Adverbs That Start With O

There are many adverbs that start with o. Here are a few: ominously, occasionally, obviously, overtly, and oddly.

Obviously is probably the most common of these words. It is used to emphasize that something is clear or easy to see. For example, “The obvious answer is no.” It can also be used to soften a statement, as in “I’m only going to say this once, so obviously pay attention.”

Overtly is similar to obviously in that it emphasizes what is being said. However, overtly means that the speaker wants everyone to know about it. For example, “He made it blatantly obvious that he was attracted to her.”

Another word that has a similar meaning is ostentatiously. This word means that somebody is trying too hard to show off their wealth or status.

Adverbs That Start With O

obligingly objectionably organizationally
orthopedically oxymoronically observantly
outwardly overly optimally
openheartedly obscenely occasionally
ostensibly outspokenly Adverbs That Start With P
obnoxiously operationally openly
opaquely overwhelmingly  

Popular Adverbs Starting With O

obtrusively openhandedly ornamentally
ordinarily overzealously occupationally
operatively outstandingly obligatorily
obstructively obliviously orally
overbearingly obtusely ominously
opinionatedly officially oppositely
outrageously operatically offhandedly
obscurely obsessively ostentatiously
obsequiously officiously overoptimistically
overenthusiastically obediently obliquely
only optimistically opportunistically
organically opportunely overtly
overpoweringly objectively obstinately
oddly originally observationally
overconfidently obviously ornately
optionally odorously offensively
odiously orderly observably
oppressively outlandishly  

Adverbs That Start With O to Describe a Person

1- Obediently: Following orders or instructions without question.

  • She obediently followed her teacher’s instructions.

2- Obnoxiously: In an annoying and disruptive way.

  • He was behaving obnoxiously at the party.

3- Obviously: In a clear and unmistakable manner.

  • It was obviously an important meeting for him.

4- Obscurely: In a manner that is hard to understand or interpret.

  • He spoke obscurely about the project’s progress.

5- Obsequiously: Trying too hard to please others.

  • She obsequiously ingratiated herself with her boss.

6- Obtusely: In a manner that is not sharp or quick.

  • He responded obtusely to the question.

7- Officiously: Taking on an officious or bossy attitude.

  • She was officiously giving orders to her colleagues.

8- Ostentatiously: In a showy and boastful way.

  • He drove an ostentatiously expensive car.

9- Outspokenly: Expressing oneself in a direct and unambiguous way.

  • He was outspokenly critical of the policy.

10- Outwardly: On the surface, with reference to appearances.

  • He outwardly appeared calm, but inside he was scared.

Positive Adverbs That Start With O

opportunely outstandingly optimistically
objectively ok onwards
obediently open-heartedly open-mindedly
openly optimally opulently
obligingly originally open-handedly

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Adverbs Starting With o