4 Letter Words Ending With S

Do you enjoy playing Scrabble with your friends and family? If so, you understand the challenge of coming up with 4 letter words that end in S. You might have noticed that some letters are harder to incorporate into short words than others. Thankfully, if you’re struggling to find 4 letter words ending in S then this post is here to help!

Here we will explore the different ways you can utilize four-letter words ending with ‘S’ when playing Scrabble or other word games to benefit from additional consonants and vowels for a bigger score. Get ready as we explore all kinds of interesting ways for game players of every level to learn, grow, and gain an advantage over their opponents – it’s time for epic gaming fun!

4 Letter Words That Ends With S

kows sris
emos bads
toes ests
hons rhos
ufos ywis
lahs pigs
abos abas
sews urus
lops sobs
faws soss
bios gans
mels soms
luvs arfs
oses bias
tins moas
phos bens
sars eses
negs teds
reds nims
woes anns
seis duds
rits elts
yugs ices
rocs pams
jees gurs
elms pegs
lies jigs
sots meds
kaas rocs
feus maps
mocs goos
ness rubs
macs owls
fats moes
khis news
amis coos
jots epos
oafs chas
puns zols
puns yobs
neks ghis
dews gobs
haes wots
vees taos
cats ceas
eaus kafs
bris mays
iwis pows
vies engs
gnus fins
guls kefs
vaus seis
yeas tugs
inks kobs
dens bins
ceps hiss
ghis bibs
dels jags
alps cons
puls jess
wans chis
rahs gels
pehs nows
jogs lobs
elds lags
abos yaws
avos seys
cobs wens
dops hers
pals isms
tuts rifs
deys pons
muds oons
ours miss
nubs fops
juts mils
tegs laps
this bois
lavs seas
kats lads
teas ohms
bors rins
logs lees
rais cels
onos vibs
suds keds
dsos mors
tars kvas
rebs bees
tams vers
rows alas
digs daps
alps paws
dels amis
dabs mums
hugs pois
yeps peas
wens dads
sels lits
sads kors
jays anas
maes aims
zeps mots
ires pyes
plus teds
acts ligs
tubs okas
yods feys
webs ares
kobs nays
vugs oats
voes ughs
rigs dons
koss migs
ills hims
dyes pass
fuds drys
muss wops
eggs ails
alts kois
sees sows
kays puts
ails kens
dibs vats
apts bams
rods nuts
pins guns
lies pois
cars ales
gels ates
wows flus
rams irks
geds dyes
lums kids
lods faas
lass tass
dits tors
ones tens
wops feis
skis boks
urns curs
hums ocas
kabs chis
ayes gyps
keps anus
apps tars
tigs cels
ards moms
cids divs
tats foys
poos ages
obos woos
huns rias
eyas foes
pyas nods
kifs eyes
reos difs
fris lots
thus govs
aals zins
aals cups
bobs laps
yags rips
lips tils
gies pias
dees sirs
kaes eggs
sass vavs
oyes gats
funs joes
loos hews
hams fags
irks gaus
nogs cuts
gibs sals
agas eras
tens nyes
auks bits
cots tics
owns lags
lams tuts
zees pies
zags cens
boys gjus
wags owls
this gays
dens ions
mibs sams
aims okes
rebs sobs
zaps ecus
yags suks
pics tils
sips cops
poas oohs
oils noys
wuss peps
nims pows
gubs wads
orts cwms
effs wats
skas jets
mobs kiss
jots mads
wons hugs
mees urps
webs suks
tons raws
rads ties
tews urps
pots opus
migs yins
sags fras
kays tets
tegs gons
dols hiss
hays recs
ahis gues
fays nibs
meds wows
cats suqs
goys tags
burs soys
rigs tems
yids lets
dahs abbs
pacs orcs
eses brus
mars puts
buns dors
okas lacs
wads pros
aits tots
khis urds
bass pots
ares maps
reps homs
rots devs
pups peds
yaks bars
vacs hags
mots gnus
mils lays
voes jars
lias boos
eiks wabs
ryes tass
fums mogs
ukes errs
uses firs
dags doms
sirs toss
hins pons
cues gits
boss cees
cops diss
anus figs
yeas hoys
woks gaes
cans oofs
nyas aids
secs caas
mems iwis
nebs lows
pirs coys
whys rids
onos wits
hops uvas
ryas sics
japs leis
sues yays
owns eves
tups mans
sols goes
bars cams
bays nuns
mess hems
waes wais
firs lids
cabs rams
cols hoss
gids dims
vaus paps
aris bras
yins abys
obas fobs
boys fays
kvas keks
hats ears
sums taus
bacs obis
amas rems
hubs digs
cees vids
hols vavs
tyes sibs
pins moos
raps moss
fats bags
inns tugs
bras awls
fans tows
gods cods
tews wigs
buns fens
arms dals
bets roks
difs mels
wabs kats
shes logs
tefs tres
ears bans
noms begs
bugs ebbs
mods revs
sons bids
emys nubs
pams rhus
tics yips
zigs daes
reis sers
adds fits
efts gabs
moms lens
segs eons
vols fags
gums vows
ends sims
kets opts
gios gins
buys sers
guls upas
evos yids
aias savs
gems egos
aids mons
soys muts
aves rees
mids mogs
ants rums
does pars
lars rets
joss jows
loos sets
taos bams
kabs wyns
dups ages
pavs luds
tads tods
hons hoes
nids saws
toes vars
buss sais
fohs zeds
kegs adds
vids geds
amus fogs
hoes asks
itas mats
feds sods
tavs ecus
vags mass
ains jins
yews poss
ruts ides
tits gees
cubs wems
cuss fems
vaws kons
efts hots
gyms puds
sups hues
meus pubs
fads daws
lums vigs
heys fees
bans mics
yows kyes
rems skas
waps bibs
udos edhs
gabs utas
dups awes
maas gays
ides rets
olds vets
sibs ales
docs kirs
ewks awns
sabs naps
vans daws
pols keas
lyes sums
rias daks
mirs ywis
ores leks
moas wofs
acts cars
vugs axis
robs cays
mips byes
wats hams
paws hems
erks gals
gips cans
owes effs
dors vias
regs goas
fuss koas
fobs taps
oars kips
cors mycs
wuss doys
leas jogs
mous lobs
tais lits
nils etas
ooms huss
ills urns
oafs taws
thus wons
odes vums
sels wyns
twos fegs
cigs odds
wyes dins
hims loss
ness poms
dugs oats
ells mass
reps caws
arts baps
lots ouds
twas sues
etas opes
opts moss
sacs drys
pecs zags
lees tams
cuts lids
alts heps
vors prys
