4 Letter Words Starting With F

Are you looking for a fun new game to play with your friends, kids, or family? Scrabble is one of the most popular board games today and can be an enjoyable way to pass some time. However, it’s not always easy to make up words quickly enough when playing against others. That’s where knowing your 4 letter words starting with F can come in handy! Knowing which four-letter words start with F will give you an upper hand during the game, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive list that is sure to help make you a Scrabble champion. Keep reading to find out more about these helpful four-letter words starting with F!

4 Letter Words Starting With F

feck foes
fore fuji
fone fern
frae fish
fife feus
fard fyke
fist faik
fere fame
flew fawn
fons fava
film fink
flaw flat
flap fegs
figs flic
fila frap
froe folk
fyce fuci
flic feud
fike foil
foid fley
faan fake
fibs fady
fugu frig
fuse fare
fart fuel
fiar fete
free fort
flap feeb
fest faas
frow fore
fawn frau
fees frug
font faun
flim flee
fame fete
foal fogy
foul fums
fled feel
fogs fast
firs foin
friz fehs
firm fico
floc faux
full fuds
fury furr
five fohn
fake filo
flab feal
fall frag
fits fuji
fuse flam
fish fill
funk frae
fade fads
file foci
funs fice
fool flea
feck frog
fizz flue
firn fane
fobs foam
fain foot
fank flop
feds fila
ferm food
furs ford
flog fizz
fold feds
feet fart
foul feel
filo flow
firn flak
foys fire
fros fell
file fire
fido flit
feeb foss
font foen
fiar fave
fret fend
fork fell
futz fozy
floc friz
fora fora
foal forb
frit fets
fear flam
fort fogs
faro flux
frap farl
feet fozy
fops fars
fisc feme
fris flex
foam from
fiky figs
flag fume
five fano
foil farl
feed fund
fowl foes
feat fugs
flan fist
falx faws
fids ford
fate fine
fini faro
foss fugs
find fung
feod feal
fend flus
figo fido
frow fans
fuck fohn
feen flax
flat fane
fags fons
fond fess
fico fils
fano fifi
fuss fuzz
form flea
fine farm
four fehm
fubs fava
fuzz frig
flax fife
fusc fang
foxy fyle
fats foin
feme fays
fino fern
fuel foud
flux fest
fact frat
find fohs
felt fief
fast foci
fett fuze
fitt fall
fiat frog
fleg foxy
flan fehs
fief fops
funs funk
faun frab
fact futz
faze fess
flus fice
fust feus
feta feat
flew flub
feod fowl
feer fisk
fino felt
fogy faze
fash fled
fume fair
fate fras
fugu flex
flow firs
fare fand
fund flip
flub frat
flay frit
fens fado
feud fads
face fiat
form faur
fens furl
fold flog
frib fray
frug fyke
flir fans
fere fyce
feys face
fret fixt
farm froe
falx furl
fems flay
flaw fond
flee food
fink fags
fibs feed
fumy fill
fard fley
fuff forb
fool four
fahs firm
fabs fumy
fent fuze
flix fobs
fins feta
film fuci
faff floe
foys fixt
fang furs
fils fins
fays free
fous fisc
fids fave
folk flak
fair flor
fits fets
fade faux
flag fail
feni from
fuck full
flir fain
fuss firk
flit fail
feis fees
fuds fubs
faix fabs
flue flip
frag fear
fems flop
fray fash
floe foot
fado fats
flab faut
fury fier

10 Popular 4 Letter Words Starting With F and their Meanings

1- Fiat: an authoritative command or decree

2- Feud: a bitter quarrel between two parties lasting for a long time

3- Flee: to run away quickly from danger or trouble

4- Fate: the inevitable course of events that is predetermined by a supernatural power

5- Feck: a Scottish term for mild expletive

6- Fake: to create something that is not genuine or authentic

7- Flop: to fail completely and utterly

8- Fawn: the young of certain animals such as deer or rabbits

9- Faro: an old gambling game

10- Fume: to be very angry or annoyed.

4 Letter Words Starting With F -Quiz

1- Fe_l

2- Fa_t

3- Fo_d

4- Fl_s

5- Fr_e

6- Fa_m

7- Fu_n

8- Fo_t

9- Fi_e

10- Fa_l


1- Fell

2- Fatt

3- Food

4- Flss

5- Free

6- Fame

7- Funn

8- Foot

9- Fife

10- Fall

Infographics and Worksheet

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