Adverbs That Start With D

Adverbs that start with the letter d are a unique bunch. They can be describing words, intensifiers, or even just filler words. They can add flavor and description to your writing, or they can be used to beef up your sentences. Here are a few of the more common adverbs that start with d:

Since adverbs typically modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, they can be used to create interesting and intricate sentences. For example, the adverb “deeply” can be used to describe how something was felt: I deeply regret this decision. It can also describe the intensity of an action: He deeply loved her. Additionally, it can be used as a filler word: He slept deeply last night.

Adverbs That Start With D

dazzlingly distractingly disconcertingly
divinely dankly developmentally
desolately deploringly documentarily
discordantly declaratively deceivingly
depravedly divisively defectively
debonairly dualistically dully
disappointedly direfully disastrously
disturbingly disadvantageously definitively
deliberatively droningly dimensionally
dazedly diplomatically Adverbs That Start With e
delinquently dirtily duly
dizzily derogatorily dutifully
delectably doggedly discriminatorily
digitally demonically droopingly
doggishly deridingly definably
dismissively distractedly disreputably
discontentedly disconnectedly diversely
delightfully discerningly disputably
dreamlessly densely dexterously
dedicatedly dismayingly difficultly
dozily deeply daftly
dastardly disproportionately dimly
disjointedly dollishly dispassionately
distressfully departmentally downwardly
detachedly demographically dually
drearily disdainfully dwarfishly
diagonally dogmatically dapperly
disobediently depressively disgustingly
distraughtly dividedly diagnostically
daily deniably degradingly
dispersedly drizzly deceptively
deafeningly dubiously diligently
deplorably darkly detrimentally
dejectedly democratically damply
durably defensibly descriptively
drably differentially downheartedly
desirably distrustfully dynastically
drolly discouragingly  

Popular Adverbs Starting With D

dandily diffusely disappointingly
disguisedly deliriously delightedly
disciplinarily decreasingly detestably
downrightly desirously disrespectfully
dreamily dependably defensively
doubly deferentially discriminatingly
distastefully domineeringly devastatingly
daintily dowdily directly
deprecatingly deservedly drowsily
desperately decidedly daringly
dynamically demurely dishearteningly
destructively disingenuously deficiently
dissuasively deliberately deftly
dangerously deceitfully despicably
dramatically doubtingly deafly
dingily dementedly demonstrably
droopily disinterestedly deliciously
depressingly disapprovingly dearly
drily disarmingly dreadfully
duplicitously disagreeably definitely
despondently disruptively distinctively
dauntingly dashingly delicately
direly doubtlessly demandingly
dolefully dishonestly disloyally
drastically dorsally devotionally
decadently dictatorially domestically
distressingly dressily distinctly
dourly doubtfully drudgingly
devotedly devoutly deviously
divergently dooly decrepitly
decoratively diagrammatically dependently
dominantly disparagingly dotingly
designedly dulcetly dizzyingly
disgracefully dryly dauntlessly
decisively distinguishably digestively
defiantly diametrically discreetly
despitefully degenerately dissimilarly
deductively damagingly determinedly
dishonorably differently discourteously
diabolically defenselessly despairingly
diminutively distantly  

Adverbs That Start With D to Describe a Person

1- Diligent: Hardworking and persistent in doing tasks.

  • Sara is so diligent; she always makes sure her work is done on time.

2- Dedicated: Showing a strong commitment to something or someone.

  • John is dedicated to his family; he always puts them before himself.

3- Disciplined: Following a code of behavior.

  • My father was very disciplined; he expected us to follow the rules at all times.

4- Dependable: Reliable and trustworthy.

  • Sheila is dependable; she always follows through on her promises.

5- Daring: Willing to take risks.

  • He is so daring; he loves trying new things and exploring the world.

6- Devoted: Loyal and faithful.

  • My husband is devoted to me; he always puts my needs before his own.

7- Decisive: Able to make up their mind quickly.

  • Mike is decisive; he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

8- Discerning: Having good judgment.

  • Rachel has a very discerning eye; she always knows when something looks good or not.

9- Dauntless: Fearless and brave.

  • My brother is so dauntless; he isn’t afraid to take on any challenge.

10- Direct: Straightforward and honest.

  • My boss is very direct; she always tells it like it is without sugarcoating anything.

Positive Adverbs That Start With D

differently dependably deservingly
debonairly dandily distinctively
decoratively decorously disarmingly
dotingly dynamically daintily
dazzlingly dearly devoutly
decisively definitely dreamily
delicately directly diligently
dashingly desirably divinely
discerningly diversely dexterously
durably discriminatingly delightedly
dedicatedly dapperly deferentially
delectably deftly deeply
devotedly dead on daringly
decently determinedly diplomatically
delightfully deservedly  

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