+200 Business Vocabulary Words List In English

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Do you want to improve your business vocabulary? In this blog post, we provide a list of +200 business vocabulary words that are commonly used in English.

Business English is the form of English used in the business world. It is characterized by the use of specific vocabulary and grammar structures.

business vocabulary words

A to Z Business Words and Meaning

  • Accounting – the process of recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions.
  • Achievement – something that has been accomplished, such as a goal or target.
  • Action plan – a plan of action; a step-by-step guide to achieving a goal.
  • Annual report – a document that provides information on a company’s financial performance over the past year.
  • Asset – something that has value and can be converted into cash.
  • Audit – an examination of a company’s financial statements.
  • Balance sheet – a financial statement that shows a company’s assets, liabilities, and equity at a specific point in time.
  • Budget – a plan that allocates funds to different expenses over a period of time.
  • Business – an organization or enterprise that is engaged in commerce.
  • Business model – a plan or structure for generating revenue.
  • Competition – the act of vying with others for something, such as market share or customers.
  • Cost-benefit analysis – an evaluation of the costs and benefits of a proposed course of action.
  • Customer – a person or organization that purchases goods or services from a business.
  • Debt – money that is owed by one person or organization to another.
  • Deficit – the amount by which spending exceeds revenue.
  • Dividend – a portion of a company’s profits that is distributed to shareholders.
  • Earnings – the amount of money that a company generates in a period of time.
  • Expense – an expenditure, such as for rent or supplies.
  • Financial statements – reports that show a company’s financial position, performance, and cash flow.
  • Gross margin – the difference between sales and the cost of goods sold.
  • Income – money that is received, such as from salaries or investments.
  • Investment – the act of putting money into something with the expectation of getting a return.
  • Liability – something that a person or organization owes, such as money or a debt.
  • Liquidity – the ability of an asset to be converted into cash quickly and without loss of value.
  • Market share – the percentage of a market that is controlled by a company.
  • Net income – total revenue minus total expenses.
  • Operating expenses – costs that are incurred in order to run a business, such as rent or salaries.
  • Profit – the excess of revenues over expenses.
  • Revenue – money that is generated from sales or other sources.
  • Shareholder – a person who owns shares in a company.
  • Stock – ownership in a company that can be bought and sold.
  • Value proposition – the offer that a company makes to its customers.
  • Venture capital – money that is invested in a new or small business.
  • Wage – a payment for work, usually calculated by the hour.
  • Zombie company – a company that is only able to stay afloat by borrowing money.

Business Vocabulary Words A to Z

Business words with A

After-hours dealing Arbitrage
Average earnings growth Annual bonus
Actively managed funds Auditors
Annual equivalent rate (AER) Asset stripping
Accounts Average (arithmetic mean)
Allocation rate Actuary
Administration Annuity
Alternative investment market Annual general meeting (AGM)
Annual percentage rate (APR)  

Business words with B

Buy-to-let mortgage Base rate
Bank of England British Retail Consortium
Bank of England’s inflation report Blue chip
Balance of payments Broker
Buy-out Bull market
Business cycle Bear market
Black swan Bridging loan
Bid-offer spread Budget
Bond Balance sheet
Banker’s draft Buildings insurance

Business words with C

City of London Capital gains tax
Contents insurance Capital account
CAC 40 index Council tax
Commodity Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
Corporation tax CBI industrial trends
Credit crunch Competition Commission
Capital gain Corporate raiders
Chapter 11 bankruptcy Credit default swaps
Cost-push inflation Capital ratios – Tier 1 and Tier 2
Collateral Chartists
Chinese walls Consumer confidence
Commercial paper Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
Consumer Prices Index (CPI) Credit reference agency
CDOs Carry trade
Central bank Current account

Business words with D

Dead cat bounce Derivatives
Demand-pull inflation Diminishing returns
Dividend yield Dow Jones industrial average
Defined benefit pension Deflation
Depression Defined contribution pension
Discount mortgage Demutualisation
Day trading Dividend

Business words with E

Ebit Enterprise value
Elasticity Earnings per share (EPS)
European Central Bank Economies of scale
Endowment policy European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Equity Externalities
Equity derivatives Ebitda
Economic growth Ethical investment

Business words with F

Final salary pension scheme Foreign exchange (Forex)
FTSE 350 Fiscal policy
FTSE 100 index FTSE4Good
FTSE All-Share Fiscal year
Futures Freehold
FTSE SmallCap FTSE 250
Financial Services Authority Flexible mortgage
Financial year Fixed costs
Fixed-rate mortgage FTSE TechMARK

