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A to Z Important Phrasal Verbs List! A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and one or two words that act as an adverb or preposition to modify the meaning of the original verb. Examples of common phrasal verbs include expressions such as “look up,” “put off,” and “call out.” While phrasal verbs are typically informal English, their use can range from casual conversations between friends to business meetings.

For example, if someone wants to express an urgency in the workplace, they might say “We have to get this done now!” The urgency is modified by the phrasal verb “get done,” and its use creates a vivid picture that conveys emotion without being too direct.

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150 Phrasal Verbs List A to Z

1- Abandon: to leave something or someone behind

2- Abide by: to agree to and follow a decision or rule

3- Account for: to explain why something has happened

4- Act on: to do something as a result of some information or advice

5- Act up: to misbehave be naughty or defiant

6- Add up: to make sense or be logical

7- Aim at: to direct something toward a target or aim for a particular result

8- Allow for: to make allowance for something such as a change in plans

9- Answer back: to reply rudely or defiantly when spoken to

10- Appeal to: to try and persuade someone with an argument or emotional appeal

11- Apply for: to ask formally for something such as a job or loan

12- Approach: to come near in distance time amount or quality

13- Argue down: to reduce the price of something by arguing with the seller

14- Arise from: to come from often as a result of something else

15- Arouse: to excite or stimulate someone’s emotions or feelings

16- Back away: to retreat or move back slowly

17- Back up: to support an opinion with evidence or facts

18- Bear out: to prove that something is true and correct

19- Bear with: to be patient while something takes a long time

20- Belittle: to make someone or something seem less important or valuable

21- Blow up: to become very angry and explode in rage

22- Break down: to stop functioning either physically or emotionally

23- Break into: to enter a place forcibly or illegally

24- Bring round: to persuade someone to change their opinion

25- Bring up: to mention something especially during a discussion

26- Budge up: to move along and make room for someone else

27- Build up: to increase gradually in size strength or intensity

28- Burn out: to use up all your energy or enthusiasm

29- Call off: to cancel an event or activity

30- Call up: to phone someone for a chat or discussion

31- Carry on: to continue doing something usually despite difficulties

32- Cash in: to exchange something for its monetary value

33- Catch up: to get back on the same level as everyone else

34- Chase up: to follow something up and make sure it is done

35- Check out: to investigate or examine something thoroughly

36- Chip in: to help someone or contribute money towards something

37- Clean up: to tidy up a mess or area after use

38- Clear up: to make things better or easier to understand

39- Come across: to find something unexpectedly often by chance

40- Come out: to be revealed or made public

41- Come around: to become conscious after an illness or injury

42- Come through: to survive a difficult situation or event

43- Come up: to be discussed or mentioned during a conversation

44- Cope with: to manage and deal with something often a difficult situation

45- Cover up: to hide the truth of something from other people

46- Cross out: to draw a line through words or phrases on paper

47- Cut back: to reduce in size amount or intensity

48- Cut down: to reduce the size cost or number of something

49- Die away: to gradually become quieter and less intense

50- Do away with: to get rid of something by abolishing it

51- Do up: to fasten buttons ties or other items of clothing

52- Drawback: to move away or retreat from something

53- Draw up: to prepare a document such as a contract

54- Drop in: to visit someone unexpectedly or uninvited

55- Drop out: to quit an activity or event before it is finished

56- Ease off: to reduce the intensity or pressure of something

57- End up: to eventually reach a certain outcome or situation

58- Face up to: to accept and deal with a difficult situation

59- Fall back on: to have something that you can rely on in an emergency

60- Figure out: to solve or understand something by thinking carefully about it

61- Fill in: to provide the missing information on a form or document

62- Find out: to discover something by looking for information or evidence

63- Fire away: to ask questions without waiting for permission

64- Fit in: to be accepted and become part of a group or place

65- Fizzle out: to gradually become less active or interesting

66- Follow up: to act or pursue something further

67- Get across: to communicate an idea opinion or message clearly

68- Get along: to have a friendly relationship with someone

69- Get by: to manage with the resources you have often barely

70- Get in: to arrive at a place usually by car or public transport

71- Get off: to leave a vehicle or public transport

72- Get on: to enter a vehicle or public transport

73- Give away: to give something usually for free

74- Give back: to return something that was borrowed or stolen

75- Give in: to surrender and accept defeat or an unpleasant situation

76- Give out: to distribute something usually for free

