A To Z Colors Names List

A To Z Colors Names List! A color is a perceptual property corresponding to a specific frequency range of the visible light spectrum. Colors can be created in paints, pigments, dyes, or inks by adding molecules to the surface that absorb certain portions of the spectrum.

The following is a list of colors and their various names. This list includes both standard and nonstandard colors.

A To Z Colors Names List

Colours Beginning With A:

Aero Blue Aqua Auburn
Apricot Alice Blue Almond
Ash Grey

Colours Beginning With B:

Baby Blue Blush Blond
Buff Banana Yellow Brown
Beige Black

Colours Beginning With C:

Cyan Chocolate Celadon
Crimson Carmine Cadet

Colours Beginning With D:

Diamond Dark (Blue) Dandelion
Dark Tan Dark Gray

Colours Beginning With E:

Ebony Emerald green Eminence
Eton Blue

Colours Beginning With F:

Falu Red Field Drab Fuchsia
Fresh Air

Colours Beginning With G:

Goldenrod Grey Grullo
Gamboge Green

Colours Beginning With H:

Han Blue Honeydew

Colours Beginning With I:

Ivory Icterine Iris

Colours Beginning With J:

Jade Jasper June Bud

Colours Beginning With K:

Kobi Khaki Keppel

Colours Beginning With L:

Lemon Lawn Green Lilac
Lumber Lilac

Colours Beginning With M:

Moss green Meat Brown Myrtle
Mauve Mint Magnolia

Colours Beginning With N:

Nyanza Neon Carrot Navy blue

Colours Beginning With O:

Ochre Orange Orchid

Colours Beginning With P:

Pink Pale Gold Purple
Pear Pale Pink Platinum

Colours Beginning With Q:

Queen Pink Quartz grey

Colours Beginning With R:

Ruddy Rust Rhythm
Rajah Rose Red

Colours Beginning With S:

Sunglow Sky blue Saffron
Steel Pink Scarlet Silver

Colours Beginning With T:

Turquoise Turquoise Tea Green

Colours Beginning With U:

UCLA Gold Umber Urobilin

Colours Beginning With V:

Violet Vivid Violet Verdigris

Colours Beginning With W:

White Smoke Wisteria Wheat

Colours Beginning With Y:

Yellow (RYB) Yellow Yellow Rose

Colours Beginning With Z:


Alphabet Colors A-Z

A. Azure Azure
B. Black Black
C. Cyan Cyan
D. Dusty Rose Dusty Rose
E. Emerald green Emerald green
F. Fuchsia Fuchsia
G. Green Green
H. Hot pink Hot pink
I. Ivory Ivory
J. Jasper Jasper
K. Khaki Khaki
L. Lime Lime
M. Maroon Maroon
N. Navy blue Navy blue
O. Orange Orange
P. Pea green Pea green
Q. Queen Pink Queen Pink
R. Red Red
S. Silver Silver
T. Teal Teal
U. Umber Umber
V. Violet Violet
W. White White
X. Xanadu Xanadu
Y. Yellow Yellow
Z. Zucchini Zucchini 1

Popular Color Names and Example Sentences

  1. Blue


The sky was a brilliant shade of blue.

  1. Red

Red 1

She painted the barn a bright red.

  1. Green

Green 1

 The trees were lush and bright green in the summertime.

  1. Yellow

Yellow 1

We picked fresh lemons off of the yellow tree in his yard.

  1. Orange

Orange 1

The sunset was an orange hue as it sank out of sight.

  1. Pink


 The roses were a beautiful pink color.

  1. Purple


She wore a purple dress with bright silver shoes to the party.

  1. Brown


The puppies had soft brown fur and wagging tails.

  1. White

White 1

His shirt was crisp and white, freshly laundered.

  1. Gray


 The walls of the old house were a dull gray color.

  1. Black

Black 1

His tuxedo was black, giving him a very formal look.

  1. Gold


She wore jewelry that was made from pure gold.

  1. Silver

Silver 1

We found some pieces of silver on the beach.

  1. Beige


He wore beige khakis and a white polo shirt to the picnic.

  1. Maroon

Maroon 1

The curtains in her living room were a deep maroon color.

  1. Turquoise


Her jewelry was made of turquoise stones that glittered in the light.

  1. Magenta


The wall was painted in magenta, making it the perfect accent color.

  1. Indigo


The night sky was an inky indigo color as the sun set.

  1. Peach


The fruit was ripe and had a beautiful peach hue to it.

  1. Lavender


The flowers were a soft, soothing lavender.

  1. Crimson


The sofa was a deep crimson color, accenting the room perfectly.

  1. Teal

Teal 1

She wore a teal dress with matching earrings to the event.

  1. Khaki

Khaki 1

His pants were khaki and his shirt was navy blue.

  1. Bronze


The statue was made from bronze and had a golden hue.

  1. Olive


Her coat was an olive green color that looked great on her.

  1. Platinum


He wore a platinum wedding band to symbolize his love for his wife.

  1. Copper


She had some coins made of pure copper in her collection.

  1. Chartreuse


The paint on the walls was a bright chartreuse color.

  1. Rust


The old car had patches of rust near the wheels.

  1. Plum


 I bought a sweater with a deep plum hue for my mother’s birthday.

Colors Name In English – Pictures

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