pens bids
seas togs
cows lets
tops pods
boss burs
yams pahs
rums pees
rads cows
unis gids
odes sags
saps aces
cods crus
raws vars
nabs pass
naos wyes
aces phis
days tuns
ules refs
kens hays
lins debs
neds gits
juts yups
dees sins
mows leis
skis fads
hods wits
vets rins
sals iris
vans hens
bots mows
sens zeks
psis luvs
mons obas
weds rues
dods hubs
fits bios
kafs kyus
duns isos
apes tums
hews dugs
beys vins
jams mors
hogs cabs
nets kais
gals oops
hens oils
yens pros
bals wars
twos oxes
tins bows
ekes fets
loss keys
diss joys
pens zins
geos ilks
pals saps
daps lues
revs agas
ayus yous
zigs mems
utis onus
tets ords
roos puss
erns fubs
oups muns
arcs jays
jobs vats
zeds nobs
cris roms
feds segs
kits bros
eats bops
pugs pigs
caps doos
jibs hues
tads mats
rhos obes
arbs keys
loys ants
runs ichs
elds wuds
gads apos
cols peps
sous coys
coss ains
zoos oots
tans ergs
mocs sims
togs degs
wiss jaws
gods zips
pats hets
recs maes
koas eels
dogs sits
beds bubs
ells puys
purs bees
fous bogs
fibs nats
bubs tots
cits mans
ions fuds
euks gads
vims duos
ryas amus
labs muss
nods arts
rifs lars
whys waws
pups fets
egis jets
gags hoas
pehs eres
airs deys
jess devs
lugs hors
juds hops
vacs puss
zoos vims
kits laws
huis kaks
gyps woos
fess olds
psis macs
ones jugs
gibs dals
rugs pews
bods daks
utus goys
jaws outs
cuds tels
boas ribs
ulus yips
cwms mycs
yaks leys
twas ouds
lyms mips
suds ribs
sics vaws
utes mobs
pias yews
airs albs
dohs hods
kids pans
cues toss
gaps cads
pits wigs
imps dahs
zits naps
regs wiss
hins pols
hots rods
ilks jibs
nous ceps
tows gris
tees mugs
keas fibs
jobs gams
oxes hits
tans cogs
pyes yams
leks nits
baps cads
coms taes
ryes dubs
rehs tats
dews lams
bins emes
engs oses
goes gems
tags gums
nils alms
sass albs
zees kops
pubs buys
tabs dobs
subs yads
ates ekes
bads akes
ruds zaps
says jars
wees kips
sits foys
qats nits
opes suss
tips beys
sess awns
sols pets
tons funs
dots fops
nans asps
qats kans
aahs bays
ukes rims
elks eons
ueys abys
joys pips
ties rays
pops dues
tuis mads
bigs mols
dips dits
pais bros
foss goss
nous says
rats awes
hogs enes
bows joes
doss nads
noes alms
nabs nebs
mars fils
kebs guvs
muns yaps
buds jols
hyps rucs
kris umps
okes mops
orbs hers
bobs kifs
wags reds
anis libs
axis pyas
kues nams
roes gigs
oars sins
kues ecos
imps neps
caps fehs
hehs alls
furs rubs
anes pays
phis weds
pats jews
nags umps
yoks lugs
odas puls
awls cups
nays fubs
suss cays
huns mibs
upas tups
aits nans
nows ohms
kyes rugs
taks weys
haes pits
tecs zeks
nobs yows
arcs curs
anis mirs
gips pecs
buts mics
guts arbs
pans tits
mams jows
ergs jigs
lays bats
oles hies
gobs hies
jags aahs
sets tips
emus kins
offs buds
kris alas
rips leps
dies sips
iggs vows
yobs ends
gigs haps
baas pees
boos ibis
iggs guts
oyes oiks
toys zips
elms mops
fans sris
hohs wins
iris cuss
bias bags
gets lops
jass suqs
yuks ayes
rens kegs
boas urds
dabs tors
moos arms
syes wars
jams yays
ados mols
roms flus
edhs nefs
tids cags
wins offs
gars lues
oops hows
poos nogs
oles noms
eths fabs
toys hits
gups duos
pips dans
gaes guys
feus gams
woes ires
roes anas
wans lins
plus bass
kaes tuns
yups orbs
utas begs
yoks tsks
hips sops
arfs socs
wogs kois
nuns mhos
amps avas
coss bogs
goos tsks
bats ulus
rhus dans
zeps vies
eats lows
moys nies
lurs dais
fuss nuts
bums dins
utes jees
eros rats
legs hobs
fids fons
rids pugs
nips robs
foss cubs
uses fros
opus gags
soms sogs
bums dols
inks keps
goas dibs
toms tods
cigs pegs
mags purs
hoys rews
cris tels
hips fems
mals huts
beds outs
yods hyps
tuis tubs
inns kins
cogs deus
eros fens
orts coos
peds pies
eves eels
legs mods
suns fogs
figs obis
zhos bops
sops puds
egos sots
hehs oaks
eyas ohos
sans peas
sabs bits
alls yuks
owts buts
fons nags
isms taus
fees yens
cess furs
maws obes
bigs ewes
apps raps
runs saws
fugs sows
sovs bods
lens odas
ures dies
megs kors
refs tygs
orfs hags
dags jaks
gars subs
toms duns
kops piss
tavs buss
fars hahs
arks alfs
mays olms
fabs axes
asps leys
doms negs
gies owes
baas ways
elks koss
hyes miss
maws nibs
dams zels
poms sees
rags rows
debs ados
gens dads
cons megs
zzzs pets
yaps tres
naos crus
nurs woks
guys tyes
anes pops
ands pads
fahs cobs
taws jews
dogs eras
udos orcs
secs cess
jabs bugs
jins gins
docs hums
exes lavs
oohs teas
cors urbs
zits gens
muds cams
dips amps
arks eyes
hols doss
rags labs
waws days
avos yahs
hats bets
lats noes
zeas fugs
fils rims
asks jugs
pews guns
hups joss
ruts pods
nets hads
siss sons
haps reis
urus epos
mags taps
ughs elfs
wets wogs
ices wots
mess jors
dubs sups
mews tabs
tocs aves
erns emus
lats kiss
pars waps
oots rots
ahis emes
pics gats
ebbs dows
yeps vaes
mnas tays
sous cots
mhos rays
piss ands
huts dzos
lass vigs
bals byes
ichs gaps
fehs ouks
mids kaws
suns spas
auks pads
axes rais
foes wees
fids nips
bots mets
caws jabs
hahs ours
lyes yaws
gets errs
apes dais
leas sods
ores eans
rues dots
urbs kefs
libs sans
ewes abas
muts fess
kaas less
bels maks
ways spas
sies odds
mews vees
cuds tops
lacs guvs
eths onus
oaks shes
dows wets
duds rees
sews mugs
aufs kirs
apos dons
haws bris
dams seps
laws mums
does dues
haws exes
lads lips
lous news
waes sacs
hobs fins
ewts paps
ibis gyms
bens bels
less hows
yous dims
pacs ocas
sohs hets
gees tees
amas pays
egis bohs

