Adverbs That Start With R

There are many adverbs that start with the letter “R.” Some of these adverbs are: Really, ridiculously, and right.

Really is an adverb that is used to describe how true something is. For example, if you say that you are really tired, this means that you are actually tired and not just pretending to be tired. Ridiculously is an adverb that is used to describe how funny or silly something is. For example, if you say that something someone did was ridiculously funny, this means that it was so funny it was almost unbelievable. Right is an adverb that is used to describe the location of something in relation to a certain point. For example, if you say that the car is parked right over there, this means that the car is close to the point where the speaker is standing.

Adverbs That Start With R

rightfully regrettably rudimentarily
reciprocally raptly rapturously
residually repulsively resolutely
randomly ritualistically robustly
rudely rivetingly reluctantly
rakishly remarkably reactively
reproductively ruefully ravishingly
Adverbs That Start With S regretfully reversely
rabidly retroactively restrictively
resoundingly rosily reservedly
regularly recently really
rampantly rhetorically ruggedly
rarely ruthlessly reprehensibly
riotously remotely recognizably
residentially representatively rationally
remorselessly recklessly refutably
rightly repugnantly repeatedly
reversibly ramblingly resentfully
richly roguishly reverentially
racially relentlessly rigidly
routinely reflexively radioactively

Popular Adverbs Starting With R

revoltingly reproachfully respectfully
retrogressively regionally ruinously
resiliently rigorously recurrently
relevantly royally rhythmically
roundly reassuringly redundantly
revolutionarily radically rapidly
rambunctiously rowdily repressively
revealingly rurally revengefully
radiantly retrospectively rebelliously
restrainedly rewardingly reclusively
reputedly resignedly roughly
reverently remedially readily
repentantly ravenously robotically
rankly rashly ragingly
resonantly responsibly righteously
reputably retributively refreshingly
referentially regally responsively
romantically respectably reflectively
rustically raggedly remorsefully
reasonably relatively rancorously
reliably realistically rationalistically
reminiscently restfully ritually
restlessly rottenly ridiculously
riskily resourcefully raunchily
repetitiously rousingly receptively
religiously reportedly respectively

Adverbs That Start With R to Describe a Person

1- Radically: In a manner that is extreme or revolutionary.

  • He changed his views radically over time.

2- Rapidly: Moving very quickly or at a great speed.

  • The disease spread rapidly throughout the region.

3- Readily: Willingly, without hesitation.

  • She readily accepted the job offer.

4- Reasonably: In a manner that is sensible and justifiable.

  • He behaved reasonably under the circumstances.

5- Rebelliously: Disobeying rules or standards of behaviour.

  • The teenagers acted rebelliously at school.

6- Receptively: Open to new ideas or information.

  • She listened receptively to her colleagues’ suggestions.

7- Reclusively: Preferring to avoid other people.

  • He lives reclusively in the countryside.

8- Reluctantly: Unwilling to do something, with a feeling of hesitation or disapproval.

  • She reluctantly agreed to the proposal.

9- Resolutely: With determination and strength of purpose.

  • He pursued his goal resolutely.

10- Resourcefully: Using initiative and creativity to find solutions.

  • She solved the problem resourcefully.

Positive Adverbs That Start With R

Reputably Relaxingly Ravishingly
Rosily Rapturously Rewardingly
Responsively Resiliently Righteously
Rightfully Rationally Ruggedly
Reflectively Rousingly Respectfully
Richly Refreshingly Remarkably
Reasonably Robustly Respectably
Retentively Restoratively Reverently
Rollickingly Romantically Right
Resourcefully Resplendently Reassuringly
Receptively Really Radiantly
Resolutely Reliably Rightly
Regally Rhapsodically Risibly
Reciprocally Readily Rapidly
Restfully Resoundingly Responsibly

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