50 Examples of Collective Nouns With Sentences

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50 Examples of Collective Nouns! A collective noun is a word that describes a group of people, animals, or things. The most common collective nouns are herd, flock, and team. There are many different collective nouns for different groups of animals. For example, a group of cats is called a clowder, while a group of chickens is called a brood. Collective nouns can also be used to describe groups of people, such as a jury or class.

50 Examples of Collective Nouns

Collective nouns are usually singular, even though they describe more than one person or thing. This is because the group is considered to be a single entity. However, there are some exceptions to this rule – for example, you can say “there are two teams in the competition” instead of “there is one team in the competition”.

50 Examples of Collective Nouns

Here are 50 examples of collective nouns:

  1. A pack of wolves
  2. A herd of cows
  3. A school of fish
  4. A flock of sheep
  5. A family of deer
  6. A litter of kittens
  7. A troop of monkeys
  8. A colony of ants
  9. A gaggle of geese
  10. A drove of pigs
  11. An army of crabs
  12. A Congress of Rooks
  13. A bevy of Swans
  14. A parliament of Owls
  15. A peal of bells
  16. A pod of whales
  17. A flock of seagulls
  18. A raft of Ducks
  19. A skein of Geese
  20. A string of ponies
  21. A studio horses
  22. A team of oxen
  23. A yoke of oxen
  24. A passel of hogs
  25. A litter of pups
  26. A kennel of dogs
  27. A beep of Larks
  28. A mob of Kangaroos
  29. A cete of Badgers
  30. A colony of Bats
  31. A Fleet of Bott
  32. A shoal of herring
  33. A tower of Giraffes
  34. A trip of Goats
  35. A dole of Doves
  36. An exaltation of Larks
  37. A flutter of Butterflies
  38. A convocation of Eagles
  39. A parliament of rooks
  40. A gaggle of geese
  41. A mob of kangaroos
  42. A cete of badgers
  43. A bevy of Swans
  44. A beep of Larks
  45. A tower of Giraffes
  46. A trip of Goats
  47. A dole of Doves
  48. An exaltation of Larks
  49. A flutter of Butterflies
  50. A convocation of Eagles

50 Examples of Collective Nouns with Sentences

1- A pack of wolves howled as they pursued their prey.

2- A herd of cows grazed peacefully in the field.

3- A school of fish swam together in the pond.

4- A flock of sheep huddled together for warmth.

5- A family of deer bounded across the meadow.

6- A litter of kittens mewed and played in the sun.

7- A troop of monkeys chattered noisily in the trees.

8- A colony of ants marched in unison on their mission.

9- A gaggle of geese honked as they flew overhead.

10- A drove of pigs snorted and rooted in the mud.

11- An army of crabs scuttled across the beach.

12- A congress of rooks cawed in a chorus from their perches.

13- A bevy of swans glided gracefully on the lake.

14- A parliament of owls hooted in the night sky.

15- A peal of bells tolled from the church tower.

16- A pod of whales spouted and leaped in the ocean.

17- A flock of seagulls wheeled in the sky above.

18- A raft of ducks drifted downstream on the river.

19- A skein of geese flew in a V-formation above.

20- A string of ponies trotted down the road.

21- A studio horses pranced around the ring.

22- A team of oxen pulled the plow through the field.

23- A yoke of oxen strained against their burden.

24- A passel of hogs snorted and wallowed in the mud.

25- A litter of pups yipped and played in the yard.

26- A kennel of dogs barked and wagged their tails.

27- A beep of larks caroled from high in the sky.

28- A mob of kangaroos bounded across the plain.

29- A cete of badgers huddled together beneath their burrow.

30- A colony of bats flapped through the darkness.

31- A fleet of bottlenose dolphins raced through the waves.

32- A shoal of herring swam together in the sea.

33- A tower of giraffes loped across the savanna.

34- A trip of goats clambered up the rocky hillside.

35- A dole of doves cooed from their nests in a tree.

36- An exaltation of larks chirped in the morning air.

37- A flutter of butterflies danced on the summer breeze.

38- A convocation of eagles soared above the mountains.

39- A parliament of rooks cawed their agreement from the trees.

40- A gaggle of geese honked as they flew in formation.

41- A mob of kangaroos hopped through the outback.

42- A cete of badgers scurried away into their burrows.

43- A bevy of swans glided gracefully across the lake.

44- A beep of larks chirped from high in the sky.

45- A tower of giraffes lumbered past on their way.

46- A trip of goats clambered up a rocky hillside.

47- A dole of doves cooed from their nests in a tree.

48- An exaltation of larks serenaded the day.

49- A flutter of butterflies flitted through the gardens.

50- A convocation of eagles soared above in majesty.

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