4 Letter Words Ending With K

Do you love playing Scrabble and pushing your word skills to the limit? If so, then this blog post is for you! It’s full of fun four letter words ending with K that’ll help make sure your next game of Scrabble is a challenge. Whether you’re playing against other gamers or looking for a way to keep the kids entertained, we’ve got something here for everyone.

Our list will give you all kinds of creative ways to use these four-letter K words, whether it be in Scrabble or everyday speech. So come explore what we’ve got – there are tons of new possibilities waiting just around the corner!

4 Letter Words That Ends With K

zonk sulk
reek tock
folk buck
ruck mark
talk reck
hank pork
youk week
klik task
tank walk
hulk tuck
cusk geck
holk trek
cock peck
hank fork
mark cork
haik pack
guck dock
bouk bulk
bosk mick
wack cask
took milk
nork yuck
pouk hulk
dunk bulk
sulk lock
raik jauk
dick wonk
faik mack
birk hask
dook dank
bunk hunk
bosk wank
feck funk
polk link
gook beck
yack lirk
peak rick
yank sunk
hook amok
yolk cook
oink hark
honk sack
dhak cark
hick rank
kick lock
zerk yeuk
punk kirk
lurk arak
dink cusk
peek wack
bock rock
bauk cork
luck reck
zouk desk
disk brik
sark teak
lunk luck
balk bork
jock naik
sick jerk
brak monk
pork hock
hawk deck
holk wonk
back cark
ruck yuck
klik renk
folk tick
pock cock
jack disk
sink husk
puck volk
kyak kook
mack serk
pack duck
bonk yock
souk conk
rook pick
sark sink
konk neuk
nook kyak
dawk silk
week soak
gawk dark
oink hack
yock cauk
arak spek
gouk deek
murk rusk
leak leek
fank turk
suck meek
leak yolk
link drek
konk dark
birk busk
spik meek
bark chik
neck lick
puck deck
grok zack
dock lack
hick muck
meck dirk
gunk beak
task maik
nark zonk
muck look
bork wauk
sunk buck
dunk pink
rack silk
fink jerk
tick wock
burk duck
howk berk
monk keck
fink reek
perk gowk
seek keek
berk conk
paik bisk
neuk wank
gonk yerk
douk turk
musk tack
york bask
cowk pock
boak nick
jouk husk
merk laik
cask jouk
rook jark
kink tack
risk yack
welk geck
firk sank
yerk seik
souk jook
huck geek
park hock
murk lank
honk junk
book guck
paik dork
lank mook
nerk hark
buik mick
cawk wink
sock rark
tusk rink
sick tink
rusk weak
wink dank
calk peak
merk bank
nock work
gunk dink
fuck perk
milk hunk
tuck park
punk sook
doek fork
keek beck
work mock
sank lick
jauk amok
kook lusk
wauk dawk
peek beak
gink ponk
pink musk
yelk lurk
hawk teek
bonk geek
wark gawk
bink lisk
mask gowk
yeuk dusk
jink huck
sack leek
walk desk
howk peck
reik flak
nabk wick
yesk trek
mirk heck
dirk bunk
balk mink
bilk jock
oulk soak
fuck bock
nick jack
hack mock
mirk took
kark reak
risk sook
zouk drek
mosk feck
flak bisk
fisk rack
touk atok
tank mawk
grok jink
lunk kaik
kink tusk
book lawk
wick hoik
talk sock
mink lark
heck lack
nock haik
cook zerk
nook kick
bark bank
dork penk
busk dusk
dick rank
spik pook
hook gink
bask weak
dack nark
lark rick
wark yelk
funk suck
teak kirk
junk yark
back rock
tonk bilk
gook seek
mask yirk
calk dhak
mosk yank
rink neck
pulk pick
pawk look

10 Popular 4 Letter Words Ending With K and their Meanings

1- Bank: A financial institution that offers various banking services, such as loans and deposits.

2- Elak: An Old English term for “oak tree”.

3- Gawk: To stare in an open-mouthed and foolish manner.

4- Hark: To pay attention to what is being said or heard.

5- Lurk: To hide oneself so as to remain unnoticed or secretive.

6- Mark: To make a visible impression or trace on something.

7- Nark: A person who reports suspicious activity to the authorities.

8- Park: A large tract of land, often with recreational facilities and landscaping.

9- Turk: An ethnic group originating in Central Asia, speaking Turkish as their native language.

10- Work: Physical or mental effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.

4 Letter Words That End With K -Quiz

1- Yolk

2- Yack

3- Lock

4- Mock

5- Cork

6- Deck

7- Peck

8- Rock

9- Sock

10- Flak


1- Yo_k

2- Ya_k

3- Lo_k

4- Mo_k

5- Cor_

6- De_k

7- Pe_k

8- Roc_

9- Soc_

10- Fla_

Infographics and Worksheet

popular 4 letter words that end with k 4 letter words ending with k Worksheet 4 letter words ending with K 4 letter words ending with K2 4 letter words ending with K3 4 letter words ending with K4 4 letter words ending with K5

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