130+ Synonyms for Grade 3 Kids

50 Synonyms for Grade 3! Do you have trouble finding the perfect words to express your thoughts? If so, then look no further than this blog post! We will be exploring many of the best synonyms available for class 3 that can help make your writing stand out. Whether you are writing a report, an essay, or even a novel, having access to these powerful words can provide you with increased diversity and depth in your vocabulary. Take some time to explore our list of class 3 synonyms and improve upon your writing style!

Synonyms for Class 3 1

Synonyms for Grade 3



Misread misinterpret
Apparent obvious
Ballot poll
Precept principle
Repute reputation
Docile tame
To collapse to break down
To diminish to decrease
Lucid clear
Cozy comfortable
Branch department
Vacant empty
Noon midday
Impolite rude
To intensify to heighten
To function to operate
Nugatory worthless
Dry arid
Destiny fate
Dossier file
Stationary fixed
Moderate lenient
Superb magnificent
Meager scanty
Considerate thoughtful
To enquire to investigate
Confederate accomplice
Murderer assassin
Hall corridor
Illiberal intolerant
Momentous powerful
Arrive reach, come
To grouse to grumble
To rue to regret
To expire to run out
Maximum uppermost
Humiliate embarrass
Fool idiot
Pocket book notebook
Deliberate planned
Awful terrible
To symbolize to represent
Unforeseen unexpected
Legitimate valid, leva
Huge vast
Bum backside, behind, bottom
Continuous continual
Daybreak dawn
Ultimate final
To receive to get
To administer to manage
To minimize to play down
To consult to refer to
Poisonous toxic
Dubious doubtful
Imperfect faulty
Damage hurt
Neutral impartial
Doubt mistrust
Thrive prosper
Transitory temporary
To denote to indicate, to represent
To begin to start
Gratis free of charge
Vast huge
Missing lost
Aggressive militant
Lacking missing
Priority precedence
To behave to act
To cope to manage
To respond to reply
Impatient eager
Inheritor heir
Urgent important
In the meantime meanwhile
Paper money notes
Formerly previously
Stable steady
To explode to blow up
Unhurt unharmed
 Impasse deadlock
Material fabric
Delicate fragile
Mirth Fun
Second moment
Immaculate spotless
Candy sweet
Word Synonym
Imperative vital
Organic biological
Comic comedian
Hard firm
Intermittent sporadic
To convey to communicate
To foretell to predict
To maintain to preserve
To cite to quote
Vain useless
Extra additional
Famous famed, renowned
Difficult hard
Almost nearly
Twosome pair
Untimely premature
Moderately reasonably
Remainder the rest
To bring sth. Back to reintroduce
Comfort consolation
Apparent evident
Mediocre fair
Insufficient inadequate
Mind intellect
Impediment obstacle
Peaceable peaceful
To answer to reply
Uncommon unusual
Hospitable cordial
Last final
Essential fundamental
Mourn grieve
Correct right
Sundown sunset
Tailored tailor
To select to choose
To encounter to come across
Refrain chorus
Equity fairness
Enemy opponent
Maybe perhaps, possibly
Applicable relevant
Precis summary
To conform to comply
To emphasize to stress
To oversee to supervise
Amateur beginner
Knowingly deliberately
Fragrance perfume
Successful prosperous
Earth soil
Nobility the Aristocracy
To vary to differ
To inspect to examine
Vibrate tremble
Understandable comprehensible
Scrumptious delicious
To migrate emigrate
Everlasting eternal
Deliberately intentionally
Denims jeans
Inferior substandard
To assure to guarantee
To survive to outlive

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Synonyms for Grade 3 Kids

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