Adverbs That Start With P

There are many adverbs that start with P. For example, people can be pretty or pretty darn happy. Professionals often try to be professionalism personified. Politicians usually try to be politic. Pirates, however, don’t usually follow the polite path.

Some adverbs that start with P are powerful. People can feel powerfully attracted to someone or something. Pain can be powerfully intense. Prosperity can be powerfully uplifting.

Sometimes adverbs that start with P make people pause and think. For example, some people might ponder why pirates pillage while others might ponder the power of a good pun. People might also pause to consider how they should behave in a particular situation – should they be professional or politic?

Adverbs That Start With P

pitiably pragmatically permissively
purposely pontifically ploddingly
perceptively putridly preferably
piteously plausibly persuasively
panoramically professionally paternally
proficiently perplexedly Adverbs That Start With Q
profusely presidentially preposterously
presumptively productively pensively
pertinently peevishly protectively
particularly pardonably professorially
poetically purportedly preciously
presentably philosophically peripherally
pastorally primordially phosphorescently
possibly psychoanalytically pretentiously
predicatively purposefully principally
phonographically permissibly perilously
profitably psychotically politically
painlessly precisely poorly
psychedelically positively peacefully
pleadingly precociously probabilistically
proudly prospectively postpositionally
postoperatively preemptively potentially
proximally piercingly pushily
patriotically patchily presently
puritanically physiologically parasitically
poisonously passively petulantly
pictorially prototypically prestigiously
perceivably pryingly prissily
porously pessimistically  

Popular Adverbs Starting With P

practically pervasively peremptorily
perkily pyrotechnically prosperously
presumptuously prophetically pricelessly
proportionally piously powerlessly
perseveringly primly pristinely
painfully promisingly physically
possessively playfully partially
publicly persistently paranormally
platonically plastically postpositively
problematically prejudicially preparedly
pitifully psychiatrically patiently
profoundly preventively phonically
pompously prohibitively peaceably
proportionately personally populously
partly ponderously perceptually
pluralistically pertly pivotally
pleasingly preeminently perpetually
premeditatedly precariously punitively
poignantly prodigiously prehistorically
periodically primarily penetratingly
perceptibly perfectly powerfully
primitively puckishly phonologically
palatably pressingly picturesquely
prettily predictably provokingly
plainly pointedly phonemically
psychologically progressively passionately
pigheadedly preliminarily presumably
patronizingly pleasantly permanently
probably provocatively perpendicularly
photographically pedantically portentously
proscriptively phenomenally plaintively
pitilessly proximately preferentially
profanely potently paternalistically
plentifully psychically pityingly
prematurely purposelessly prevalently
priestly puzzlingly praiseworthily
perennially psychosomatically prescriptively
peerlessly psychotherapeutically pointlessly
professedly provisionally pleasurably
promptly placidly prudently
pathetically pathologically perversely
philanthropically pneumatically phonetically
parenthetically pharmaceutically paradoxically
procedurally prudentially politely
pettishly prominently pronouncedly
purely pithily painstakingly
pugnaciously posthumously previously
properly prenatally priggishly
psychopathically patently parentally
popularly proverbially predominantly
peculiarly privately prolifically

Adverbs That Start With P to Describe a Person

1- Painstakingly: Making a great effort and being very thorough.

  • She painstakingly prepared for the meeting.

2- Palpably: In a manner that is obvious or easy to sense.

  • The tension was palpably high in the room.

3- Passionately: With strong emotion and enthusiasm.

  • He spoke passionately about the cause.

4- Pathetically: In a manner that is pitiful or sad.

  • He pathetically tried to hide his feelings.

5- Patiently: Waiting calmly, without becoming annoyed.

  • She patiently waited for the results of the test.

6- Peacefully: Without any conflict or agitation.

  • The two sides agreed to settle the dispute peacefully.

7- Perceptively: In a manner that is insightful and aware.

  • She was perceptively aware of the dynamics in the room.

8- Persistently: Continuing firmly or stubbornly in an attitude, action etc.

  • He persisted in his efforts until he achieved success.

9- Persuasively: In a manner that is convincing and influential.

  • She argued her case persuasively.

10- Placidly: In a gentle, undisturbed way.

  • He accepted the news placidly and moved on.

Positive Adverbs That Start With P

peaceably perspicuously punctually
prevalently perfectly pertly
professionally politely precisely
pleasingly passionately painlessly
productively phenomenally pleasantly
promptly purely perspicaciously
positively peacefully persistently
perceptively poignantly progressively
picturesquely protectively pragmatically
patiently prominently powerfully
poetically playfully preparedly
prettily purposefully piously
philanthropically prosperously practically
properly popularly proficiently
pristinely profitably profoundly
proudly propitiously paternally
prudently perseveringly placidly
princely persuasively preferably
piquantly preciously pleasurably
proactively prodigiously praiseworthily
prolifically parentally promisingly

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