A to Z Wedding Vocabulary

A to Z Wedding Vocabulary! A wedding is an event that is filled with joy and happiness. It is also a time when families come together to celebrate the love of two people. There are many traditions associated with weddings, and each culture has its own unique way of celebrating this special day. Whether you are planning a small or large wedding, there are many things to consider. The following is a list of wedding vocabulary words that will help you plan your big day:

Aisle – The aisle is the path that leads from the entrance of the church to the altar.

Altar – The altar is where the bride and groom exchange vows and are married.

Attendants – Attendants are the people who help to organize and plan the wedding ceremony. They may also act as witnesses to the marriage.

A To Z Wedding Vocabulary

Wedding Words Starting With A

anniversary attachment adore
attentive attendance announcement
achievement awe agreement
appreciation altar amusing
affinity artistic alliance
admiration affectionate acceptance
attendant ardor affection
attraction adoration aisle

Wedding Words Starting With B

bride bill bonus
bachelor bible bow
bond boutonniere banns
beloved budget bouquet
best man blessing  

Wedding Words Starting With C

congratulations caregiver courtship
commitment companionship celebration
caring chapel consent
customary cozy corsage
companion church ceremony
clever civil clergy
common-law charmer capable
compassionate cherish compassion
cordial character couple

Wedding Words Starting With D

dazzle dependable devoted
delightful declaration dating
dear dedication decision
dine devotion dowry
drive doer  

Wedding Words Starting With E

expectation espouse emulate
endearment endogamy engagement
endear emotion experience

Wedding Words Starting With F

fiance fellowship favorite
friendship family fiancee
friend forever fascinate
favor flower  

Wedding Words Starting With G

gift getaway get hitched with
gentle get married genuine
gala groom gathering
giving grin  

Wedding Words Starting With H

heart honor helper
husband hug hideaway
humor hope honey
hobby honeymoon honest

Wedding Words Starting With I

inclination invitation impetigo
idolize institution intelligence
idiosyncrasy integrity  

Wedding Words Starting With J

joy jocular joyful
joking join  

Wedding Words Starting With K, L

logical legality license
lesson loyalty long-term
lace limousine legacy
kiss karma love
kindness laughter  

Wedding Words Starting With M, N

marriage march memory
mate matron of honor notion
monogamy music maid of honor
marry mostly no-nonsense
matrimony nerves necessary

Wedding Words Starting With O, P

physical obligation observe
partner objectivity open
precious photograph permanent
present overt prize
official passionate protection

Wedding Words Starting With Q, R, S

recognition remembrance query
reasonable sympathetic queasy
reception spinster rice
soiree security revere
sober special quirk
symbolize reminiscent sharing
solemn safety religious
sweet service relationship
responsible regard respect
ring sacrament reading
quick relative responsibility
rite sweetheart shower
reasoning role model sport
romantic show  

Wedding Words Starting With T

tenderness token travel
tie tuxedo tender
truelove teach together

Wedding Words Starting With U, V

venue usher unite
understanding veil unique
unusual union utmost
vow vision variety

Wedding Words Starting With W, Y, Z

witness wise zeal
worship white wisdom
yearning zestful wedding band
wonderful willingness warmth
wife youthful worker

Most Common Wedding Vocabulary Words

invitation veil confetti
bridesmaid bride flower girl
groom priest/minister engagement ring
champagne musician honeymoon
best man wedding cake bouquet
wedding dress wedding bell church

23 Beautiful Wedding Words

Below is the list of beautiful wedding words:

1. Love – an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.

2. Joy – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

3. Forever – always and eternal.

4. Cherish – to protect, take care of and treasure something or someone dearly.

5. Bliss – complete happiness; perfect joy.

6. Adore – to love deeply, passionately and devotedly.

7. Commitment – a promise, decision or agreement to do something.

8. Devotion – a very strong feeling of love and loyalty.

9. Tenderness – a gentleness and softness of touch, expression or manner.

10. Fidelity – faithfulness to promises, vows or obligations.

11. Bond – an emotional and physical connection between two people who deeply care for each other.

12. Blessing – a prayer for good fortune, a gift or an entitlement.

13. Radiant – radiating or reflecting joy and warmth.

14. Vow – solemn promise to do something.

15. Union – the process of joining together two things into one entity.

16. Hope – feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

17. Faith – believing, trusting and having confidence in something.

18. Destiny – an event or series of events that will inevitably happen in the future.

19. Happiness – an emotion characterized by feelings of contentment, joy, satisfaction, and well-being.

20. Cherished – held dear and valued; treasured.

21. Togetherness – the state of being together in unity or companionship.

22. Forevermore – for all time to come; always and eternal eternity.

23. Blessing – a kind gesture, or an act that brings good fortune, luck or success.

20 Funny Wedding Terms

Below are 20 funny words related to wedding:

1. Lovebirds – two people who are deeply and madly in love with each other.

2. Groomageddon – a groom-induced crisis before the wedding.

3. Love Potion – romantic drinks consumed to increase love and intimacy between two people.

4. Marriage Merger – merging two lives together in marriage.

5. Just Hitched – newlyweds who just got married.

6. Wedding Crasher – an uninvited guest to a wedding ceremony or reception.

7. SparkleMotion – the special sparkle of bridal jewelry and accessories on wedding day.

8. Honeymooners – newlyweds on their honeymoon.

9. Bridechilla – a bride with a chill attitude towards wedding planning.

10. Weddiculous – weddings that are outrageous and over the top.

11. Arch Enemy of the Bride – Refers to an unwelcome guest who gives away the bride.

12. Groomzilla – Meaning a groom who deserves his own monster movie for being overly demanding throughout wedding planning.

13. Bridechilla – A bride who is calm and collected during the stressful wedding planning process.

14. Couple’s Entourage – Those friends of the couple who are dedicated to helping out in the wedding prep and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

15. Special Delivery – When the groom shows up to the ceremony in a unique and fun way, such as a limo or classic car.

16. Bachelor/Bachelorette Bash – The last night of freedom for the happy couple!

17. “The Glitch” – When something goes wrong during the wedding ceremony, such as a microphone not working or an unexpected interruption.

18. Fauxmance – When a couple pretends to be in love to impress their guests.

19. Destination Big Day – For couples who decide to have their wedding in an exotic or unique location.

20. Wed-cation – A combination of a wedding and vacation, for couples who want to extend their wedding celebration into a vacation.

5 Wedding Related Phrases

Below are some phrases associated with wedding:

1. Happily ever after – An expression referring to the idea that a couple will live in blissful harmony forever.

  • She said “I do” and they lived happily ever after.

2. Tie the knot – A phrase referring to getting married or forming a life-long commitment.

  • They decided to tie the knot and make a lifelong commitment to each other.

3. Blushing bride – An expression referring to a woman on her wedding day, typically referring to the color of her cheeks.

  • The blushing bride looked radiant as she walked down the aisle.

4. Tossing the bouquet – A tradition in which the bride tosses her bouquet to a group of unmarried women, with the woman who catches it believed to be next in line to marry.

  • The bride tossed her bouquet and one lucky lady caught it.

5. Maid of honor – The title given to the woman of honor at a wedding, typically a close friend or family member of the bride.

  • The bride’s best friend was chosen as her maid of honor.

Wedding Words Vocabulary (Infographics)

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