4 Letter Words Starting With E

Are you a passionate gamer, keen scrabble player, or simply looking for four-letter words starting with the letter “E”? No matter your purpose, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled an extensive list of E-words that can be used in any sort of game night scenario and are perfect for kids learning to expand their vocabulary. From everyday words to those more difficult ones that feel like they might have been coined specifically for Scrabble play – this comprehensive list won’t let anyone down! So, sit back and relax as we explore all the possibilities these 4 letter words starting with “E” can provide.

4 Letter Words Starting With E

eish etic
eaux euoi
erev echo
eggs enuf
epos emic
eely elan
earn eyne
egal epos
emic eons
eyes epee
ecce eyne
ergs eche
eery elks
etch eger
elmy enew
eely enuf
emmy ewts
enol east
eddo enol
emma esse
eyre ecru
elhi eath
epic ehed
eaux exit
emit emus
emir eyot
erns eery
egis ekes
eyer egos
each evil
eyer emeu
edhs enes
etna elms
exes eyas
ebbs echt
esky exul
ewer eddy
egma eech
eorl erns
eyen errs
eros euks
ever eths
etch eyre
evos erst
exec eric
ecus ecad
emir emos
eger edit
edgy eons
eras exit
ebon eide
eath eine
eans ekka
eked ease
egis eyra
emus ered
elts eels
else eaus
etas expo
euro eyry
eras eyes
eyen ends
emes eyed
eked ears
eggs egal
ekes etna
etui esne
ecod espy
enow elms
egos ergo
ests epee
eyas envy
elds engs
eina ewks
earl emit
ewer edge
epic elmy
elhi emmy
etas eild
elks ecru
empt emyd
each expo
etui ewes
exed engs
eses eddy
envy esne
ease erne
eyry exec
eyra edge
eves elan
ethe exed
eggy ever
epha erks
ecco epha
errs eten
emys exon
ells ends
euge erne
egad eres
eths eave
else eiks
eche eave
egad emyd
etic ells
eyed ebbs
echt evoe
ecos exam
eard eevn
etat exam
eugh ewes
eats echo
eoan ebon
eves evet
eats ergo
ears earn
efts edit
eide even
earl eels
easy elfs
effs exes
erst east
elds edgy
eses even
exon easy
espy emeu
eros euro
evil eddo
eggy ecus
edhs emes
eale enow
efts eruv
ergs effs

10 Popular 4 Letter Words Starting With E and their Meanings

1- Epic: an extended narrative poem in elevated or dignified language

2- Envy: feeling resentful of someone who has something you don’t

3- Etch: to carve or engrave a design into a hard surface

4- Ease: to make something less difficult

5- Ergo: therefore

6- Exon: one of the sections of a gene that codes for protein

7- Emit: to send out energy, light, heat, sound, or smell

8- Eels: a snakelike fish with a slender body and slimy skin

9- Ewer: a large jug for holding water

10- Esso: an international chain of gas stations.

4 Letter Words Starting With E -Quiz

1- Et_h

2- El_e

3- Er_s

4- Es_y

5- Eag_

6- Eas_

7- Ex_t

8- Em_y

9- Err_

10- Ed_e


1- Ethh

2- Elee

3- Erss

4- Essy

5- Eagg

6- Easy

7- Extt

8- Emmy

9- Errr

10- Edde

Infographics and Worksheet

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