Business words with G

Gross domestic product (GDP) Guaranteed annuity rate
Ground rent Gazumping
Group of Seven (G7) Guarantor
Golden handshake Glass-Steagall Act
Golden hello Grey knight
Golden share Greenback
Gazundering Gilts
Golden handcuffs Gearing
Golden parachute Gold
Golden rule Gross national product (GNP)
Group of Eight (G8)  

Business words with H

Hyperinflation Horizontal merger
Home reversion plan Half year
Hostile takeover House price surveys
Hang Seng Hedge funds

Business words with I

Income protection insurance Income statement
Income tax Independent financial adviser (IFA)
Individual savings account (Isa) Industrial output
Inflation Inflation measures
Inheritance tax Insider trading
Institutional investor Interest-only mortgage
Interim Investment trust
Invisible hand Irrational exuberance

Business words with J

  • Joint account

Business words with K

  • Keynesian economics

Business words with L

Libor rate Laissez-faire
Liquid asset London Stock Exchange
Leveraged buyout Lloyd’s of London
Leasehold Loan-to-value


Business words with M

Managed fund Monetarism
Microeconomics Margin
Mortgage indemnity protection/guarantee Merger
Minimum wage Mortgage broker
Macroeconomics Monetary policy committee
Mortgage term Mutual
Money supply Manufacturing output
Median Monopoly
Mutual fund  

Business words with N

Negative equity Nominal interest rate
Nasdaq New York Stock Exchange
Nominal values National Economic Council
Net asset value Non-executive director
Nikkei 225 National insurance
Naked short-selling NIESR
National debt  

Business words with O

Offshore account Occupational pension scheme
Ordinary share Office for National Statistics (ONS)
Operating profit/loss Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Old Lady of Threadneedle Street Open-market operations
Ordinary residence Oligopoly
Organisation of petroleum exporting countries (Opec) Option
Office of Fair Trading (OFT) Overdraft

Business words with P

Permanent interest-bearing shares (Pibs) Profit and loss account
Precipice bonds Pound
Poison pill Public company
Primary discount rate Portfolio
Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) Poverty trap
Price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) Percentage change
Preference shares Profit Participating Deferred Shares
Privatisation Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
Producer price index Profits
Purchasing power parity Preliminary announcement (prelim)
Personal loan Ponzi scheme
Premium bonds  

Business words with Q

Quantity theory of money Quota
Quarterly report Quantitative easing

Business words with R

Recession Rally
Real estate investment trusts Random walk theory
Rights issue Real interest rate
Retail Prices Index (RPI) Rate of return
Royal Mint Regressive tax
Repayment mortgage Reverse takeover
Regulatory News Service (RNS) Retirement age
Ratings agencies Real values

Business words with S

Self-certification mortgage Square Mile
Short selling Sub-prime loans
Share options Self-select Isa
Stamp duty (equities) Special liquidity scheme
Swaps Share index
Stamp duty (housing) Shareholder
Supply and demand Sonia
Security SIVs
Second-lien loan Stagflation
Split capital investment trusts Securities and Exchange Commission
Spot market/spot price Stock exchange
Stakeholder pensions Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index
Stock Savings account
Smith, Adam Self-invested personal pensions (Sipps)
Serious Fraud Office (SFO) Soft commodities (softs)

Business words with T

Term assurance Takeover
Tarp (troubled asset relief programme) Takeover Panel
Tax haven Treasury
Takeover bid Terminal bonus
Trade balance Tracker funds
Turnover Tangible Common Equity Ratio
Teaser rate  

Business words with U

Underwriter (insurance) Underwriter (shares)
Unquoted shares Unemployment
Unit trust  

Business words with V

Variable rate mortgage Volume
Value added tax (VAT) Vertical merger
Vulture funds  

Business words with W

White knight Wall Street
Weighted average Write down, write off
Whole-of-life policy Windfall tax
Without-profits policy  

Business words with Y

  • Yield
  • Yen carry trade

Business words with Z

  • Zombie funds
  • Zero interest rates

The following is a list of +200 business vocabulary words that are commonly used in English.

Common Business Vocabulary Words List

Demand Offer Vice-president
Headquarters Overtime Product
Database Dismiss Upload
Corporate Down payment Economical
Foreman Boss Decrease
Niche Superintendent Efficiency
Packing list Trade-off Equipment
Feedback Mouse pad Deadline
Insurance Order Prime rate
Charge Commission Occupation
Office Budget Risk
Trend Bond Increase
Launch Log-in Brand
Promotion Strike Volume
Billboard Employee Invest
Make redundant Arbitration Biannual
Dividend Intern Credit
Laptop Workspace Figures
Plan Typewriter Career
Interest rate Lucrative Password
Currency Monopoly Notice
Bookkeeping Cold call Deal
Economy of scale Employ Scarcity
Typeface Customer Director
Report Ads Merger
Part-time Vacancy Advertisement
Cost Investment Labor
Loan Recruit Tariff
Upgrade Commercial Mogul
Proxy Sale Employment
Hourly Hours Chairman
Contract Stockholder Wholesaler
Capitalist Clause Remuneration

