Adverbs That Start With H

The letter j is home to some of the most interesting adverbs in the English language. Just a few of these adverbs are jab, jog, and jump.

Jab is an adverb that is used to describe an action that is done quickly and with force. For example, you might jab someone in the shoulder to get their attention. Jog is an adverb that means to move at a slow, steady pace. You might jog when you are running late for work. Jump is an adverb that means to move suddenly and with force. You might jump out of your chair when you hear a loud noise.

There are many other adverbs that start with j, such as jerk, jilt, and jive. Each one has its own unique meaning and usage.

List of Adverbs That Start With H

habitably heartrendingly heinously
horizontally historically hormonally
helplessly hesitatingly hazardously
horridly hungrily honestly
hysterically harmfully habitually
hypothetically homeopathically hermetically
Adverbs That Start With i hourly hygienically
hypocritically hierarchically horrifyingly
hardheartedly hastily heterogeneously
hazily harmoniously harmlessly
humanly hilariously heathenishly
hotheadedly hopefully haply
humanely huffily hauntingly
heuristically hopelessly healthily
hotly hypodermically haplessly
huskily happily horrifically
harmonically heavily hollowly
haltingly hydroponically heedlessly
haphazardly humidly  

Popular Adverbs Starting With H

highly hoggishly heartlessly
hatefully heliacally humbly
hyperbolically humorlessly hypnotically
highhandedly halfheartedly hideously
hypercritically horrendously heartily
heroically hesitantly heartbreakingly
handsomely haggardly handily
hieroglyphically healthfully haughtily
hydrothermally heftily hurriedly
humiliatingly hydraulically hydroelectrically
hardheadedly honorably hugely
hardily hostilely hardly
horribly humorously hereditarily
helpfully hospitably hectically
holistically hoarsely hurtfully
heatedly harshly  

Adverbs That Start With H to Describe a Person

1- Hardy: Able to cope with difficult or unpleasant situations.

  • She was a hardy person.

2- Helpful: Willing to help or assist others.

  • He was always helpful.

3- Honest: Truthful and trustworthy.

  • She was an honest person.

4- Humorous: Enjoys making others laugh.

  • He had a great sense of humor.

5- Humble: Modest and unpretentious.

  • She was humble despite her success.

6- Heroic: Courageous and brave.

  • He was a real hero.

7- Hypocritical: Pretending to be what one is not.

  • He was hypocritical in his dealings.

8- Honorable: Adhering to high principles and standards.

  • She had an honorable reputation.

9- Hilarious: Amusingly funny.

  • His jokes were always hilarious.

10- Hospitable: Welcoming and friendly to guests.

  • She was very hospitable.

11- Happy: Joyful and contented.

  • He always looked happy.

12- Hopeful: Optimistic about the future.

  • She remained hopeful despite her difficulties.

13- Harsh: Unforgiving or cruel in attitude or action.

  • His words were sometimes harsh.

Positive Adverbs That Start With H

humanely honorably handily
harmoniously hotly hankeringly
homeward hiply healthfully
humorsomely hilariously happily
hygienically healingly hushedly
hugely heftily habitually
hearteningly hedonistically homeopathically
humbly heartily headily
huggingly heatedly healthily
harmlessly humorously heroically
homewards historically harmonically
hypnotically hopefully home
holily heedfully hospitably
hardily high handsomely
honestly hermetically helpfully
high-spiritedly highly hard

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