30 Daily use English Sentences in the Home

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30 Daily use English Sentences at Home! Are you looking for a way to improve your English without leaving the comfort of your own home? If so, this blog post is perfect for you! Here we will provide everyday English sentences that can be used around the house in real-life conversations. From talking with family members and roommates to chatting with friends over Zoom, these simple yet powerful expressions will give your vocabulary a boost and get you to speak better English in no time! Keep reading to discover our full list of helpful sentences that are great for any situation.

30 Daily use English Sentences in the Home

1- Can I help you with anything?

2- Please pass the salt.

3- What time is dinner?

4- Let’s watch a movie together.

5- Did you have a good day?

6- Can I borrow your pen?

7- Do you need any help cleaning up?

8- Have you seen my keys?

9- How about we order tonight?

10- Would you like a cup of tea?

11- What would you like for breakfast tomorrow?

12- Do you need help carrying that?

13- Could I use your laptop for a minute?

14- I need to go to the store, do you want anything?

15- Let’s play a board game.

16- What did you get up to today?

17- Have fun at your friend’s house!

18- Would you like me to make dinner tonight?

19- Is there anything I can do to help?

20- Would you like a glass of water?

21- What do you want to do this weekend?

22- Can I take your coat for you?

23- Let’s go out and get some fresh air.

24- What’s your favorite color?

25- Do you want to play a game?

26- What time should I wake you up tomorrow?

27- Would you like me to put on some music?

28- Is there something wrong with the TV?

29- How was your day at work?

30- Do you need help with anything?

30 Daily use English Sentences in the Home

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