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The prefix “ab-” is used in front of words to mean “away from.” For example, the word “abduct” means to take someone away against their will. The word “abandon” means to leave someone or something behind.

Ab Prefix Words Meanings

Abdicate Meaning

When a king or queen steps down from their thrown, they are said to abdicate. This means that they are giving up their right to rule. Abdication can also be used when someone gives up a right or responsibility that they have. For example, you might abdicate your right to vote if you don’t want to participate in the election. Abdication is often used in politics, but it can also be used in other areas of life.

Abduct Meaning

In abduction, the kidnapper forcibly removes a person from one place and takes them to another. The purpose of abduction can be to hold someone for ransom, to use them as a hostage, or to take them away for illegal purposes such as human trafficking.

Aberrant Meaning

In literature, there are often words or phrases that have a double meaning. These double meanings can create confusion for readers, as they can lead to different interpretations of the text. In some cases, these double meanings can be used to create a more complex and interesting story. However, in other cases, they can be used to obscuring the author’s true intent. In some rare instances, aberrant meaning can even be used to mask a hidden message or confession from the author.

Abnormal Meaning

What does the word, “abnormal,” mean to you? Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “deviating from the normal or expected.” This could be interpreted in many ways, but when it comes to mental health, abnormal usually refers to any kind of behavior or thought pattern that is considered out of the norm. For example, someone who is always anxious and worried would be considered abnormal, as would someone who has frequent hallucinations or delusions.

Abort Meaning

When a woman has an abortion, it is done for a variety of reasons. Some women choose to have abortions because they feel like they are not in a position to take care of a child. Other women may have an abortion because the fetus has a defect or because they were raped. No matter the reason, it is important that the woman understands what the abort meaning is before she makes her decision.

Abrasive Meaning

The word “abrasive” is often used to describe something that is harsh and severe. In terms of language, it can be used to describe a type of word that is rough and difficult to pronounce. Abrasive words are often difficult to say because they tend to be pronounced with strong emphasis on the first letter. This makes them sound harsh and difficult to swallow.

Absent Meaning

It’s not hard to find examples of things in life that are without meaning. Consider the vast number of people who go to work every day and feel like their job doesn’t matter. Or the person who spends years of their life studying for a degree that they never use. Or the person who dies without ever feeling like they’ve accomplished anything meaningful.

Absolutely Meaning

The word “absolutely” has a lot of meaning. It can be used to describe something as being true, correct, or accurate. It can also be used to describe how someone feels about something. For example, you might say “I’m absolutely starving” to mean that you’re very hungry.

Absorb Meaning

There are many different techniques that can be used to improve comprehension while reading. One of the most important is to focus on the meaning of the text, rather than trying to remember every word. This involves taking into account the overall meaning of the passage, as well as the individual words and phrases. In order to do this, it is helpful to read slowly and thoughtfully, making sure to highlight or underline important points. It can also be useful to make notes in the margins, or even to summarize what has been read. By taking these steps, students can better absorb the meaning of what they are reading.

Abvolate Meaning

In physics, to abvolate is to create a vacuum. The word is derived from the Latin ab volare, meaning “to fly away.” In physics, a vacuum is created when the pressure of the surrounding environment is reduced below atmospheric pressure. This can be done by decreasing the volume of gas in a container or by increasing the outside pressure.

Words That Start With Ab | List of Ab- (Prefix)

Abnormals Abrading
Absenters Aboard
Abduction Absenting
Abandons Aberrants
Absenter Abidingly
Abasing Abashed
Abnormality Abides
Abrasives Absolved
Absorbs Abjectly
Absorb Abysm
Abodes Absentees
Abbots Abridger
Abacus Aberrance
Abounding Ables
Abatable Absentee
Absolutely Abysses
Abrupt Abashment
Abyss Abutting
Abeam Abducts
Abolishes Aberrant
Absence Absconds
Abolished Abrader
Abridges Abusing
Abjection Abbey
Abdomen Absorber
Aborted Able
Abolisher Abject
Absences Abs
Absorption Abiding
Abstract Abatement
Abeyance Abrades
Abduct Abate
Abundant Absurdly
Abruptly Abases
Abysmal Abbeys
Abalones Abductor
Abominable Abusiveness
Abode Abbess
Abetted Abolition
Aborter Absurdity


Abuse Abalone
Absurder Absolute
Abating Abominate
Abusable Absurds
Absented Abandoner
Abasers Abutment
Abducting Abusers
Abutments Abhorrent
Abysmally Absolver
Abrasions Ablaze
Absorbent Abdominal
Absconding Abdicates
Absconded Abler
Abashing Ablutions
Abash Abstains
Abrasion Absents
Abdicate Abstain
Abolish Abrade
Abashedly Abnormal
Abraded Abiders
Abortive About
Abeyances Abscond
Abductors Absconder
Absent Absolves
Abettor Abide
Abhorring Abaser
Abundance Abridge
Abrogates Abound
Abraders Aboriginal
Abater Abased
Abetments Ablest
Abdicated Abused
Abounds Abated
Ability Aborigine
Ablution Absently
Abridging Abbreviation
Abruption Above
Abradable Ablation
Abled Abrasive
Aback Abusive
Abaters Abridged
Abscess Abilities
Absorbed Abasement
Abroad Abductees
Abandon Abbot
Absurd Abreast
Abusively Abandoned
Absolve Abase

Ab Root Word Examples – Infographics

ab prefixes ab prefixes 1 ab prefixes 2

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