Adverbs That Start With M

There are many adverbs that start with the letter “m.” Some of these adverbs are “meticulously,” “majestically,” and “moderately.” These adverbs all have different meanings, but they all emphasize a certain aspect of what is being said. For example, when you say something meticulously, it shows that you paid attention to every detail. Saying something majestically shows that you think your subject is very impressive. And saying something moderately shows that you don’t think too highly or lowly of something.

All of these adverbs are important to know and use correctly in order to make your writing sound more effective. Learning the definitions and implications of these words can help you choose the right one to use in any given situation.

Adverbs That Start With M

mordantly monumentally maturely
miserably measurably majestically
mutely minutely meteorically
menially meteorologically municipally
meticulously madly meaningfully
militarily mournfully moveably
misleadingly masterly messily
meaninglessly monthly mockingly
memorably modestly magnificently
meekly momentously medically
mundanely Adverbs That Start With N muddily
morosely mistakenly mischievously
maliciously mincingly myopically
mushily masterfully mannishly
maddeningly mostly majorly
mercenarily mystically manically
melodiously minimally materially
manageably moodily mysteriously
mystifyingly materialistically massively
menacingly molecularly manipulatively
mirthfully monstrously merrily
maniacally militaristically microscopically
midweekly motionlessly miraculously
mythically monotonously mightily
marginally motivationally malevolently
morbidly mutinously metaphysically

Popular Adverbs Starting With M

managerially mnemonically maidenly
meditatively mathematically miscellaneously
mountainously misguidedly moistly
modularly mercilessly mandatorily
mouthwateringly manually medicinally
movingly monetarily magnetically
magically melodically matchlessly
merely moralistically metallically
monosyllabically mildly modernly
mistrustfully mainly mindfully
mortally mechanically militantly
melodramatically monopolistically maternally
markedly momentarily mentally
moderately morphologically mutedly
methodically mercifully moronically
meanly malignantly morally
meagerly mindlessly metaphorically
metabolically mutually musically
multitudinously muscularly marvelously
meltingly musingly

Adverbs That Start With M to Describe a Person

1- Methodical: Methodical people are organized and take a systematic approach to problem solving.

  • Sam is very methodical in his work, always staying on top of things.

2- Modest: Modest people have humility and don’t boast about their achievements.

  • My grandmother is so modest, always downplaying her successes.

3- Motivated: Motivated people have drive and ambition.

  • Nancy is highly motivated, always pushing herself to achieve her goals.

4- Meticulous: Meticulous people are thorough and detail-oriented in their work.

  • Isaac is very meticulous when it comes to his projects, making sure no stone is left unturned.

5- Magnetic: Magnetic people have an attractive presence and draw people in.

  • Chris is so magnetic, always the life of the party.

6- Magnanimous: Magnanimous people are generous and unselfish.

  • Martin is a magnanimous person, always willing to help others in need.

7- Multi-talented: Multi-talented people have several skills and can do a variety of tasks.

  • Amy is so multi-talented, always able to take on any challenge.

8- Modestly Ambitious: Modestly ambitious people have goals but don’t appear overly eager or competitive about achieving them.

  • Jill is modestly ambitious, never bragging about her plans for the future.

9- Mindful: Mindful people think before acting and take into consideration the consequences of their actions.

  • Randy is very mindful, always thinking through his decisions carefully.

10- Merciful: Merciful people are forgiving and kind in difficult situations.

  • My mother is so merciful, always willing to give second chances.

Positive Adverbs That Start With M

mesmerizingly maturely massively
magnificently motivatedly morally
moderately mystically modishly
musically maternally mildly
meticulously motherly modernly
masterfully manifoldly multiply
mightily manly maneuverably
momentously manageably majorly
motivatingly modestly melodically
measurably mannerly melodiously
masculinely methodically magnanimously
masterly memorably markedly
manifestly magically meditatively
mouthwateringly munificently mindfully
monumentally maximally meaningfully
miraculously motivationally mutually
mellifluously mirthfully magnetically
majestically mercifully marvelously
meteorically movingly merrily
mellowly meritoriously modernistically

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