Adverbs That Start With I

There are many adverbs that start with the letter I. In fact, there are so many that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Some of the more common ones include:

Interestingly, in India, the number 4 is considered unlucky because it is pronounced “four” in Hindi. This superstition has led to a number of businesses refusing to have a fourth floor in their buildings.
It is interesting to note that some adverbs that start with i are derived from other parts of speech. For example, the adjective “intense” can be turned into the adverb “intensely” by adding -ly to the end.

Similarly, the verb “investigate” can become the adverb “investigatively” by adding -ly to the end.

Adverbs That Start With I

idiotically indefinitely irksomely
integrally insensibly incessantly
imitatively importantly illegally
impracticably inductively implausibly
immediately identically impetuously
illogically intuitively insinuatingly
indeterminately Adverbs That Start With J intriguingly
incapably interpersonally idiomatically
illuminatingly imprecisely inflammably
inquisitively institutionally immunologically
incongruously ineffectually inanely
irresistibly inexhaustibly intensely
inescapably intermittently incontrovertibly
immodestly irrevocably intestinally
inclusively inquiringly incipiently
inhospitably interracially inalterably
implicatively idly insincerely
innumerably inquisitorially instructively
immaturely imaginarily icily
irreversibly infamously inventively
inefficiently independently intelligibly
incompetently improbably intelligently
indigenously immaculately intensively
imperviously idiosyncratically inherently
initially inexcusably informally
inspiringly inwardly insolently
imperiously inertly inhumanely
indifferently implicitly irreplaceably
insidiously insignificantly illiberally
intimately irritatingly invariably
incomprehensibly illaudably incorruptibly
inartistically inconsequentially impertinently
impermissibly ignorantly internationally
intolerably ineloquently irrepressibly
immutably insecurely idyllically
inequitably imperceptibly imperatively
incommunicably industriously instrumentally
inexpensively innocently indelicately
indescribably instantly insistently
indignantly iconoclastically inopportunely
indiscriminately inconsistently imponderably
ingloriously inscrutably interactively
inflexibly imperishably intently
irreproachably industrially increasingly
influentially invigoratingly ingenuously
intolerantly inevitably inappropriately
impoliticly indicatively inexpediently
irrefutably inaudibly interdepartmentally
irresponsibly incrementally invisibly
inapplicably inexpressibly interdependently
impiously inconsiderately inconsolably
inaccurately inadequately impartially
insufficiently importunately illiterately
innocuously inconspicuously invasively
imminently inordinately impulsively
interchangeably illusorily indulgently
incompatibly immovably incandescently
instinctually introspectively instantaneously

Popular Adverbs Starting With I

introductorily infallibly identifiably
incredulously imaginatively insubordinately
idolatrously infinitesimally impalpably
infernally ignobly incisively
indefinably irreverently inauspiciously
impressively ideologically inflammatorily
insensitively inspirationally imprudently
incorrectly ingratiatingly impatiently
intricately irreparably inhumanly
inharmoniously incalculably illustriously
impolitely indisputably interestingly
interiorly immanently improperly
infrequently insipidly insultingly
injuriously injudiciously infinitively
impersonally inaptly impishly
intrepidly inelegantly indestructibly
inexactly impenetrably inorganically
impenitently indecently implacably
impressionistically inconsiderably indistinctly
inanimately inactively inadmissibly
incoherently inextricably inextinguishably
invincibly irately indomitably
inconclusively innately involuntarily
illustratively illicitly indiscreetly
irremovably insurmountably intentionally
ignominiously impurely incongruently
intrinsically insanely idealistically
immoderately imposingly impregnably
incomparably ideally illimitably
immeasurably illegibly internally
invitingly invaluably intellectually
insightfully inarguably inversely
immorally incredibly intrusively
ineffectively inseparably infuriatingly
insufferably inarticulately infectiously
immensely incurably indelibly
inoffensively imaginably imperfectly
inferentially incorrigibly ironically
individualistically immortally incompletely
indirectly irrelevantly interpretively
intravenously ingeniously inaccessibly
inconveniently imperialistically imperially
irresolutely indivisibly inexplicably
inattentively irregularly impractically
infinitely insolubly intangibly
inconceivably incidentally impossibly
irrationally illusively individually
inalienably inexpressively inferiorly
imploringly inadvertently informatively
indecisively illegitimately indefensibly

Adverbs That Start With I to Describe a Person

1- Insightful: Able to understand deeply and accurately.

  • She was insightful in her analysis.

2- Imaginative: Creative and original.

  • He had an imaginative mind.

3- Idealistic: Having high aspirations for the future.

  • She was always idealistic about her goals.

4- Industrious: Energetic and hardworking.

  • He was an industrious person.

5- Impulsive: Quick to act without thinking about consequences.

  • She was sometimes impulsive in her decisions.

6- Idealized: Perfect or nearly perfect in every way.

  • He had an idealized view of the world.

7- Inquisitive: Inquisitive and curious about the world.

  • She had a keen inquisitiveness.

8- Intelligent: Possessing knowledge and quick understanding.

  • He was an intelligent person.

9- Innovative: Introducing new ideas or methods.

  • He was highly innovative in his approach.

10- Independent: Self-sufficient and able to make decisions on one’s own.

  • She was an independent thinker.

11- Irreverent: Lacking respect for authority or tradition.

  • He had an irreverent attitude towards life.

12- Intuitive: Able to understand without reasoning or explanation.

  • She was intuitive in her understanding of the situation.

Positive Adverbs That Start With I

impartially impeccably immeasurably
instrumentally inviolably indefatigably
illuminatingly idealistically independently
inspiringly invitingly instinctively
indomitably irreplaceably infinitely
indispensably incisively intimately
instructively indestructibly industriously
ideally interestingly immediately
intensely insightfully importantly
illustriously instantly invincibly
imaginatively intently influentially
innocently informatively impressively
irrepressibly intellectually irresistibly
irreproachably inventively intelligently
inspiredly immaculately incredibly
impassionedly ingeniously interestedly

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