50 Examples of Interrogative Sentences

50 Examples of Interrogative Sentences! Do you have trouble crafting a well-written interrogative sentence? Understanding the basics of writing questions for different purposes is essential for improving your conversational skills and writing. In this blog post, we will identify what interrogative sentences are and look at some helpful examples of interrogative sentences to understand better how to craft them effectively. From there, you will be able to create captivating questions that can be used in professional or informal settings! Keep reading to learn more!

Interrogative Sentences examples

50 Examples of Interrogative Sentences

1- What time is it?

2- Where are you going?

3- How did you do that?

4- Why did you do that?

5- Who was at the meeting?

6- When can we meet again?

7- Which color do you prefer?

8- How much does it cost?

9- What did you say?

10- When will the project be finished?

11- Who is responsible for this situation?

12- What did he tell you about it?

13- How can I help you?

14- Where were you last night?

15- Why are you so angry today?

16- What do you think of this plan?

17- How can I contact you later?

18- Who is your favorite author?

19- How did you know about it?

20- What kind of music do you like?

21- Why do you want to leave now?

22- What is the most important thing to you?

23- How long have you been studying this topic?

24- Why don’t you want to talk about it?

25- Who was with you when it happened?

26- What did he say about it?

27- What do you think we should do next?

28- When will you be done with the project?

29- What did they tell you about it?

30- How can I get in touch with them?

31- What are your plans for the weekend?

32- Where did she go after the meeting?

33- How did you find out about that?

34- What do you need to get started?

35- Why did she change her mind?

36- Who can help me with this problem?

37- When is the deadline for this project?

38- What kind of food do you like best?

39- How did you manage to finish it so quickly?

40- What did you think of the presentation?

41- Who is going to be at the party tonight?

42- Where can I find more information about this topic?

43- How much time do we have before the meeting starts?

44- Why do you think he said that?

45- What made you decide to do this?

46- How can I make sure this never happens again?

47- When will the results be available?

48- Who are the key players in this situation?

49- Why did it take so long to finish this project?

50- What do you need me to do?

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