30 Interrogative Sentences, Download Infographics

Are you ready to challenge yourself to think quickly and come up with creative solutions? If so, the following 30 interrogative sentences examples should help get your brain in gear. This collection of thought-provoking questions will set your creativity free as you explore a variety of topics and generate meaningful conversational responses. Whether you’re advancing an argument, debating a point, or simply trying to better understand someone else’s view on something., these insights will give you plenty of food for thought!

30 Interrogative Sentences

30 Most Common Interrogative Sentences

1- What did you do last night?

2- Where did you go for lunch today?

3- Who is your favorite musician?

4- How much money do you spend on groceries each month?

5- When will the next bus arrive?

6- Why isn’t there any food in the fridge?

7- Is it okay if I borrow the car tonight?

8- What time should we meet tomorrow?

9- Who will be attending the meeting?

10- How many books have you read this year?

11- Can I come over to your house later?

12- What are you most looking forward to in life?

13- Should I bring anything for the picnic?

14- Are you available to work on Saturday?

15- How did you know it was me calling?

16- What kind of music do you like to listen to?

17- Where is the closest bank from here?

18- Why aren’t you answering my calls?

19- Has anyone seen my keys?

20- Are you free to talk right now?

21- What would you do with a million dollars?

22- When was the last time you saw your grandparents?

23- How long have you been living in this area?

24- How much did the jacket cost?

25- Where did you go on your last vacation?

26- What made you decide to go there?

27- Are you coming with us tonight?

28- How often do you take the bus?

29- Why did you choose that career path?

30- Who do you think will win the game tomorrow?

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