A To Z Tools Name List With PDF

Learning a new language can be tricky, but with the right tools and resources, it’s much easier to gain fluency. This post will provide you with an A-Z list of essential tools for English learners.

Whether your goal is to develop conversational skills, learn important grammar principles or improve pronunciation accuracy, this list will give you everything you need to make learning English an exciting and successful journey!

There are so many tools on the market today that it can be hard to know which ones to buy.

This A-Z tools name list will help you find the best tool for the job.

A To Z Tools Name List

Tools With A:

Ard Axe Augur
Anvil Auger Allen Key

Tools With B:

Beetle Broom Bitstock
Bucket Broom

Tools With C:

Chainsaw Chisel Clippers
Coping Saw Chalk Line Crosscut Saw
Crow Bar Countersink Claw Hammer

Tools With D:

Drill Bit Drill Diamond Point

Tools With E:

  • Edger
  • Edge Tool

Tools With F:

Fraise File (Tool) Fire Extinguisher

Tools With G:

Gavel Glue Gun Gimlet
Garden Fork

Tools With H:

Hoe Hacksaw Hack Hammer

Tools With I:

  • Ice Pick
  • Icebreaker

Tools With J:

Jig Jigsaw Jackhammer
Jack (Tool)

Tools With K:

  • Knapping Hammer
  • Knife

Tools With L:

  • Ladder
  • Lathe

Tools With M:

Machete Mallet Mop
Mitre Square

Tools With N:

Nut (Tool) Measuring Tape Nail Set

Tools With O:

  • Oil filter wrench

Tools With P:

Pry Bar Pliers Power Drill
Percussion Tool Poker

Tools With Q:

  • Quarter-inch socket

Tools With R:

Rivet Rake Rawhide Hammer
Roller Radial

Tools With S:

Sickle Sander Screw Tap
Snips Saw Scissors
Stapler Spade

Tools With T:

Toolmaker Tweezers Tape Measure
Triphammer Tack Hammer

Tools With U:

  • Utility knife

Tools With V:

  • Vise
  • Vice grips

Tools With W:

Wimble Washer Wrench

Tools With Y:

  • Yardbroom

A to Z List of Hand Tools

1. Awl 2. Bit Driver
3. Chisel 4. Clamp
5. Drill Bits 6. File
7. Hammer 8. Hex Key Set
9. Impact Driver 10. Jigsaw
11. Level 12. Miter Saw
13. Nail Gun 14. Oscillating Tool
15. Pliers 16. Ratchet Set
17. Saw 18. Tap and Die Set
19. Utility Knife 20. Vice Grip
21. Wrench Set 22. X-Acto Knife
23. Yankee Screwdriver 24. Zip Tool
25. Wire Stripper/Cutter 26. Nail Puller
27. Socket Set 28. Torque Wrench
29. Angle Grinder 30. Bolt Cutter
31. Caulking Gun 32. Dust Mask
33. Flashlight

List of Popular Mechanical Tools A to Z

1. Allen Wrench 2. Band Saw 3. C-Clamp
4. Die Grinder 5. Electric Drill 6. File Set
7. Hammer 8. Impact Driver 9. Jig Saw
10. Level 11. Miter Saw 12. Needle Nose Pliers
13. Orbital Sander 14. Pipe Wrench 15. Quick Connect Bits
16. Ratchet Set 17. Screwdriver Set 18. Torque Wrench
19. Utility Knife 20. Vise Grip Pliers 21. Wrench Set
22. X-Acto Knife 23. Yard Stick 24. Zip Tool

A To Z Tools Name List With Definition

Allen wrench Allen wrench
This wrench is named after its inventor, Henry F. Allen. It is a type of wrench used to loosen or tighten screws and bolts.
Band saw Band saw
This saw consists of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge. It is used to cut wood, metal, and other materials.
Chainsaw Chainsaw
This saw has a chain of sharp teeth that rotate around a guide bar. It is used to cut down trees and other large objects.
Drill bit Drill bit
This bit attaches to a power drill and is used to bore holes in various materials.
Electric screwdriver Electric screwdriver
This tool is a powered screwdriver that can be used to quickly and easily drive screws into wood, metal, or plastic.
Flathead screwdriver Flathead screwdriver
This is the most common type of screwdriver. It has a flat blade that fits into the slot in a screw head.
Grinder Grinder
This is an electric tool that spins a grinding wheel at high speeds. It is used to sharpen blades, remove rust, and grind away material.
Hammer Hammer 1
This is the most basic tool in any toolbox. Its head is made of metal and it’s used for pounding nails or other objects into wood or other materials.
Impact driver Impact driver
This is a powered tool that uses an internal motor to spin screws quickly into place. It’s especially useful for driving long screws into hard materials.
Jigsaw Jigsaw
This is a power saw with a narrow blade that can be used to make curved or intricate cuts in wood, metal, and other materials.
Knife Knife 2
This is a sharp-edged tool used for cutting and slicing. It has a variety of applications, from slicing open packages to whittling wood.
Level Level
This tool is used to check the level or plumb of an object. It consists of a bubble tube filled with liquid, usually set inside a metal or plastic frame.
Multimeter Multimeter
This is an electronic device used to measure electrical current and voltage. It is commonly used by electricians and other technicians.
Nut driver Nut driver
This tool has a hollow shaft that fits over the nut of a bolt or screw. It is used to turn nuts or bolts to assemble or disassemble parts.
Oil filter wrench Oil filter wrench
This tool is used to easily remove oil filters from engines. It consists of a metal band that fits around the top of the oil filter and a handle for turning it.
Pliers Pliers
These are hand tools with two jaws and handles, used for gripping and turning. They can be used for gripping and cutting wires or other objects.
Quick adjust wrench Quick adjust wrench
This is a type of wrench with an adjustable head, allowing it to fit different size nuts and bolts without having to change the tool.
Ratchet Ratchet
This is a hand tool with a ratcheting mechanism that allows it to be turned in one direction, then reversed. It is used for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts.
Screwdriver Screwdriver
This tool has a handle with a shaft that fits into the screw head. It is used to drive screws into wood, metal, or plastic.
Torque wrench Torque wrench
This is a power tool that measures the force applied to a nut or bolt. It is used in construction and automotive repair to ensure proper tension when assembling fasteners.
Utility knife Utility knife
This is a small handheld knife with a retractable blade, used for cutting paper, cardboard, cloth, and other materials.
Vice grips vice grips
This tool consists of two long handles connected by a hinge. It is used to securely hold metal, wood, or plastic objects for cutting or drilling.
Wire cutters Wire cutters
This tool has sharp blades that can be used to cut through electrical wires or other materials.
Xacto knife X Acto Knife 1
This type of knife has an extremely sharp blade that is used for precise cutting of paper, cloth, and other materials.
Yardstick Yardstick 1
This is a long straight stick with markings that measure in feet and inches, used to accurately measure distances.
Zip tool Zip tool
This is a small hand tool used to remove or install zippers on clothing and other items. It’s a helpful tool for both tailors and hobbyists.

Tools Name List A to Z – Pictures

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