4 Letter Words Ending With R

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Or do you usually find yourself searching for complex words in the dictionary? Regardless of which camp you belong to – if scrabble is your game and 4 letter words ending with R are what you’re looking for, then look no further!

This blog will provide tips on finding common and uncommon such words, as well as some examples that can turn a losing round into an unexpected victory. So sharpen your Scrabble skills by discovering all the hidden potential of four-letter-words-ending-with-R – read on to learn more!

4 Letter Words That Ends With R

meer carr
leer your
shir pair
murr boor
yirr lair
torr thir
knar leer
kier rear
jeer odor
blur mawr
eyer boar
alar asar
flir suer
oyer pear
ewer near
hour kbar
slur gear
smur keir
yirr soar
purr pear
user czar
yaar lehr
wair dorr
cour seir
heir four
khor pair
alar weir
ruer flir
lear agar
baur deer
jeer soar
omer tyer
emir puir
goor vair
thir burr
tyer sour
tahr tear
tsar year
torr fier
gaur ever
noir gnar
bier durr
seer osar
moer bowr
ower buhr
star user
knur eger
fair fear
scar faur
tier boar
sour roar
odor goer
wair fair
aper peer
tehr gnar
kyar voar
curr izar
mair peer
mohr pour
deer bear
arar skyr
doer tiar
fear sear
wear spar
guar sear
acer tour
liar brer
afar poor
haar pour
aper weir
lair tier
hair whir
vier bear
suer door
izar bawr
tahr hair
daur lier
parr osar
feer vier
aver loor
ruer year
poor gaur
buhr lier
bier oyer
dour omer
dorr slur
parr jour
coir tour
hoar over
sair nurr
beer ajar
blur keir
teer dear
oxer pier
stir muir
door dyer
doer gear
eger serr
waur smir
rear weer
burr agar
spar veer
puer gair
tzar beer
lour brrr
ewer hoer
snar curr
guar near
four whir
murr maar
char ajar
durr noir
goer fiar
hear lear
coir czar
kyar amir
mair hoer
seer scur
knar stir
tirr cher
vair wear
lour star
afar eyer
aver char
kbar fiar
liar knur
haar spur
leir ager
dyer birr
tzar waur
scar veer
lehr oner
maar dear
icer tsar
carr duar
flor furr
hear sker
your boor
huer over
ksar amir
emir weer
girr kier
loir moor
yarr tear
ager moor
pier thar
ever heir
roar laer
spur brrr
birr hoar
purr hour

10 Popular 4 Letter Words Ending With R and their Meanings

1- Dour: Gloomy, sullen and melancholy.

2- Four: The cardinal number after three and before five.

3- Gour: A large, edible freshwater fish found in South Asia.

4- Loor: An Irish term for a funeral lament sung by women.

5- Mear: To measure the boundaries of a piece of land.

6- Piar: To use two pieces of wood to make a joint in carpentry or joinery.

7- Siar: To look at someone or something for a long time, especially with curiosity or admiration.

8- Tiar: A type of crown worn as headwear by royalty or noblemen.

9- Viar: A small stream in Central Asia, a tributary of the Aral Sea.

10- Yarr: An interjection used to express enthusiasm or excitement.

4 Letter Words That End With R -Quiz

1- Ami_

2- Boo_

3- Doo_

4- Gou_

5- Sou_

6- Tou_

7- Boa_

8- Roa_

9- Hoa_

10- Noa_


1- Amir

2- Boor

3- Door

4- Gour

5- Sour

6- Tour

7- Boar

8- Roar

9- Hoar

10- Noar

Infographics and Worksheet

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