Adverbs That Start With B

There are adverbs that start with B and they are all very important. The first one is “badly.” This adverb means “in a poor or negative way.” He was badly injured in the accident.

The next adverb is “beautifully.” This means “in a pleasing or attractive way.” She sings beautifully.

The next adverb is “bravely.” This means “with courage.” He fought bravely against the enemy.

Adverbs That Start With B

bimonthly blankly blusteringly
barely basically benignly
blushingly brazenly beguilingly
biannually boyishly bitterly
bumpily becomingly brainlessly
bookishly baroquely brilliantly
blisteringly bizarrely biomechanically
brutally blissfully biyearly
bearishly breathtakingly brashly
bleakly bodily bloodily
buoyantly blandly bewilderedly
beneficially brightly beadily
bilingually broodingly bihourly
biologically blamelessly bilaterally
befittingly bracingly bafflingly
bountifully bullishly briskly
bibliographically banteringly belligerently
beneficently behaviorally botanically
bluntly blatantly blamefully
blazingly beggarly blithely
blessedly Adverbs That Start With c bindingly
backwardly barrenly brokenly
breathily blunderingly barbarously
boisterously backhandedly bawdily
bitingly beastly beamishly
barbarically biweekly boringly

Popular Adverbs Starting With B

biosynthetically badly bouncily
boundlessly bigotedly briefly
boldly breezily broadly
belatedly breathlessly bemusedly
brassily bunglingly biochemically
brusquely bootlessly blamably
bureaucratically bloodthirstily bravely
biblically benevolently bewilderingly
biographically boorishly barometrically
bacterially bouncingly bashfully
baldly bronchially busily
baggily blasphemously beseechingly
believably burningly begrudgingly
bossily blindly biogenetically
bewitchingly bigheartedly beautifully
blindingly brutishly bombastically
blurrily bearably boastfully

Adverbs That Start With B to Describe a Person

1- Brazenly: Without shame or modesty.

  • She is someone who brazenly speaks her mind.

2- Boldly: Without being hesitant or afraid.

  • He has the courage to boldly face any challenge.

3- Blissfully: In a state of absolute joy and contentment.

  • She lives her life blissfully unaware of the troubles of the world.

4- Balancedly: With a sense of equilibrium and fairness.

  • He deals with life balancedly, taking both the good and the bad in stride.

5- Beautifully: With grace, elegance, and poise.

  • She moves beautifully, like a ballet dancer.

6- Brilliantly: With great intelligence and insight.

  • He can solve complicated problems brilliantly.

7- Bullishly: With determination, courage, and energy.

  • She tackles any task bullishly and never gives up.

8- Benignly: In a kind and gentle manner.

  • He speaks benignly, never raising his voice or offending anyone.

9- Boldly: With bravery and fortitude.

  • She stands boldly against all odds, never giving up hope.

10- Blissfully: With great joy and satisfaction.

  • He is blissfully unaware of his nakedness.

Positive Adverbs That Start With B

believably boldly buoyantly
brightly benevolently bravely
bountifully boisterously brotherly
blithely briskly beautifully
blissfully benignly beneficially
blessedly bounteously beneficently
brilliantly beauteously

Adverbs Starting With B – Flashcards

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