Adverbs That Start With J

There are many adverbs that start with the letter J. Some of these adverbs are just, justly, jauntily, and joyfully. Other adverbs that start with J include jokingly, journalistically, and judiciously. These adverbs all have different meanings and uses. Just is an adverb that is used to describe something that is fair or reasonable. Justly is used to describe something that is done in a fair or righteous manner. Jauntily is used to describe someone who is cheerful and happy, while joyfully is used to describe something that brings happiness. Jokingly is used to show that something is said in a lighthearted manner, while journalistically describes the way something is written or reported. Lastly, judiciously is used to describe how something is done or how someone behaves.

Adverbs That Start With J

  • jauntily
  • justly
  • joyfully
  • jadedly
  • jollily
  • jadishly
  • jocularly
  • judgmentally
  • joyously
  • jerkily
  • jeeringly
  • jingly
  • justifiably
  • jokingly
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  • jovially
  • joylessly

Adverbs Starting With J

  • jazzily
  • jarringly
  • jubilantly
  • judiciously
  • journalistically
  • jointly
  • jealously
  • jaggedly
  • jurisdictionally

Adverbs Starting With J – Flashcards

Adverbs Starting With j

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