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50 Sentences of Simple Present Tense! Learning English grammar and tenses can be quite a challenge, especially for those learning the language as a foreign language. If you’re trying to master the use of simple present tense in English, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will provide 50 sentences that are written using simple present tense for your reference. With these examples, you’ll gain an understanding of how to structure your own sentences correctly in English using simple present tense. Read on and get your practice in now – it only gets easier with time and effort!

50 Sentences of Simple Present Tense

  1. I wake up at 6am every day.
  2. I brush my teeth and take a shower.
  3. I eat breakfast and then head to work.
  4. I work from 9am-5pm.
  5. I take a lunch break at noon.
  6. I finish work at 5pm and then go home.
  7. I rest for an hour and then cook dinner.
  8. I watch tv until bedtime.
  9. I sleep for eight hours every night.
  10. I take out the garbage each week.
  11. I go to the grocery store once a month.
  12. I check my mail daily.
  13. I pay my bills on time.
  14. I exercise every morning.
  15. I read every night before bed.
  16. I spend quality time with my family each week.
  17. I call my parents once a month.
  18. I make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  19. I keep a balanced diet.
  20. I focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  21. I talk to my friends once a week.
  22. I organize my home monthly.
  23. I strive to save money each month.
  24. I take the stairs when possible.
  25. I drive carefully and obey traffic laws.
  26. I always give my best effort.
  27. I plan ahead for future projects.
  28. I learn something new each day.
  29. I take time to appreciate the small things in life.
  30. I take care of my pets daily.
  31. I keep my home clean and tidy.
  32. I donate to charity when I can.
  33. I stay in touch with old colleagues and friends.
  34. I learn from my mistakes and move forward.
  35. I unplug from technology regularly.
  36. I take time to relax and recharge.
  37. I practice gratitude on a regular basis.
  38. I spread positivity wherever I go.
  39. I smile often and stay optimistic.
  40. I strive for excellence in all that I do.
  41. I take pride in my work.
  42. I keep challenging myself to grow.
  43. I reach out for help when needed.
  44. I speak up for what I believe in.
  45. I try to make a difference in the world.
  46. I am kind and respectful to others.
  47. I practice self-care and positive self-talk.
  48. I complete my tasks on time.
  49. I accept new opportunities that come my way.
  50. I strive to make the most of each day.

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50 Sentences of Simple Present Tense in English 50 Sentences of Simple Present Tense in English 2

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