Professions & Professional Words

Commodity Receipt Treasury
Wholesale Gross Proposal
Rank Recruiter Bonus
Distribution Expenses Quarterly
Money Salary Secretary
Coupon Inflation Shop
Management Manager Merchandise
Saleswoman Banknote Motherboard
Retailer Weekly Manage
Statement Win-win Debit
Job Pay Break even
Factory Market Meeting
Board of directors Finance Fire
Outgoing Duty Production
Public holidays Trade Agreement
Framework Growth Spreadsheet
Online Perk Warranty
Interest Lease Position
Shipment Agenda Financial
Goods Username Fax
Loss Service Accruals
Liability Retire Sick leave
Deficit Delivery Goal
Interview Refund Target
Calculate Copyright Industry
Profitable Briefcase Hire
Quit Affordable Close
Freight High Import
Lend Retail Confirmation
Principal Supervisor Application
Buyer Leave Temp
Purchasing Shipping Union
Borrow Business Notebook

Important Business Vocabulary

Authorization Bottom line Petty cash
Purchase Resign Shareholder
Venture Client Low
Tax Wastebasket Advantage
Economics Net Presentation
Buy Credit card Negotiation
Supply Diversify Headhunter
Unsocial hours Consumer Mailbox
Salesman Guarantee Sign
Vacation time Output Policy
Rise Stock Annual
Estimate No-win Debt
Full-time Owner Capital
Employer Invoice Experience
Facility Fund Advertise
Business card Corporation Sell
Collateral Department Support
Unit cost Entrepreneur Monthly
Workroom Offline Overdraft
Partner Staff Benefits
Company Corner office Yield
Competition Export Facilities
Personnel Profit Terms
Trademark Transaction Disadvantage
Income Overhead Portfolio
Bill of lading Costs Discount
Download Inventory Lead
Letterhead Paperweight President
Quarter Withdraw Duties
Guidebook Network Price
Compromise Co-worker Merchant
Accounting Income tax Maternity leave
Prospects Incentive Purchase order

20 Important Business Vocabulary Words and Example Sentences

1. Leverage: To use a small amount of something to gain an advantage.

  • The company leveraged its resources to create new opportunities.

2. Initiative: A plan or action intended to solve a problem.

  • The CEO proposed an initiative to increase profits.

3. Revenue: Money earned by a company from its normal business activities.

  • The company’s annual revenue was reported as $40 million.

4. Capital: Money used for investment in order to make a profit.

  • Our venture capital firm invests in start-ups with great potential.

5. Profit: The amount of money that remains after all expenses have been paid.

The company earned a profit of $1 million last year.

6. Contingency: A plan for dealing with potential problems in the future.

The CEO proposed setting aside funds for a contingency plan.

7. Expansion: The process of increasing the size, influence, or capabilities of something.

The company is planning an expansion into new markets.

8. Profit margin: The percentage of revenue remaining after expenses are deducted.

  • The profit margin for the quarter was 7%.

9. Restructuring: A process that involves changing the way a business or organization is organized and operated.

  • The company underwent restructuring to become more efficient.

10. Forecast: An estimation of future events or conditions.

The company’s quarterly forecast was positive.

11. Acquisition: The purchase of one company by another.

The acquisition will allow the company to expand its market share.

12. Merger: The combining of two companies into one entity.

  • The merger will create a larger, more competitive company.

13. Brand: A name, term, design, symbol or other feature that identifies the products of a business and makes them distinct from others.

  • The company is looking to strengthen its brand recognition.

14. Optimize: To make something as good or effective as possible.

  • The company is looking to optimize its production process.

15. Outsource: The practice of hiring outside contractors or firms to do tasks that would traditionally be done in-house.

  • The company has outsourced its customer service operations to a third-party provider.

16. Diversify: The process of expanding into new areas or markets.

  • The company is looking to diversify its product offerings.

17. Prospect: A potential customer or client.

  • The sales team is targeting new prospects to expand the business.

18. Portfolio: A collection of investments, products or services offered by a company.

  • The company has an extensive portfolio of products and services.

19. Market share: The proportion of total sales in a market that is gained by a particular company.

  • The company’s market share has increased by 5% this quarter.

20. Innovation: The introduction of new ideas, processes or products.

  • The company is always looking for ways to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

Business Words (Infographics)

Download These Infographics as PDF, Here.

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