10 Popular 4 Letter Words Ending With S and their Meanings

1- Aahs: An exclamation of surprise, joy, or approval.

2- Bias: Prejudice in favor of one thing over another.

3- Curs: A disease afflicting animals and humans, caused by bacteria or viruses.

4- Dens: A dark corner; a secret hiding place.

5- Ecus: An old French coin, equivalent to one twentieth of a pound.

6- Gays: People who are attracted to members of their own sex.

7- Nous: The faculty of thought, reasoning, or understanding.

8- Ours: A possessive pronoun meaning ‘belonging to us’.

9- Paws: The feet of certain animals, especially cats and dogs.

10- Wuss: A cowardly person; a weakling.

4 Letter Words That End With S -Quiz

1- Kis_

2- Pus_

3- Nao_

4- Roo_

5- Mos_

6- Tus_

7- Fus_

8- Bus_

9- Nou_

10- Tow_


1- Kiss

2- Puss

3- Naos

4- Roos

5- Moss

6- Tuss

7- Fuss

8- Buss

9- Nous

10- Tows

Infographics and Worksheet

popular 4 letter words that end with s 4 letter words ending with S Worksheet 4 letter words ending with S 4 letter words ending with S2 4 letter words ending with S3 4 letter words ending with S4 4 letter words ending with S5 4 letter words ending with S6

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