A To Z Character Traits List – Download PDF

Being a well-rounded person is important. It’s what makes us interesting and unique. We all have different character traits that make us who we are. Here is a list of a to z character traits, some of which you may recognize in yourself, and others that you may want to work on developing.

A To Z Character Traits List

A Character Traits

Attentive Anxious Attentive
Aggressive Adorable Adaptive
Athletic Ambitious Adventurous

B Character Traits

Boring Brilliant Beautiful
Bossy Brave Balanced

C Character Traits

Cooperative Conceited Carefree
Creative Charismatic Cautious
Childish Capable Cooperative
Charming Courageous Confident
Curious Concerned  

D Character Traits

Dreamer Daring Delightful
Devout Dutiful Decisive

E Character Traits

Enthusiastic Easygoing Enchanting
Excited Eager Efficient

F Character Traits

Friendly Fortunate Foolish
Fearless Forgiving  

G Character Traits

Generous Grumpy Gullible
Gentle Gracious Greedy

H Character Traits

Hilarious Hopeful Healthy
Helpful Humble Honourable
Humorous Honest Humorous

I Character Traits

Initiative Immaculate Imaginative
Impulsive Intelligent Inventive

J Character Traits

Jealous Jolly

K Character Traits

Keen Kind

L Character Traits

Likable Listening Loyal
Lucky Loving Loving

M Character Traits

Messy Moderate Mature
Mysterious Messy Materialistic

N Character Traits

Neat Nature Lover Nervous

Character Traits

Optimistic Obnoxious Outspoken
Opinionated Organised  

P Character Traits

Proper Peaceful Proud
Picky Pleasant Patriotic
Punctual Productive  

Q Character Traits

Qualified Quick Quiet

R Character Traits

Realistic Relaxed Rude
Respectful Resourceful Reliable

S Character Traits

Stubborn Sweet Serious
Sincere Sarcastic Successful
Secretive Skillful Serious
Studious Stable  

T Character Traits

Tantalizing Talkative Timid
Tireless Trustworthy Timid

U Character Traits

Unhappy Unselfish Ugly

V Character Traits

Valiant Vocal Vivacious

W Character Traits

Witty Warm Welcoming

Y Character Traits

  • Young

Z Character Traits

  • Zealous

List Of Good Qualities Of A Person A To Z

1. Adaptability 2. Altruism 3. Appreciation
4. Bravery 5. Caring 6. Compassion
7. Confidence 8. Conscientiousness 9. Courage
10. Creativity 11. Dependability 12. Empathy
13. Fairness 14. Forgiveness 15. Generosity
16. Gratitude 17. Honesty 18. Humility
19. Integrity 20. Kindness 21. Loyalty
22. Motivation 23. Open-mindedness 24. Optimism
25. Patience 26. Respectfulness 27. Self-discipline
28. Selflessness 29. Tolerance 30. Trustworthiness
31. Understanding 32. Visionary 33. Willpower
34. Wisdom 35. Zest for life!  

List Of Bad Qualities Of A Person A To Z

1. Aggressive 2. Arrogant 3. Argumentative
4. Boorish 5. Callous 6. Contemptuous
7. Cynical 8. Domineering 9. Egocentric
10. Finicky 11. Gossipy 12. Hateful
13. Impolite 14. Jealous 15. Lazy
16. Manipulative 17. Narrow-minded 18. Obstinate
19. Pettiness 20. Quarrelsome 21. Rude
22. Selfish 23. Tactless 24. Uncooperative
25. Vindictive 26. Whiny 27. Xerophobic
28. Yielding 29. Zany  

Character Traits A to Z – Pictures

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