4 Letter Words Ending With G

Are you stuck on your next move in Family Scrabble Night? Running out of words to use and worried that your opponents will pick up the points instead? Don’t worry! We want to help you defeat your family with an arsenal of four-letter words ending with G.

 With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to find awesomely short yet high-scoring words for a competitive edge over the other players around the board.

4 Letter Words That Ends With G

prog tang
swag smug
knag gang
brog ding
mang cang
trig crag
quag drug
cleg hogg
tung slog
dang snig
shag frog
biog trig
flog smug
sing sang
ring snag
sung thig
rong frug
hang gong
frog twig
blog song
skug pung
boyg sang
blag trog
smog tong
agog wang
plug mugg
peag shag
bang grig
grog gang
ting drag
snog vugg
vugg pung
rung skeg
darg gung
bing pang
thug ting
grig burg
plug king
ping chug
fang snog
meng shog
mung frag
smog snug
frig swig
crog goog
nogg dreg
berg trog
stag sung
bong king
scag clag
dreg spug
slug hong
bong twig
chog clag
vang whig
hung pong
vang glug
spag yang
frig bung
dang crag
trug gong
jagg tang
quag zing
glug flog
thug prig
lung hang
scog hogg
whig nogg
slog stag
ring trug
areg yang
berg brag
dong burg
swag drag
blog sing
lang slug
long long
pang bang
migg tegg
lang grog
zing frag
gleg brig
snag yegg
chug rang
rang scag
ragg rung
kang brag
leng migg
mong ming
ding yegg
tegg jong
slag ping
nong marg
ling wing
skag gleg
brig dung
prig snug
flag ling
wing jagg
hung slag
flag lung
fang skeg
biog ging
rigg agog
fung mugg
magg dung
taig pong
dong bigg
clog drug
bung tung
skag clog
scug fleg
frug shog
tong hagg
peag swig
hing prog
song ragg

10 Popular 4 Letter Words Ending With G and their Meanings

1- Bang: To make a loud, explosive noise.

2- Ding: To make a ringing sound or to give a harsh reprimand.

3- Fung: A group of organisms that includes mushrooms, yeasts, and molds.

4- Jang: A traditional Korean stringed instrument similar to the zither.

5- Kang: A raised platform or mattress used as a bed in Northern China.

6- Leng: An Old English word meaning “long” or “lengthy”.

7- Peng: Chinese for “smash”, referring to a style of martial arts.

8- Ring: To make a ringing or vibrating sound, typically a bell or a call.

9- Tang: A sweet and sour sauce used in Chinese cooking.

10- Wang: Chinese for “king”, referring to an emperor or ruler of a country.

4 Letter Words That End With G -Quiz

1- Ri_g

2- F_ng

3- Ra_g

4- J_ng

5- Ban_

6- D_ng

7- Wi_g

8- P_ng

9- Lo_g

10- G_og


1- Ring

2- Fung

3- Rang

4- Jang

5- Bang

6- Ding

7- Wing

8- Pang

9- Long

10- Grog

Infographics and Worksheet

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