A to Z School Supplies List (School Vocabulary)

Back to school season is around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about what you need for the upcoming school year. A great way to get prepared is to make a list of all the supplies you’ll need. To help get you started, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of A to Z school supplies.

A to Z School Supplies List and Pictures

A4 Paper
A paper size used for documents such as letters, reports and exam papers. A4 Paper
She an A4 paper for writing exams.
A loose-leaf file used to store documents and notes. Binder
He used a binder to keep his notes organized.
A device used for calculations and computations. Calculator 1
Sana used a calculator to solve math problems.
Drawing Pencils
Pencils used for sketching and drawing. Drawing Pencils
She got some drawing pencils to make art projects.
Used to rub away pencil or charcoal marks. Erasers
Teachers used an eraser to get rid of mistakes on his paper.
Flash Drive
A data storage device that plugs into the USB port. Flash Drive
Sara used a flash drive to store her schoolwork.
A sticky substance used for sticking things together. Glue
Students used glue to make art and craft projects.
High Lighter
A writing instrument used to draw attention to important text. High Lighter
Her teacher used a highlighter to emphasize key points in the text.
Ink Eraser
A special eraser used to remove ink from paper. Ink Eraser
The teacher used an ink eraser to correct mistakes on her paper.
A notebook used for taking notes. Journal 1
She kept a journal to jot down her ideas and reflections.
Kids Books
Books that are specifically tailored for young readers. Kids Books
They got some kids books to encourage their children to read.
Lead Pencils
A writing tool used to make marks on paper. Lead Pencils
We are planning to get lead pencils for the students.
A writing utensil used to make permanent marks on paper. Markers 1
The teacher asked the students to use markers for their art projects.
A small book of paper used for taking notes or writing short messages. Notepad
She kept a notepad to jot down ideas and reminders.
Oil Paint
A type of paint that is made from pigments mixed with a drying oil. Oil Paint
She likes to use some oil paints for her painting class.
Pencil Case
A box or pouch used for storing pencils, pens and other stationary. Pencil Case
Her pencil case looks so good.
Quadrille Notebook
A notebook with squares on the pages. Quadrille Notebook
We will use quadrille notebook draw graphs and diagrams.
A flat measuring instrument used for drawing straight lines. Ruler
He forget his ruler, so they had to do without.
A tool used for fastening papers together by inserting staples. Stapler 1
There was no stapler in the classroom so they had to improvise.
A sticky adhesive material used for sticking things together. Tape
Can you please tape this for me?
Clothes that are worn as a part of an organization. Uniform
All the students had to wear their uniforms for the school day.
Vertical Ruler
A ruler that is used to measure and draw vertical lines. Vertical Ruler
He needed a vertical ruler to make sure his measurements were accurate.
A smooth, pale-colored surface used for writing on with markers. Whiteboard 1
The students practiced their math problems on the whiteboard.
X-Acto Knife
A sharp blade used for cutting paper, fabric and other materials. X Acto Knife 1
She was careful when using the x-acto knife to cut the paper.
Yellow Pencil
A yellow colored pencil used for writing or drawing. Yellow Pencil
I have a yellow pencil for taking notes.
Ziploc Bag
A plastic bag with a zip closure used for storing things. Ziploc Bag
He put his erasers in a ziploc bag.

A to Z School Supplies List

School Supplies that Starts with A

Art Supplies Art Paints Art Pencil
Alarm Clock Amplifier A4 Paper
Alarms Apple Eraser Art Suplies
Agenda Art Canvas Art Book
Apple Computer Atlas  

School Supplies Beginning with B

Bendy Ruler Bags Black Pens
Binders Backpack Bag
Book Bag Barometer Blocks
Blackboard Book Mark Big Eraser
Braces Book Boxes

School Supplies that Starts with C

Color Pencils Clay Coloured Pens
Calculator Colouring Pencils Copy Paper
Craft Scissors Crayons Compasses
Card Holders Crazy Glue Calendar
Carrier Composition Notebook Carton

