4 Letter Words Starting With H

Are you a fan of word games like Scrabble? Are you looking to increase your repertoire and improve your skills? Then look no further! We have put together a comprehensive list of 4 letter words starting with ‘H’ that are perfect for playing in scrabble, vocabulary contests, or just expanding your knowledge. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or just learning how it’s played, these will help take your game up a notch. Whether you’re trying to make new words out of existing ones, get extra points off bingo bonuses, use them to mess with someone during the competition– they’ll surely be useful! Read on to find out all the fantastic 4 letter H-words at hand.

4 Letter Words Starting With H

homo hazy
hild halm
hajj hers
hain hebe
haha hers
hued hewn
hast hats
hish hebe
hwan hart
hote hauf
hoax hery
hymn hoed
huma hugs
homs hist
habu high
hero hems
hemp hung
hons hock
harm hogs
hoas hagg
home hath
haps hard
hipt hoys
hurt howl
hods hale
hump harp
heap hair
hubs haik
haud hoke
hist hori
hugs holy
hora howe
haar hove
hued hyle
hunt haka
homy hoka
huss hook
hins hade
hope halt
hare hewn
hern helm
hype harl
hand hyps
hour haed
halo heck
hols hums
hele heth
haik huts
hick hake
hapu haaf
hasp hoha
hesp haws
hwyl hawk
herm hept
huns homy
haji herm
hush hobs
haem hake
hull hoik
huic hads
heft hurl
hews high
hike hing
haen holm
haes hest
hash hypo
hogh hyps
hows hind
howl hili
hilt hant
hums heat
howf huis
hits help
hugy hack
howe hawk
hied hunk
heil hoof
hols hask
hoki hoar
hizz hims
heel haut
hide hone
hype hoof
haft hail
hock hors
hurl hypo
harm hiya
hame hent
hout huge
hall hart
hogs hots
host homa
hohs hots
hond haps
howk hula
hoke hops
hint hwan
have heir
hyen have
hurt hive
hall humf
hioi head
hila hill
harn hays
hiss hant
honk heal
hied hows
hyes hets
hoed haws
hews hand
herl haar
haku hour
hoop help
heal hunh
halo herl
hull hunt
heil haed
hips hogg
hazy hear
holp hend
hind hoop
hips haji
hang hide
hood head
hisn haff
hent hams
hump host
hops haul
hups hook
hong hoax
half hoer
hyed haaf
huck hong
hoot huns
hims helm
hoya hora
half hags
hyke habu
hobs hole
hale hech
harp herb
holy huff
hins hili
heat hues
haze hawm
hoys hehs
herd hoer
haha huff
haze hung
hilt hint
hams hyla
haes hues
halm hill
hire hike
hank hons
home hogg
hats heme
heed here
hell hyte
holt hick
haku hole
haft haet
hila helo
haem honk
hate hoot
halt heth
haut hahs
howf hang
heps hore
hest hulk
held huic
hadj hard
hose hets
heap holm
hath hern
hobo huge
hems hens
hero heck
hack hisn
hies hoya
hoes hare
hays hods
hast heme
husk hame
hope hens
hunk horn
held heys
hies helo
hymn heel
hark hose
heed hunh
hell hyte
hone hair
hete hood
huts hule
holk heid
haul hulk
hula hive
holk hajj
hyla hoar
heft hubs
hobo hear
hoss here
herb hush
hank hold
howk hade
hate holt
huck haet
hits husk
hail hags
haro hiss
huia horn
heir huhu
homo harl
hash hoes
hold hire
hahs hasp
holp haen
hadj huer
huso hehs
hemp hove
herd hoon
hark houf

10 Popular 4 Letter Words Starting With H and their Meanings

1- Hope: a feeling of expectation for something desired

2- Hero: a person admired for great courage or nobility of character

3- Hawk: a large bird of prey with long, broad wings

4- Halt: to stop suddenly or temporarily

5- Heft: to lift or carry something with considerable effort

6- Hula: an ancient Polynesian dance performed with swaying hip movements

7- Humd: a low continuous background noise

8- Holl: a deep hollow sound, like that of a bell ringing

9- Hump: a rounded mass or protuberance

10- Haste: to act with speed; hurry.

4 Letter Words Starting With H -Quiz

1- Hay_

2- Ho_e

3- Hea_

4- He_p

5- Has_

6- Hel_

7- Hap_

8- Hon_

9- Hur_

10- Hot_


1- Hayy

2- Hoee

3- Heaa

4- Help

5- Hass

6- Hell

7- Happ

8- Honn

9- Hurr

10- Hoti

Infographics and Worksheet

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