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50 Interjections With Examples List! Interjections are expressions that are used to convey emotions or add emphasis. They are typically used informally, and can be single words or phrases. This list provides 50 examples of commonly-used interjections, with corresponding definitions and usage notes. It is intended to serve as a handy reference for anyone who wants to learn more about this aspect of the English language.

Interjections Examples List

Some Common Interjections with meaning and uses.

Yikes!: (Interjection) Used to express surprise, fear, or dismay.

Hey!: (Interjection) Used to get someone’s attention, or to express excitement.

Hmm: (Interjection) Used to express thoughtful consideration or skepticism.

Aha!: (Interjection) Used to express realization, discovery, or understanding.

Huh?: (Interjection) Used to express confusion or disbelief.

Ew!: (Interjection) Used to express disgust or revulsion.

Yep: (Interjection) Used to express agreement, approval, or satisfaction.

Nope: (Interjection) Used to express disagreement, disapproval, or dissatisfaction.

Ouch!: (Interjection) Used to express pain or sympathy.

Oof!: (Interjection) Used to express exhaustion or dismay.

Phew!: (Interjection) Used to express relief or exhaustion.

Yay!: (Interjection) Used to express happiness or excitement.

Boo!: (Interjection) Used to express disapproval, disappointment, or frustration.

D’oh!: (Interjection) Used to express frustration, stupidity, or irony.

Mwah!: (Kiss sound): An expression of affection, usually used in writing.

Argh!: (Interjection) Used to express frustration, anger, or pain.

Aw: (Sympathy sound): An expression of sympathy or concern.

Bummer!: (Interjection) Used to express disappointment or frustration.

Congrats!: (Interjection) Used to express congratulations.

Curses!: (Interjection) Used to express frustration or anger.

Drat!: (Interjection) Used to express frustration or disappointment.

Grr!: (Growl sound): An expression of anger or frustration.

Hooray!: (Cheer sound): An expression of celebration or victory.

Hmm: (Thinking sound): An expression of thoughtful consideration.

Humph!: (Exasperation sound): An expression of disbelief, frustration, or disapproval.

Ick!: (Disgust sound): An expression of disgust or revulsion.

Jeepers!: (Interjection) Used to express surprise, fear, or dismay.

Just kidding!: (Interjection) Used to indicate that one is joking.

Le sigh: (Sigh sound): An expression of disappointment, frustration, or boredom.

My bad: (Apology sound): An expression of apology.

No problem!: (Interjection) Used to indicate that one is not bothered by something.

Oof: (Exhaustion sound): An expression of exhaustion or dismay.

Oh!: (Interjection) Used to express realization, discovery, or understanding.

Ooh: (Awe sound): An expression of awe or excitement.

Ops: (Interjection) Used to express a mistake or error.

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List of 50 Interjections With Examples

 Aah!  No way!  Duh!
 Harrumph!  Hum!  Just wondering!
 Very well!  Uh-oh!  Nuts!
 Yum!  Nooo!  La-di-dah!
 Well, well!  Snap!  Oho!
 Pish posh!  My word!  Tut-tut!
 Meh!  Gee whiz!  Gee!
 Yoo-hoo!  Rah!  Whoa!
 Gangway!  Whoopee!  Whew!
 Fooey!  Gadzooks!  Thanks!
 Zap!  There!  Egads!
 Ack!  You bet!  Bah!
 Curses!  Doggone!  Just a sec!
Eek!  Touche!  Ick!
 Zoinks!!  Sigh!  Sleep tight!
 Sorry!  Psst!  Ooh!
 Whatever!  No thanks!

Example Sentences

1- Hurray! We won the match.

2- Just kidding! I didn’t mean it.

3- D’oh! I forgot my keys.

4- Oops! I dropped my phone.

5- Aha! I found your lost earring.

6- Hey! Stop that noise.

7- Hmm, let me think about that.

8- Aw, that’s too bad.

9- Yikes! That was close.

10- Phew! That was a close call.

11- Bummer! I flunked the test.

12- Congrats! You got the job.

13- Humph! I don’t believe you.

14- Oh well, better luck next time.

15- Oops! Sorry, I didn’t see you there.

16- Yay! We did it!

17- Boo! his team lost.

18- Ew! That’s gross!

19- Oops! I made a mistake.

20- Aww, that’s so cute!

21- Oh no! What happened?

22- Yikes! That was a close call.

23- Ugh, I don’t want to do this.

24- Hmm, let me think about that.

25- Hey! Stop that noise.

26- Ow! That hurts.

27- Ahhh, that feels better.

28- Oof! I’m exhausted.

29- Alas, all good things must come to an end.

30- Oh dear, that’s not good.

31- Eh, it’s not my favorite.

32- Yuck! That’s gross!

33- Ack! I don’t like that.

34- Argh! I’m so angry right now.

35- Bah! Humbug!

36- Bleh! That tastes terrible.

37- Boo! his team lost.

38- D’oh! I forgot my keys.

39- Eek! A spider!

40- Eh, it’s not my favorite.

41- Feh! That’s disgusting.

42- Grr! I’m so angry.

43- Heck no! I won’t do it.

44- Hooray! We won the match.

45- Hurrah! We did it!

46- Jeepers! That’s creepy.

47- Meh, it’s whatever.

48- Nope! I don’t want to do that.

49- Oy very! That’s so frustrating.

50- Sheesh! Can you believe that?

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