as well.


8- Turkey

Example: We had turkey on Thanksgiving.

Definition: A turkey is a bird with dark meat. Turkeys are often roasted and served with traditional holiday sides.


9- Goose

Example: The goose honked loudly as we walked by.

Definition: A goose is a bird with webbed feet and large wingspan. Geese are often considered to be pests due to their loud honking.


10- Finch

Example: The finch built a nest in my tree.

Definition: A finch is a small bird with a curved beak. Finches are known for their beautiful singing voices.


11- Crow

Example: The crow cawed loudly, startling me.

Definition: A crow is a black bird with a loud voice. Crows are often considered to be pests due to their scavenging habits.


12- Bluebird

Example: I saw a bluebird today!

Definition: A bluebird is a small bird with blue feathers. Bluebirds are known for being some of the most beautiful birds in North America.


13- Rabbit

Example: The rabbit hopped across the field.

Definition: A rabbit is a mammal with long ears and short fur. Rabbits are known for their reproductive abilities.


14- Squirrel

Example: The squirrel was gathering nuts for winter.

Definition: A squirrel is a small mammal with a furry tail. Squirrels are known for their playful nature and love of acorns.


15- Mouse

Example: I saw a mouse in my house!

Definition: A mouse is a small mammal with pointy ears. Mouses are known for being pests in many homes.


16- Rat

Example: The rat was scurrying around the alleyway.

Definition: A rat is a small mammal with pointy ears. Rats are known for being pests in many homes and businesses.


17- Cat

Example: I have a cat at home.

Definition: A cat is a small mammal with fur. Cats are known for their independent nature and love of napping.


18- Dog

Example: I take my dog for a walk every day.

Definition: A dog is a mammal with fur. Dogs are known for being loyal companions and faithful friends.


19- Lizard

Example: The lizard was sunning itself on the rock.

Definition: A lizard is a reptile with four legs and a long tail. Lizards are known for their ability to climb walls and trees.


20- Snake

Example: The snake was slithering through the grass.

Definition: A snake is a reptile with no legs and a long body. Snakes are known for their ability to kill prey with their poison.