77- Give up: to stop trying or give something away

78- Go ahead: to proceed with a plan or suggestion

79- Go along: to accompany someone somewhere

80- Go off: to explode or make a loud and sudden noise

81- Go on: to continue doing something

82- Go over: to review or examine something carefully

83- Go through: to experience or endure something difficult

84- Grow into: to gradually get bigger and more mature

85- Grow up: to become an adult

86- Hand down: to pass something on from one generation to the next

87- Hang around: to spend time in a place usually without doing much

88- Hang out: to meet with friends and socialize in a relaxed way

89- Hang up: to end a phone call by replacing the receiver

90- Hold back: to restrict or not show something often emotions

91- Hold on: to wait for a short time

92- Hold out: to refuse to do something or agree with someone

93- Keep at: to continue trying or doing something

94- Keep away: to stay away or not be involved in something

95- Keep on: to continue doing something without stopping

96- Let down: to disappoint someone or fail to do what was expected of you

97- Live on: to survive with the help of a particular income usually after someone has died

98- Look back: to think about past events or experiences

99- Look down on: to have a feeling of superiority or contempt for someone

100- Look into: to investigate something and gain more information about it

101- Look out: to be careful and alert

102- Look up: to search for information in a book dictionary or database

103- Make do: to manage with what you have often barely enough

104- Make out: to distinguish something or understand what is happening

105- Pick up: to collect something or someone

106- Pull out: to leave a place quickly

107- Put away: to store something in the proper place

108- Put down: to make someone feel bad by criticizing them

109- Put off: to postpone something or delay doing it

110- Put up with: to tolerate or accept something unpleasant

111- Set off: to leave a place usually on a journey

112- Set up: to organize or arrange something

113- Show off: to behave in an exaggerated way in order to impress people

114- Shut down: to stop operating or functioning

115- Sit down: to lower your body into a sitting position

116- Speak up: to talk louder or more clearly

117- Stand up: to raise your body from a sitting or lying position

118- Take off: to leave the ground in an aircraft

119- Take on: to accept responsibility for something

120- Take over: to gain control of something

121- Turn down: to refuse an offer or request

122- Turn off: to stop the functioning of a device by operating a switch

123- Turn up: to appear somewhere unexpectedly

124- Wake up: to become conscious after sleeping or fainting

125- Wear out: to use something until it no longer works or becomes unusable

126- Work out: to exercise your body in order to become stronger fitter or healthier

127- Write down: to record information on paper

128- Write up: to create a document that reports or describes something

129- Yield to: to accept or surrender to another party

130- Zoom in: to move closer or enlarge an image or object

131- Zoom out: to move away or reduce the size of an image or object

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Phrasal Verbs With Meanings And Sentences

Phrasal Verbs with Get

1- Get away:

Meaning: To escape from a place or situation.

Example Sentence: We need to get away before the police arrive.

2- Get over:

Meaning: To recover from an illness or unpleasant experience.

Example Sentence: I’m still getting over my cold, so I didn’t go out tonight.

3- Get along:

Meaning: To have a good relationship with someone.

Example Sentence: My sister and I get along well, we do lots of activities together.

4- Get back:

Meaning: To return to a place or person.

Example Sentence: She got back home around midnight last night.

5- Get up:

Meaning: To rise from bed or other reclining position.

Example Sentence: I have to get up early tomorrow morning.

6- Get through:

Meaning: To manage, succeed or complete something.

Example Sentence: He got through the exam with flying colors.

7- Get along with:

Meaning: To be friendly or sociable with someone.

Example Sentence: She had trouble getting along with her colleagues.

8- Get ahead:

Meaning: To make progress or gain an advantage in life.

Example Sentence: She worked hard to get ahead in her career.

9- Get by:

Meaning: To manage with the limited resources available.

Example Sentence: We don’t have much money, but we get by okay.

10- Get off:

Meaning: To leave a place or vehicle.

Example Sentence: We got off the bus at the next stop.

11- Get Out:

Meaning: To leave a place or situation quickly.

Example Sentence: We have to get out of here before they catch us.

12- Get on:

Meaning: To advance in rank, status, or importance.

Example Sentence: He managed to get on in his career despite all the obstacles.

13- Get together:

Meaning: To meet socially or for a special purpose.

Example Sentence: We got together to plan the surprise party.

14- Get down:

Meaning: To make someone unhappy or discouraged.

Example Sentence: Don’t let your bad grades get you down, you can do better next time.

15- Get in:

Meaning: To enter a place or vehicle.

Example Sentence: We got in the car and drove away.

16- Get behind:

Meaning: To start to support something or someone.

Example Sentence: More people are getting behind the campaign for environmental protection.