School Supplies that Starts with D

Dated Stamp Drawing Pen Deodorant
Drawing Board Draft Paper Desktop Computer
Dictionary Desk Dark Pen
Diagram Duct Tape Diary
Desk Chair Dividers Drawing Paper

School Supplies that Starts with E

Epi Pen Electric Sharpener Eraser
Egg Sandwich Endnote Ebook
Elastic Ruler English Books English Book
Erasable Pen Electronic Calculator  

School Supplies that Starts with F

Felts Flashcards Feathers
Filing Cabinet Flash Drive Felt Pen
Forms Files Flyers
Filing Cabinets Felt Face Mask

School Supplies Starting with G

Graphing Calculator Graph Paper Gel Pens
Gym Shorts Gummy Eraser Glue Gun
Graphing Paper Glue Glass
Graphite Good Pencil Giant Eraser
Green Marker    

School Supplies that Starts with H

High Lighter Highlighters Handbook
Hi Liter Hole Puncher Hand Driers
Hair Ties High Chair Hands Sanitizer
Highlighter Hardcover Book Hardware
Hardback Books    

School Supplies that Starts with I

Ink Eraser Ink Cartridge Inch Ruler
Inky Pen Id Card Ink Bottle
Ink Pen    

School Supplies that Starts with J

Jacke Jumbo Pencils Jumbo Eraser
Jelly Pen Jump Rop Jag
Ipad Jaket Journal
Jump Drive    

School Supplies Starting with K

Kolors Key Keyboard
Koala Eraser Kreide Kick Ball
Kool Aid Kids Books Karton

School Supplies that Starts with L

Lead Pencils Library Books Lab Notebook
Laptop Lunch Box Lined Paper
Legal Pad Lesson Plan Lined Notebook
Lolipop Label Maker  

School Supplies that Starts with M

Maps Materials Marker Pen
Mechanical Pencil Mouse Music Books
Magazine Maths Book Modeling Clay
Memo Pad Markers  

List of School Supplies that Starts with N

Number Line Notebook Paper Notebook
Note Paper New Bookbag Note Cards
Notecards Nickle Nice Pencils

School Supplies that Starts with O

Orange Backpack Oil Paint Otterbox
Orange Crayons Orange Pen Oil Pastels
Oring Orange Markers Organizer
Open Books    

School Supplies that Starts with P

Planner Paint Pocket Protector
Paper Clips Paper Towels Paintbrush
Pencil sharpener Permanent Markers Pencil
Pencil Pouch Permanent Marker Posters
Protractor Paper Pencile

School Supplies that Starts with Q

Quadrille Notebook

School Supplies Begins with R

Red Pencil Rain Coat Red Marker
Rubber Bands Reader Ruler
Reports Rubber Gloves Red Crayon
Rainbow Eraser    

School Supplies that Starts with S

Sharpner Snacks Sharpened Pencils
Scotch Scissors Sanitizer
Sharpies School Books Stylo

School Supplies that Starts with T

Tablet Timepiece Ti-84 Calculator
Typewriter Typing Pape Twine
Tape Thesaurus Tracing Paper
Tissue Paper T Square  

School Supplies that Starts with U

Utensil Unlined Paper Utilities
Uniform Unicorn Pen Ugly Notebook

School Supplies that Starts with V

Velcro Video Player Vinyl Folder
Vertical Ruler Violet Marker Valentines
Velcro Binder Vellum  

School Supplies Begins with W

Watercolor Whiteboard Water Paints
Washi Tape White Marker Wipes
Water Colors White Paper White Out

School Supplies that Starts with Y

Year Book Yellow Ruler Yellow Pencil
Yardstick Yoyo Yellow Paper

School Supplies Begins with Z

Ziploc Bag Ziplock Ziplock Bags
Zebra Pencil    

School Supplies List A to Z – Pictures

School Supplies List with a b School Supplies List with b c d School Supplies List with d f e School Supplies List with f g h School Supplies List with g i j k School Supplies List with l m n School Supplies List with n o p School Supplies List with p q r s t School Supplies List with t u w v School Supplies List with w y