Adverbs That Start With N

There are many adverbs that start with the letter “N.” One such adverb is “naturally.” Naturally means in a way that is in accordance with the normal course of events. For example, if you naturally wake up at 6am every day, then you would wake up at 6am on Sunday even though it’s not a weekday.

Another adverb that starts with “N” is “nevertheless.” nevertheless means in spite of everything or despite everything. For example, she was exhausted but nevertheless finished her race.

Lastly, there’s “nowadays.” Nowadays means in the present day or in modern times. For example, nowadays almost everyone has a cell phone.

Adverbs That Start With N

nutritionally ninthly naturalistically
namelessly neglectfully neatly
normally nonchalantly notoriously
northwesterly numerously nonsensically
nonverbally naively nauseatingly
nervously navigationally noiselessly
numbingly nosily natively
nationally nonspecifically Adverbs That Start With O
nasally nondestructively numbly
nearsightedly nightmarishly nutritiously
necessarily nightly newly
negatively negligently naturally

Popular Adverbs Starting With N

northerly numerically nastily
nebulously noncommittally nationalistically
northeasterly nonpolitically needlessly
nostalgically nefariously noisily
naughtily notably nocturnally
neurologically nonviolently noticeably
negligibly nominally nautically
nauseously nicely namely
neutrally nonprofessionally neurotically
normatively nimbly narrowly

Adverbs That Start With N to Describe a Person

1- Nattily: In a neat and stylish way.

  • They were nattily dressed for the occasion.

2- Natty: Neat and smart in appearance.

  • She was wearing a natty dress to the party.

3- Naturally: In a natural or usual way.

  • He naturally gravitated towards leadership roles.

4- Nauseatingly: Causing disgust and revulsion.

  • His behavior was nauseatingly rude.

5- Nazarene: Humble, sincere and gentle.

  • She had a nazarene attitude toward life.

6- Neatly: In an orderly and organized way.

  • He neatly folded the clothes for storage.

7- Neglectfully: Showing little or no care and attention.

  • He neglectedfully left his belongings behind.

8- Nervously: In a manner that is uneasy or anxious.

  • She nervously fidgeted while waiting for the results.

9- Neutrally: Without taking sides in something contentious.

  • He spoke neutrally when discussing the issue.

10-Nobly: In an impressive, honorable or admirable way.

  • He acted nobly in the face of adversity.

Positive Adverbs That Start With N

noticeably nobly noteworthily
nonchalantly normally naturally
neatly nimbly notably
nonstop natively nourishingly
numerously numinously newly
nattily neighborly nascently
nicely nurturingly numberlessly
nutritiously necessarily niftily

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Adverbs Starting With n