Phrasal Verbs with Take

1- Take off:

Meaning: To leave or depart.

Example Sentence: The plane is about to take off, so you better hurry up!

2- Take on:

Meaning: To accept a challenge or responsibility.

Example Sentence: She decided to take on the difficult task of organizing the company picnic.

3- Take over:

Meaning: To take control of something.

Example Sentence: When the project manager left the company, the assistant took over his responsibilities.

4- Take in:

Meaning: To understand or comprehend something.

Example Sentence:  She was able to take in all of the details quickly and without any confusion.

5- Take up:

Meaning: To begin something new.

Example Sentence: After months of contemplation, she finally decided to take up piano lessons.

6- Take out:

Meaning: To remove or withdraw something.

Example Sentence: She took out her pen and paper and started making a list.

7- Take after:

Meaning: To resemble someone else.

Example Sentence: He takes after his father in terms of his sense of humor.

8- Take apart:

Meaning: To separate something into its parts.

Example Sentence: We took apart the old engine and recycled the parts that were still usable.

9- Take back:

Meaning: To retract or revoke something said or done.

Example Sentence: She took back her words and apologized for the misunderstanding.

10- Take down:

Meaning: To record or write something.

Example Sentence: He took down all of the instructions so he could refer to them later.

Phrasal Verbs with Do

1- Do away with:

Meaning: To eliminate or get rid of

Example Sentence: We need to do away with this old system and start fresh.

2- Do over:

Meaning: To repeat an action; to do something again

Example Sentence: She asked the waiter to do over her order as she had changed her mind.

3- Do up:

Meaning: To fasten or secure something; to dress up

Example Sentence: She did herself up in a beautiful evening gown for the party.

4- Do without:

Meaning: To manage without having something

Example Sentence: We’ll have to do without that equipment as it is too expensive.

5- Do down:

Meaning: To criticize someone unfairly; to belittle someone

Example Sentence: She always tries to do down her competitors to make herself look better.

6- Do out of:

Meaning: To cheat someone; to deprive someone of something

Example Sentence: Don’t let him do you out of your rightful share of the money.

Phrasal Verbs with Make

1- Make up:

Meaning: to invent a story

Example Sentence: He made up an excuse for missing the meeting.

2- Make out:

Meaning: to understand

Example Sentence: We couldn’t make out what she was saying.

3- Make up for:

Meaning: to compensate for a loss or mistake

Example Sentence: She worked hard to make up for her mistake.

4- Make of:

Meaning: to interpret or form an opinion about something

Example Sentence: What do you make of this new policy?

5- Make off with:

Meaning: to take something without permission

Example Sentence: The thief made off with several valuable items.

6- Make away with:

Meaning: to get rid of someone or something by killing them

Example Sentence: The killer made away with the victim’s body.

7- Make into:

Meaning: to change or convert something into something else

Example Sentence: The old factory was made into a museum.

8- Make over:

Meaning: to transfer ownership of something

Example Sentence: He made the house over to his daughter.

Phrasal Verbs with Come

1- Come across:

Meaning: to find or discover something by chance

Example Sentence: I came across this old book in a secondhand store.

2- Come along:

Meaning: to join someone in a journey

Example Sentence: Would you like to come along with us on our holiday?

3- Come around:

Meaning: to change one’s opinion or view

Example Sentence: After thinking about it for a while, he finally came around and agreed.

4- Come back:

Meaning: to return after an absence

Example Sentence: She came back from her holiday a week ago.

5- Come down:

Meaning: to decrease

Example Sentence: The prices have come down since last month.

6- Come out:

Meaning: to become publicly known

Example Sentence: The truth finally came out after the investigation.

7- Come up with:

Meaning: to think and suggest something as a solution

Example Sentence: We need to come up with an idea for the project.

8- Come down to:

Meaning: to be reduced or reduced to something

Example Sentence: It all comes down to whether they want it or not.

9- Come off:

Meaning: succeed in happening

Example Sentence: The performance came off very well.

10- Come away:

Meaning: to move or detach from something

Example Sentence: I came away feeling very disappointed.

11- Come in:

Meaning: to arrive at a place

Example Sentence:

Meaning: She came in late for the meeting.

12- Come up:

Meaning: to rise or increase

Example Sentence: The cost of living has come up significantly.

13- Come through:

Meaning: achieve success despite difficulties

Example Sentence: He eventually came through and passed the exam.

14- Come by:

Meaning: to obtain

Example Sentence: I need to come by some new ingredients for the cake.


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