50 Examples of Synonyms and Antonyms with Sentences

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50 Examples of Synonyms and Antonyms with Sentences

examples of synonyms and antonyms

As ESL teachers, we are always looking for new and engaging ways to help our students learn and practice synonyms and antonyms. Here is a list of 50 words with example sentences to help you get started! Not only will your students be able to learn new vocabulary, but they will also improve their reading comprehension and grammar skills.

Definition of Synonyms and Antonyms

A synonym is a word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings.

Here are some Examples of Synonyms:

Happy- content, delighted, elated

Sad- unhappy, melancholy, downcast

Big- large, huge, enormous

Some Examples of Antonyms are:

Happy- sad, content- discontented

Near- far, big- small

25 Example Sentences using Synonyms:

1- She is my best/prime friend.

2- They will travel/move by bus.

3- He is very intelligent/brilliant.

5- This bag is too large/big for me.

6- The new movie was very disappointing/terrible.

7- I have a lot in common with my parents/guardians.

8- We visited the ancient/old ruins.

9- The athlete was very graceful/deft.

10- The little girl was very cute/adorable.

11- They are looking for a new/different place to live.

12- We will go on vacation/holiday next week.

13- The conference was very productive/useful.

14- I need to buy a new/different car.

15- My parents are very strict/authoritarian.

16- The food was very spicy/hot.

17- I have a lot of work to do/complete.

18- I am going to bed/sleeping now.

19- We are going to the party/celebration.

20- I am very tired/exhausted.

21- I am not interested in that/it.

22- I do not like/enjoy that type of music.

23- We had a lot fun/enjoyment at the park.

24- That was a very close/near call.

25- I do not want to go/attend that event.

25 Example Sentences using Antonyms:

1- Please turn up/down the volume.

2- She was very pleased/displeased with her new car.

3- He is getting fatter/thinner these days.

4- The roads are getting more/less crowded these days.

5- I am getting more/less interested in that subject.

6- He is a slow/fast driver.

7- We need to hurry/slow down.

8- That company is doing very well/poorly these days.

9- I am in a good/bad mood today.

10- he is a tall/short man.

11- This is a hard/easy question.

12- I have a lot/little money with me today.

13- We need to stop/continue this project.

14- This is a new/old problem.

15- They are an enemy/ally of our country.

16- He is coming/going on vacation next week.

17- We need more/less people for this project.

18- He is a wise/foolish man.

19- That was a brave/cowardly act.

20- This is a clean/dirty place.

21- I am happy/sad to hear that news.

22- They are a good/bad influence on each other.

23- That was a right/wrong thing to do.

24- We need to increase/decrease production.

25- He is an honest/dishonest man.


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