20 New Words With Meaning And Sentences

The English language is always evolving, and new words are being added all the time. In fact, Merriam-Webster dictionary adds about 800 – 1,000 new words to its pages every year! Here are 20 new words that have recently been added to the dictionary, along with their definitions and sentences. Be sure to start using them in your own writing and conversations so you can stay up-to-date with the latest linguistic trends.

New Words With Meaning & Sentences

20 New Words With Meaning And Sentences

1: Austerity: a period of decreased spending and increased economic activity characterized by measures to reduce public expenditure.

  • The government introduced austerity measures in an attempt to reduce the deficit.

2: Bailout: a rescue of a company or country by other companies or countries.

  • The government was forced to bail out the bank after it ran into financial difficulties.

3: Budget Deficit: an excess of expenditure over revenue in a particular period, typically one year.

  • The government has run up a budget deficit of £5 billion.

4: Currency Devaluation: a reduction in the value of the currency concerning other currencies.

  • The devaluation of the US dollar caused an increase in prices for imported goods.

5: Economic Growth: an increase in the number of goods and services produced by an economy over time.

  • The economy is forecast to grow by 3% this year.

6: Employment Rate/Unemployment Rate: the percentage of people in employment/unemployment respectively.

  • The employment rate is currently at its highest level since 1971.

7: Inflation Rate: the percentage increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy over time.

  • Inflation fell from 3% last month to 2% this month.

8: Legal Tender: coins or banknotes that must be accepted as payment for debts.

  • Coins minted before 1947 are no longer legal tender in the UK.

9: National Debt/Public Debt: the amount of money owed by central and local governments respectively.

  • The national debt currently stands at £1 trillion.

10: Recession: a period during which there is a general slowdown in economic activity.

  • The recession lasted for two years from 2008 to 2010.

11: Redundancy: the state of being unemployed because one’s job has ceased to exist or because one is surplus to requirements.

  • He was made redundant when his company closed down.

12: Crowdfund: to raise money for a project or cause by collecting small amounts of money from many people, typically via the internet.

  • They used a crowdfunding website to raise money for their new business venture.

13: Braindump: the act of quickly writing down all the ideas, thoughts, or feelings you have in your head.

  • I sat down and did a braindump so I could organize my thoughts before the meeting.

14: Robotaxi: an autonomous vehicle that operates like a taxi, providing transportation services for a fee.

  • Robotaxis are becoming increasingly popular in major cities.

15: Gamify: to incorporate elements of game-playing into activities or processes that are not usually considered games.

  • The teacher gamified the learning process by giving her students rewards for completing tasks.

16: Vat (Value Added Tax): a tax levied on the sale of goods and services, typically at each stage in production rather than on final sale only.

  • The vat imposed by the government was causing prices of goods to skyrocket.

17: Wage Freeze: a measure taken by employers to prevent wages from increasing, typically as a result of inflationary pressures.

  • Because of the wage freeze, workers were unable to benefit from the rising cost of living.

18: Mansplain: to explain something to someone, typically a woman, in a condescending manner.

  • He tried to mansplain the situation but she was already aware of what was going on.

19: Youthquake: an increase in the political activity and influence of young people.

  • The youthquake of the 1960s forever changed the political landscape.

20: Glamping: a type of camping that involves luxurious amenities and comforts not typically found when camping in the wild.

  • We decided to go glamping for our vacation and had a blast!

20 New Words With Meaning And Sentences 1 New Words With Meaning And Sentences

20 New Words in English

1.       Austerity 2.       Bailout
3.       Braindump 4.       Budget Deficit
5.       Crowdfund 6.       Currency Devaluation
7.       Economic Growth 8.       Employment Rate
9.       Gamify 10.   Glamping
11.   Inflation Rate 12.   Legal Tender
13.   Mansplain 14.   National Debt
15.   Recession 16.   Redundancy
17.   Robotaxi 18.   Vat (Value Added Tax)
19.   Wage Freeze 20.   Youthquake

20 New Words in English